Thursday, 22 August 2019 01:31


This weekend, the first ever Cleveland Pickle Festival will take place at North Coast Harbor from Noon until 5PM.

Countless varieties of pickles from sweet to sour to spicy and more, pickle concoctions, pickle flavored foods, a pickle eating contest and even Pickle BEER!!

There will also be live music and ADMISSION IS FREE!

For all the details on this flavorful festival, CLICK HERE


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Wednesday, 21 August 2019 21:10

New Music From Aaron Watson!

Aaron Watson recently released his album Red Bandana, a collection of 20 songs solely written by Aaron, and celebrates his 20th year in country music! He just released the second single from the album, "Country Radio", his parents love story which is now the soundtrack of his life. 


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Thursday, 22 August 2019 01:24

Radio Day - Storytelling Part 2

With National Radio Day this week, we have been chatting about the essence of the biz.  I refer to what I do as storytelling, and it is.  But few are born natural storytellers. And for those who are granted the gift of gab, there are always those who help propel you to another level.

Again, when I was a young broadcaster in Columbus in the early and mid-eighties, at WRMZ doing the morning show,  I ran across some very important people in my career.  Everything happens fast when your young, and as I look back there was a lot to absorb.  I had a Program Director named Rob Ryan.  He worked with me daily and prodded me to story tell more confidently, prepare it more aggressively, and to hold conversations with the listeners on the phone. He taught me to listen to their story first, respect it, and then meld it with mine. He told me then, no listener will turn the radio when one of their own is talking on it.  I've never fogotten that.  Phone skills for radio - gold!  Priceless counseling.

And my great friend of 36 years in this biz, Vic Scott (aka Smokey Rivers now).  An incredible talent, taught me that while story telling, its OK to have a definite take on a subject during a conversation.  But to make sure to be quick to listen and slow to speak  -   is a good thing.  He also showed me how to make a strong point, but not to alienate those who may differ at that moment. That learning how to disagree is vital to telling a story sometimes.  Great lesson.  Great pro, great friend.

I am learning along the way the art of storytelling goes hand in hand with listening to others stories first to be the most effective.  Tomorrow, I will share a few more quick stories and thank others.  I love learning from them, and telling their story.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019 14:19

"Woman charged in dog attack"

This week a Norton resident was charged with stealing items from the Kenmore Acme Fresh Market and siccing her dogs on the Acme employee.

What bothers me more about this story than a person using an animal in this way, was the portrayal that the said dogs were pitbulls.

No one can confirm the type of dogs they are, even now.  The misuse of the term "pitbull"  is what gives the said breed a bad name.

While this woman was arrested at her home, one of the dogs also at the residence was taken by officers to Summit County Animal Control.

I am hoping the next story on this incident is not said dog being put down!  Dogs are as good as their owners and can be retrained.

I am hoping officials remove the dogs and get them properly rehomed!

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Paul Brown Stadium at Massillon Washington High School has new turf on the field this year and cell phones will not be allowed permitted for students during classes... also some new faculty members join the Tiger-Town community this year.

Get the full story HERE from the Canton Repository

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019 01:00

Radio Day - Storytelling Part 1

Tuesday was National Radio Day.  I have been doing this for 38 years, and this seems like a good time to pull the curtain back on this a bit.  Many people ask me what I call my job.  I don't like DJ, or Disc Jockey.  That is a very different and great skill set, that I don't have. That is very different than what I do. 

There are other names, but Morning Personality, or Morning Show Host is better.  But what I really am is a Storyteller.  I hopefully tell one every time I open the mic.  Some are not as compelling as others.  Some things must be simply said.  But in the content we do on Scott And Sarah In The Morning to hopefully entertain, we tell stories.  Putting a person (you) in a place (here), at a time (now).  Once I learned that as a young broadcaster back when the Earth was cooling, after a few years of not knowing that, things fell into place.

I learned this from a legendary Morning Personality named Dick Zipf (Ziff).  When I was 23 doing mornings at WRMZ in Columbus, he was on our AM station WMNI.  He taught me to story tell.  And he also introduced me something I am equally and forever thankful for.  That there are different and more colorful ways to say the ordinary.  Using different and inventive phrases and words, while making them a part of your everyday speech.  And finding the angle that no one else will in everything you say on air.  Those things have served me well.  And I am eternally thankful to him.

