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MOVIE PREVIEW - New This Week!

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Gretel And Hansel

OK, it's the story you sort of know, but this is certainly not your old fashioned fairy tale.   This is a grim view of the ancient story that is not for the faint of heart as you watch the preview here.  Clearly, this is not going to be for everyone, and you might think about leaving Great Nana at home, but the trailer has been seen by about 24 million, so there is great interest.



Spooky, creepy and here this weekend!  Should easily be number one at the box office.



This is in limited release this week, but will be in some theaters.  This is a non pleasant story of a woman that somehow is stricken with rabies after a terrible accident. This is probably not a good date night movie, and being honest looks more like at straight to streaming flick, of the second feature at the Drive-In.



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