Friday, 14 June 2019 01:30


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New flicks out this week! 

Shaft (Preview)

Here comes another Shaft movie, and this one is bound to be a big hit with hardcore fans.  The original Shaft from the early 1970's was very different than the movies made since, but that's OK.   Things reinvent themselves, and this has into a "buddy" action series. Now we have three generations to deal with.



Samuel L. Jackson, and the original Shaft, Richard Roundtree lead a fun cast.


Men In Black: International  (Preview)

Being honest, I may be the wrong guy to ask about anything MIB. This is a continuation and/or reboot of the originals of course. It has been re-casted and made over, and that's fine too.  I am just not so sure there was enough material for sequels to the original (which I liked), and I am not sure there is enough new to support this.



Seems like the same gags, and jokes again, but I hope I am wrong. But as of this writing, I'm not buying it.


Late Night  (Preview)

Emma Thompson stars as a late night talk show host, who is seemingly out of ideas and is being cancelled.  So they try to breathe new life into the show by hiring a new, young writer played by Mindy Kaling.  This is a comedy, and my gut tells me all ends up well in this story, and knowing that today is OK. 


This could be really fun if done right


The Dead Don't Die (Preview)

This has a great cast and looks really funny, in this dark comedy and parody on the whole Zombie thing. Bill Murray leads this and being honest I am looking forward to seeing this.



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Friday, 31 May 2019 01:39


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Godzilla, Rocketman and Ma are here!


Godzilla: King Of The Monsters  (Preview)

No single character has appeared in more movies in history than Godzilla, and he's back again fighting off tons of monsters here.  This appears to be loosely inspired from an old movie called Monster Zero from many years ago where a three headed monster comes to earth to cause a bunch of problems and Godzilla is summoned to save the day.  But here Godzilla will take on all comers!


His cinematic staying power is incredible as they have been making Godzilla movies since the early 1950's.  Here, our hero battles a number of monsters to keep order and balance in the world, and my guess is that he will be victorious.  It's his world!


Rocketman  (Preview)

The Elton John bio-pic has been promoted to death and had tons of screenings, and there is word there is room to be concerned over its quality.  I am a big Elton fan and I would like to see them get this right.


Many more music based movies coming in 2019.


Ma (Preview)

This looks creepy and I can't decide if this is going to be really good or really bad.  Octavia Spencer stars in a very different role for her, as she wreaks terror over a small town's kids.  This does look a bit creepy, I'm looking forward to seeing it.



We will see.


Aladdin  (Review) 

The list of live action Disney movies continues to grow, and this is the latest installment. This caused a ton of buzz, and it delivers quite well.  And to answer your first question, Will Smith is good in the role that Robin Williams made iconic. For Smith, it's a thankless job, as Williams performance may have been the best of his career as he was made for the character. 



This is fun, looks great, moves along nicely and may be a bit too long, but who cares?  It's Aladdin, it's Disney and it's just fine. Well done.




John Wick 3  (Review)

This is one of the most successful franchises that came out of nowhere, and has found an audience.  This is totally an acquired taste as these movies are rampant with tons of violence and long action sequences that are spectacular, but not for everyone.  Our favorite, aging retired hit-man is back at it again. 

This is everything you would hope it would be.  HIGHLY entertaining -  but CLEARLY not for everyone.  Halle Berry joins the already great cast too.  Highly violent, but fun at the same time.  This is maybe the best one yet, rivaling the first film.  And the success was so great opening weekend, JW4 was announced fo 2021.  This is loaded with long and extremely well done action sequences that are very imaginative.  This franchise continues to find new ways to do the same thing, and that is a skill in itself. 


This is rich with parody of course, and is almost a cartoon of itself, but for many, me included, these are so absurd they are highly entertaining.  Seeing this, it is paramount you have seen the first two. Keanu Reeves found a diamond in the rough, and has turned out to be a huge hit.

I enjoyed every frame of this.   BUT  - Leave Nana at home. 

