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Ready For Fireworks?

Here's a complete guide to when and where fireworks will be displayed all around Northeast Ohio in the coming days.

To link to the website click here!

And Happy 4th of July!!

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Earlier today (July 1), Good Morning America updated their calendar for the Summer Concert Series confirming dates and adding some additional performers. The remaining virtual performances include Old Dominion tomorrow July 3rd, Luke Bryan on August 7th, and Shania Twain on August 14th. Make sure to set your DVR! Click here for more info and check out the rest of the line up:

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Sara (no H) messaged me a few days ago and asked about the 1990's group, Blackhawk, what I thought about them, and what I remembered most.  I played all of their songs of course during their run and when I think back on them, one thing sticks out to me  -  outside of the music.

They recorded some really good songs, and had success for a few years as a chart regular.  But they never had the huge success that others did. But one thing about Blackhawk that is absolute. The fans that discovered them, and liked them, were HUGE fans and remain so.  For what I would call a solid mid-level act in their prime, they had a fierce following.  The three-member band broke through in 1993, and came out of the gate hot with their debut single, Goodbye Says It All.  It stalled at #11 on the country chart, but it may be the biggest #11 hit ever. People LOVE that song, and how it wasn't a #1 is still a mystery to me.  It's beloved.

Goodbye Says It All -  Maybe the biggest non top ten hit in Country Music History.  Play it, and watch people at the club.


Their debut album, Blackhawk had 5 singles off of it, all moderate hits, BUT is went multi-platinum, and that is not small feat in any era.  Two million sold and not a major hit record on it. That in itself is unheard of, but a testament to the loyalty of their fans, and also sometimes the total inaccuracy of the charts.  The next few albums had again, moderate success commercially and on the charts.  They never had a #1 song, but were always right there. Most of their hits solid.  Big Guitar #8 / I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No  #2 / Like There Ain't No Yesterday #3 / There You Have It #4. And there were others!

Almost A Memory Now - A real GREAT Blackhawk treasure song.  Top 10, but should have been a #1


They even survived a death of one of the founding members, Van Stephenson  (formerly of Restless Heart) he died of cancer in 2001. There have been a few members come and go over the years, and they are still making music today, although not a charted act.  Their run on the charts was short but sweet.  They were slick, and new, and had a sound that was absolutely unique.  They possessed a trait that is extremely difficult to acheive, that you KNEW it was them on the radio.  Strong harmonies, and a great image for young fans in that era when we were getting younger all the time.

In another decade they may have been a bigger player. But the 1990's were simply packed with gigantic superstars and the new traditionalists were dominating, Think about it, Garth, Strait, Jackson, Black, Cyrus, McGraw, Chestnut, Lawrence, Diffie, Stone, Chesney, Toby, along with a huge group of highly successful women controlling the charts, like Twain, Clark, Tillis, Messina, Morgan, Loveless, and McEntire,  It was a great time in country, but tough too. The competition was brutal, but Blackhawk held their own. The found a fan base and kept them, and keep them still.

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 Next week we will take a look back at Pam Tillis


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Tuesday, 30 June 2020 14:43

Russell Dickerson on the TODAY Show!

Russell Dickerson joined Hoda & Jenna virtually this morning on the TODAY show to talk about becoming a dad soon and he sang his latest single "Love You Like I Used To"...

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Tuesday, 30 June 2020 01:34

WYNN - LOCAL BIZ - Back To Dr. Kate!

With all that's going on in the world today, it's good to see some success stories, and Dr. Kate Raymond is Norton is one of them.  She has a great dental office in the heart of town, and is back open and ready for you. 


When my older school and long time dentist retired last year, I chose Dr. Kate my new go-to.  I also made a promise to myself that I was going to take better care of my teeth with this change. And I have.  As you move on, you need to do things a little differently, and this was a great place to start.  They have me on a regular and more rigorous dental  schedule, and I am doing my part too.

I love doing business with really good people, and they are.  Since re-opening, they are taking extreme safety measures in every way possible, and I felt very comfortable with it. It was great to see the friendly staff and the good Dr. herself, albeit through masks, and other safety gear and protocols.  But it was fine.

It also felt good to do something "normal".  I know the dentist isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it felt good to do something I would be doing even if there was no C-19.  My visit was on time, and the check-up was flawless too. Hey, I now things are screwy right now, but don't forget your teeth, you only get one set of them to go through life with.  And I always feel good when I support local biz, as we are also a local biz here at WQMX!

