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MOVIE REVIEW - The Good Liar

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You may think this is just another movie for the over 70's crowd to go see, but you would be wrong, and still technically right I guess. Yes, this stars Helen Mirren, and Ian McKellen, neither one can wear the Spring Chicken costume anymore, or ride the MIllenium Force probably.  But this is really good.  Indeed, they are the stars here, but the real star of this movie, is - the script.  And today, that's not real common.



This is the story of a shady con-man (McKellen) and his strong desire to get close to, and rip off an old rich widow (Mirren) and get away with her millions. He's a real snake and she is seemingly a very naive, but lovely lonely woman.  But what is really going on here?  That's the real beauty of this movie.  This is well thought out, well written, directed, and acted. Our characters are very believeable and that is the movies real strength.  Anyone, any age, can enjoy this movie.  Although my bet is that teenagers will not be lining up for this one.

It has a problem or two. It may make a statement that is a bit too long near the end, after the fact.  And it may be a tiny bit too long, but overall this is strong, good, inventive movie making.  And it's always good to see a movie that is smart, and fun at the same time!

The Good Liar - Just good!

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