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Friday, 17 May 2019 01:00


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There are a couple new flicks due out this weekend, and all of them will continue to sit in the back seat to the Avengers:Endgame that will mow everything in its pass again.  But John Wick may have a nice opening weekend


John Wick 3  (Preview)

This is one of the most successful franchises that came out of nowhere, and has found an audience.  This is totally an acquired taste as these movies are rampant with tons of violence and long action sequences that are spectacular, but not for everyone.  Our favorite, retired hit-man is back at it again.


This is rich with parody of course, and is almost a cartoon of itself, but for many, me included, these are so absurd they are highly entertaining.  Seeing this, it is paramount you have seen the first two. Keanu Reeves found a diamond in the rough, and has turned out to be a huge hit


A Dogs Journey   (Preview)

More dogs making humans laugh, and cry. What else do you need to know.



The Sun Is Also A Star  (Preview)

This is the latest forbidden young love story to hit the theaters, and this has the potential to be quite good as the script looks, on the surface to be fresh.



The Hustle  (Review)

Rebel Wilson is back again with another comedy. She stars in this with Anne Hathaway as a couple of con women from different backgrounds, who fleece men of their wealth. These men have all wronged women.  Simply put, there is no reason to see this 94 minutes of...whatever this is.  This may be as forgettable as any movie you will see this year.


Both of these women can be very funny, but as in most comedy's they are at the mercy of the script and direction.


Poms  (Review) 

Diane Keaton and a nice cast star in a new movie about a woman that starts a cheerleading camp in a retirement community. You heard me right. This is a comedy if you haven't figured that out.  I always try to review movies on who they are made for, and this is for a much older demo.  And I think many will like this offering.  For the rest of us, this is really off target, and you have to wonder what was really running through their minds as the pieced this thing together. 



It's a comedy that isn' really funny.  This is so absurd, that you do more eyerolling that anything else.  The main character you don't really like, and this starts off so badly, it can never really recover, fro after what I would call 25 brutal opening minutes.


Pokemon: Detective Pikachu  (Preview) 



Big opening weekend!

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Tuesday, 07 May 2019 01:24

MOVIE REVIEWS - New This Week!

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The Avengers dominated the box office again with 150 million more dollars.  Let's see how the new flicks are this week!


Long Shot  (Review)

This had the formula to be really funny, and fun. This stars Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen in a classic "She's out of my league film."  She is a high roller, and he is just a sloppy dude, and somehow they find each other set up for romance. 

There is much to like here, like Theron's great performance, and the formula in general.  Rogen is very good in some aspects of this movie, and boring and lazy in others.  His man-child characters have a certain appeal, but the same language, and virtually the same gags, and middle school humor is wearing thin.  He just can't seem to help himself selling out to the lowest common denominator of humor instead of being funny in a new, or creative way. And even though he does things here very well he's not really done before, he drops the ball when he decides it's more fun to make 6th graders laugh.



I think every guy has felt this at one time or another in their life.  Whether its accurate or not in reality, guys can sometimes find themselves on a date with someone they feel is out of their league.  And many times you find yourself surprised to who you are attracted to. So the formula is here for a high level of truth and should be lauded. This is Pretty Woman in reverse so to speak, but there is enough difference and time lapsed to make it on it's own.

Rogen has a good idea here, and a strong co-star.  This is not a bad movie at all.  But it is a opportunity missed I feel, to make something legit and very different, and still funny.



The Intruder   (Review)

OK, this is terrible.   Dennis Quaid stars a creepy dude that sells his house to a nice young couple but can't seem to let go of the past or the house.  So he terrorizes them.  How Quaid got tangled up in this mess of a movie is beyond me.  This could be one of the worst scripts I have had to labor through in a long while.  Horrible story, terrible dialogue, characters that are so incredibly clueless, it's laughable.  Hey, I've got an idea. CALL THE POLICE!  This doesn't dawn on these people for the entire movie.  So instead they put up with this  "Intruder" for one hour and 40 minutes of manure filled film.



This will be on many critics radar as one of the years worst. 

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 01:24

MOVIE REVIEW - Avengers:Endgame

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Well, Avengers:Endgame is out, and the money is rolling in. DON'T WORRY, there will be no spoiler here during our chat.