Dick Zipf -  Great Guy Great Pro

st 1

Years later one of my bosses, Nick Anthony, here at WQMX  reminded me through our continued friendship, that storytelling is compelling, as he is a great story teller.  And he also is a great example of using words to start a story or conversation and not to end one. Constant and definite facts that are spoken at someone, is not inviting.  Questions requested and answered with someone is, as the story can go on with an equal exchange of views.  The only way to learn anything is to listen, and the most compelling conversations spawn from asking questions, and listening to the answer.  Nick always reminds me of this in our talks. I am grateful again.

Nick Anthony -  Great Guy  -  Great Storyteller

st 2

The Beautiful Windy laughs with me for always asking questions in our personal life. But each one asked and answered helps me tell a new story somewhere up the road.

More tomorrow as I want to mention some other great people from this wonderful business   - Radio.

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Fans of NBC's 'The Office' know that line all too well, and this Saturday, August 24th, you'll have the chance to see Leslie David Baker, the actor that said those three words as 'Stanley Hudson' on the long running NBC comedy as he will make an appearance for the Rubber Duck's "The Office" theme night!

In addition, the first 1000 guests through the gates will get a 'Kevin Malone w/ his infamous chili' bobblehead that commemorates another epic episode.  (Brian Baumgartner who played Kevin Malone was originally slated to attend) 

First Pitch is 7:05 PM as your Akron Rubber Ducks take on the Richmond Flying Squirrels and there will be post-game fireworks sponsored by our sister station, 97.5 WONE-FM

You can buy tickets to the game HERE

(Courtesy of and NBC/Universal)

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Monday, 19 August 2019 14:04

Back To School

And so it begins.  Schedules change, lunches need made, school is back in!

I hope you enjoyed this summer with your children.  Before I came to WQMX I worked at The Summit for 3 1/2 years.  We were fully automated mostly 

and so I recorded my show each week day morning and was off.  Andrew was just beginning first grade when I started there.  I was able to be a "room mom"

for that time, and summers were spent  mostly at the JCC pool.  It was the most wonderful time and for that I do not ever regret leaving the previous radio station, 

WKDD.   To have that time with my child was precious.  Now he is in his last year at University, and as we took note Friday would be the last move, I was over overjoyed.

Not at that, but that he was back at school and I could get my house back in order!  My grocery bill will be going way down, and the need to cook will dwindle!

I never thought it would be that easy.  When he was young, I never wanted to be apart from him.  Funny how that can change!  I say this with a chuckle.  I do

however love being an almost empty-nester.  He wants to move to New York at some point after graduation, and I wish him the best.  I will visit no doubt, but 

there are many adventures for my husband and I to have on our own again!  Can't wait!


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Tuesday, 20 August 2019 01:19

Dinosaur Dinner?

For the first time in a long time, I was lucky enough to go to the Cleveland Natural History Museum.  I was there for a formal dinner with Windy, and it was sensational.

Cool place, and the food was great.  Plus, how often do you get to eat dinner with a Tyrannosaurus Rex?   

Our Table Was Right There! 

trex 1

And we got to see Balto! The REAL Balto, (although stuffed) but the one of the most famous dogs ever, that did REAL heroic deeds, called, and calls Cleveland home.  (Pic Above)  

As we walked around I was reminded how cool that entire place is.  In fact, that entire area has been so revitalized it really needs to be seen.

That whole University Circle area is wonderful, and it's not far from Little Italy - Yum!

This Fall head on up there. Lots to do. Fun!

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With the severe storms that moved through our area on Sunday, and more possible over the next few days, here are a few helpful links:

CLICK HERE to find an estimated time for your power to be restored by FirstEnergy

CLICK HERE for the National Weather Service website for Special Weather Statements, local forecast, and current conditions and radar images

...and of course WQMX is one of the ONLY radio stations in NEO that is LIVE AND LOCAL 24/7/365 to make sure that you have the information that you need, when you need it!

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