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It's a big week at the movies as far as new releases are concerened.  And there appears to be something new for everyone.



WWII flick based on new accounts of the famous battle of Midway Island that turned the tide to the Americans, in the Pacific for good. This has a really big cast, and is in the hands of a very capable director.  You may, or may not know about the original from the early 1970's that boasted a huge amount of A-lost stars then, as this does now.



This is a story worth telling. Dunkirk, a couple of years ago, about another very important moment in the second world war was brilliant and I am hoping for the same thing here.  This epic, could be epic.  This checks in at 2 hours 20 minutes.


Playing With Fire

John Cena stars with others in this comedy that puts firefighters in the crosshairs this time.  This appears to be a chaotic comedy with endless sight gags, and humor slightly above 7th grade.



Could be fun if done right, we will find out this weekend.


Last Christmas

Romantic holiday comedy with two people I really like.  Henry Golding, and Emilia Clarke.  This movie has all the markings of a flick that critics will hate, and the public will love.  We love these two.  We love Christmas, and we love a good love story.  National critics hate any movie that isn't here to change cinematic history.



Golding, from Crazy Rich Asians is terrific, and Clarke is incredibly likeable on screen.  CRA, was a throwback to an older school rom-com, and it worked.  Let's hope this is just as successful.


Doctor Sleep

The Stephen King book comes to life, and has us all thinking about The Shining from all those years ago.  This picks up years later after the events of The Shining, and takes us back to the creepy feeling that enveloped us years ago.



Ewan MacGregor stars and leads a young cast  and this could really be good.


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