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MOVIE PREVIEW - New This Week!

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Charlies Angels

Here we go again, Charlies Angels. A new cast, a new spin and new look.  The TV show of the 1970's was groundbreaking to a degree.  We had never seen a show like it before, and it essentially made stars out of those not stars before. 

Although the early returns are that the critics seem to like it.  That all seems so long ago, as this has been watered down, and made a parody of over the years, and now seemingly this will never end.


Do we need this?


Ford VS. Ferrari

The critics love it, and the cast is very impressive.   I always give kudos to a story you don't know and that seems to be this picture.



Let's hope this is good.


The Good Liar

Big cast, and this is one of those movies that you feel is going to be good before you see one frame.



Let's see if it is.

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