I always feel movies of this magnitude are difficult to review. The problem is, no one wants to hear anything that isn't glowing.  If you don't love it you're judged and called "not a real fan." Which is ridiculous.  Fans of this franchise already love every frame of this movie without even seeing it. There is virtually nothing they could have done to make fans not love this.  That is the challenge of the reviewer here.   In today's world it is tough to look a many pop culture items honestly for many. 


I think movies for the most part should be reviewed on what they are, and who they are made for.  And this is made for its core fans, and in that respect it delivers everything they can possibly want. - And more! -  Yes, this is 3 plus hours, but that is not a problem.  This moves along nicely, keeps you in the game.  This movie brings all the other movies into play, and tries to tie it all up in tidy fashion.  Tough task.  And most will be satisfied.

One of the troubles they have here, it's tough to have all of your favorites play a vital role in this entire production, and some may be mad that some of their favs do not play the large role some of the others do.  There is just not enough screen time for all to be the star, so Marvel did its research and made thier decision. Something had to give.  There also are a couple of scenes here that don't make much sense, but who cares?  It's superheros on screen fighting evil, with a grand payoff.

And the ardent and casual fans will love it.

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Friday, 26 April 2019 01:26

MOVIE PREVIEW - New This Week!

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This week is a week you may remember for a long time. Avengers:Endgame comes out, and this will more than likely rewrite every single box office record there has ever been.  And at least temporarily be the biggest movie of all time!


Good idea to buy them in advance, online or go in the middle of the night.  Gonna be huge!

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Friday, 19 April 2019 01:31


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Quiet weekend at the movies as far as new releases are concerned.  Next week, Avengers Endgame comes out, plus it's Easter weekend.  But there are a couple, and both directed right at the family.


This is based on a true story of a young boy and his falling through a frozen lake, and the miracle needed for him to survive.  This concentrates on his mother and the absolute agony she goes through during his fight for life.  This stars Chrissy Metz, and a nice supporting cast that tells a very emotional story.  This gets off to a rather awkward start, with some flat out bad writing, but as this goes on it gets better as our story takes shape.


This is going to be too much for some to see, as it may hit a bit too close to the bone. There are some gut-wrenching moments in this movie that will really tug on any mothers heart strings. But this is this years spiritutal, miracle movie, and these generally do quite well and find a loyal audiance.  The timing is right, and those who see this, will love it.  Slow start, nice finish. 


What can I say?  An hour and sixteen minutes of Penguins on film.  Family time!



Avengers: End



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Friday, 12 April 2019 06:25


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Here are the new movies this week that will join Dumbo, Us, Shazam, and Pet Sematary as your biggest choices at the movies!


The Missing Link

It may be interesting to see how this does at the box office this week.  I have seen a ton ot TV ads for this. That many times is not a good sign.  Much of the hype surrounding this, is the great voice work which includes Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, and Zac Galifianakis, Emma Thompson and others.  But the early reviews on this are good, and it does look for a fun family night at the movies.




Here we go again. More Hellboy. Been there, done that.





Could be a fun spring break comedy. Boom!  You were a grown, highly successful business woman and now you are 12 on outside, but still a grown woman inside.  This stars Regina Hall, and looks like this could be be fun if it stays on message.


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Thursday, 04 April 2019 11:17


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The Best Of Enemies 

Based on a true story about a civil rights case.  This stars Taraji P. Hinson, and Sam Rockwell.  Good cast, and the story on its surface seems strong enough. Both of them are really on a roll right now, and this may be the biggest step, especially for her, as her movie career is kicking into high gear.





This is an adult drama that because of the time of the year, Spring Break, may get lost in the movie hype of younger themed movies also released this week and in weeks past.



More superheros.  This seems to have a whole lot of parody and fun attached to it. This will be a major hit.



Pet Cemetary

Seems all the Stephen King books that were once movies are getting a second chance and this time around hoping to be taken a bit more seriously than the first time around.  It did very well, and so will this. And when this does, look for more King classics to get a second chance as well.



Monday, 01 April 2019 18:40

MOVIE REVIEWS - In Theaters Now!

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Let's see what is new and what is on the way at the movies

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