Choose Dr. Kate and her crew in Norton.  A very good choice.  And WELCOME BACK!

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If you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a new update is coming this Friday, July 3rd! For the first time, you will be able to swim and dive for sea creatures, and there will be new characters. That is just in Wave 1, Wave 2 of the update will be available in August! Click here to read more from Nintendo and watch a preview video.

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There will be three astronomy events happening in July and you don't even need a telescope to see them! There will be a lunar eclipse on the 4th of July, soon after you'll be able to spot Jupiter and Saturn in the sky, and to top it all off there will be a double meteor shower! Click here to read more from WKYC.

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Monday, 29 June 2020 01:38

MLB - Ghost Man On Second

By now you are getting ready for the MLB season to begin in late July.  All the money issues are worked out so you can rest easy that all of the players and owners can go to the grocery store now and feed their families.  Now they are working on the safety issues and that's no small task, or unimportant one, so let's applaud that.  Imperative stuff for sure.

But with that said, let's look at what the season has in store for fans from a baseball only stance.  There will be NO crowds at games, a 60-game schedule, most games in the division, the universal designated hitter, and a regular post season.  All completely understandable.  BUT in extra inning games, innings will begin with a runner on second base with no outs.  What?  To shorten games down and I guess be out there less actual time.  OK, but doesn't that just sound silly at the Major League Level?

Sounds like my backyard, ALA 1973 in Berea. "Ghost man on second."  Remember when you didn't have enough guys to play a real game?  At my house, if the ball hit the barn roof it was a home run, and the pine tree was in foul territory.  Break a window and it's an out!  Ball under the bushes is a double, and if the ball hits the electric wires from the house to the barn, it's a single. Don't trip over the hose, look out for the wooden picnic table, and watch out for my moms car.  My point is, at the big league level, this man on second thing, is just so diminishing.

I get it, but it's silly. The season is going to have enough changes, so why mess with the basics of the game?  They figure if players are out there less than that is beneficial to them with no really long games. But this will look so...backyardy.  Picture this. The Indians overcome a big deficit in the bottom of the ninth in a real important game with a Lindor grand slam with two outs. Baseball at it's BEST.  Ten minutes later, extra innings, and the ghost man thing comes into play, and the Tribe loses on some kind of ground out to second base. Baseball at its worst. Because all extra-inning games will look the same. Ghost man, bunt, some kind of flyout, or ground out, wild pitch, passed ball, game over. No one will be happy.

Maybe since they are only playing 60 games, leaving the guts of game alone would be a good choice. But here we are. Oh, and if they like this, (and they will I feel), look for "man on second extra inning thing" to continue after C-19 is over.  After all, the Designated Hitter was originally a "25 year experiment"  that MLB adopted in 1973 in the American League when Ron Bloomberg stepped to the plate as its first one. (And the DH will more than likely be adopted by the National League too when this is over)

So we'll see how it goes.  Who knows, maybe after the games are done, the MLB players can ride their bicycles to Spafford's Carryout and get a cola to celebrate a good game played with their gloves on their handlebars, because all the parents chipped in to buy.  Or they can run under the sprinklers to cool off after an afternoon of playing ball.

Play Ball!!!

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Friday, 26 June 2020 01:25


The GARTH SHOW – This weekend at most area Drive-Ins! If you're going have a blast! (Drive-Ins)


The Auto-Rama – In North Ridgeville (The one you can see from the Turnpike) was one of the top grossing Drive-Ins in the entire country last weekend! #5 (Story)

Fun Fact – Jurassic Park was the #1 movie at the box office last week  - 27 years after first being released (1993) , as Drive-Ins ran it and -  Jaws (also had a big week 1974) a bunch!  (Story)  


Next Major Release – To Theaters is Unhinged with Russell Crowe, July 10  Looks Creepy!


Scoob! - Skipping Theaters  - On HBO Max on today!  (Story)


More Twister - A reboot of the mid 1990's Twister flick coming soon!  (Story) 

Michael Keaton - Is reprising his role as Batman in The Flash Movie

The Golden Globes - Have been delayed to February 28th.  (Story)

A Mamma Mia 3 - Could be happening.  (Story)

Law and Order – Organized Crime is the name of Elliott Stabler's new series. (Story)

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