Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 07:49

Website of the Day, 6/19/19


Poolhop is hiring a Poolhop to travel across the country to check out the most epic hotel pools! 

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 06:53

If You Bowl, You Could WIN!

There are 2 lanes left for the WQMX Bowling League! This week for League Members ONLY- I have a pair of 3 day commuter passes to THE COUNTRY FEST to give away- details coming tonight at Turkeyfoot Lanes! You must join asap if you want in on the winning!

Call Turkeyfoot Lanes at 330.644.8417 NOW to get your team registered.

I will also have a Circle K Gas Card and Mini Golf Passes to Roling Greens. See my bowlers tonight from 7-9pm!

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 06:25

Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 6/19/19

Chris Lane is engaged…
Loretta Lynn says she’s alive and well…

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell are engaged!
He asked on Sunday in the backyard of her family's home in Oregon. He played a song he'd written for her with the proposal in the lyrics. 
Chris and Lauren have been dating since last fall. 

Loretta Lynn says she's alive and well.
She called out the tabloid that reported last week that Loretta was on her deathbed and going into a nursing home. 
She even posted a video on Facebook to prove that she's still kicking and stretching.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 06:23

Quote of the Day, 6/19/19


Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 06:19

Daily Scoop, 6/19/19

Today is Wednesday, June 19th, It IS - Sauntering Day, National Watch Day, Martini Day

There is a movement that is trending to make Keanu Reeves Time Magazines Person Of The Year!

The new movie, Rambo Last Blood.....will NOT be the last after all!

There will be a prequel to the Hunger Games books in May 2020 and a movie is already in the works.

25% of Americans say they’ve NEVER eaten a vegetable.

You can get Cap’n Crunch Red, White and Blue cereal just in time for summer.

They say when you're hungry, you should press on your forehead to calm the hunger feeling.

Experts say you should live about 15-45 minutes away from your parents and in-laws.

65% of millenials think marriage and kids are quote “not necessary”

20% of us wear earbuds while making love.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 06:32

Must Haves For The Country Fest!

The Things You Must Have For The Country Fest:

- Boots: it’s gonna be muddy people. I am positive person and I am doing my non-rain dance everyday! No matter the outcome, this I know- pack your boots!

- Ponchos or an umbrella: this option may be optional for some, but it may matter to others, again I am doing my non-rain dance!

- Hat: a hat fixes the above must have!

- Sun block and Sunglasses: The sun will come out! I know it will and let me be your voice of reason- lather up and repeat ;)

- Koozies: if you are camping this is a no brainer. We can even help you out if you stop at the WQMX booth ;)

- Selfie Stick: this item has lost popularity in recent years, but you will thank me later. Make some memories, because come Sunday you want to remember Country Fest. The selfie stick is just fun!

- Your WQMX Send Me Backstage Tshirts- pack any color shirt from any year because they all work and our spotter are everywhere at TCF!

- Your PARTY POUCH: the fanny pack may be the most important must have for TCF. Man, woman or child can wear this amazing accessory and you can put all your things in it, be fashionable and hands free!

Bottom line, rain or shine- The Country Fest is the party of the summer and I am geeked to see all your faces come Thursday! Let’s do this!

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 06:23

Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 6/18/19

Shania Twain is headed back to Las Vegas…
Chase Rice to tour again…

Shania Twain will return to Las Vegas in December for a residency at Planet Hollywood that will take her through 2020.
She'll serve as creative director and she says she will incorporate elements from her famous videos and her recent world tour. 
Tickets go on sale on Friday. 

Chase Rice kicks off his new headlining tour on August 1st in Rhode Island. 
The AM/PM tour -- named for a line in his new single "Lonely If You Are" - will make a stop in Cleveland at the Cleveland Masonic on November 22nd.
Cale Dodds, and Devin Dawson are among the openers on select dates. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 06:21

Quote of the Day, 6/18/19


You will never have this day again, so make it count. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 06:19

Daily Scoop, 6/18/19

Today is Tuesday, June 18th, It IS - Sushi Day, Splurge Day, Cheesemaker’s Day, Go Fishing Day, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

Happy Birthday- Blake Shelton 43

After 66 years, Donzell’s Garden Center in Akron to close.

This is Us, season premiere set for September 26th!

It’s official, a new study shows that kids act a million times worse when their moms are around.

How about a shot that takes your stress away? They have it...

40% of 18- to 24-year-olds said they hadn’t used deodorant or antiperspirant in the last month.

The average woman starts to envision her wedding at age 23

Corn is Americas favorite vegetable / Potatoes #2. LEAST favorite- Turnips!

Here in Ohio, we spend about $309 a year on just hamburgers and hot dogs!

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