Wednesday, 27 January 2021 21:33

AirBNB... Baked or Mashed?

In regular times, it would probably not be a destination vacation.

Except maybe in South of Boise, Idaho.  It is an AirBNB called the Big Idaho Potato Hotel.

This Potato Prop is 28 feet long with A/C, fireplace, bathroom for $247 a night.  Check it out!  Click Here.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2021 19:00

Next Level Mac 'N' Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a staple when it comes to comfort food, and really a staple in general. A basic, homemade mac 'n' cheese is always good, but taking it to the next level is even better. Click here to check out 19 mac 'n' cheese recipes from Tasty!

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Tuesday, 26 January 2021 18:49

What's That Smell

If I'm going to smell like Busch Beer, I prefer the old fashion way...  Spilling it all over myself.

I know the soap probably has one drop of beer in it, but an odor that smells like the 'Nectar of the Gods' seems interesting.

For more soap details Click Here. (there are many brands)

This is what I think of when I see the soap... 

"There's No Soap That I'd Rather Be... Head for the mountains, the mountains of Busch.  Head for the Mountains of Busch...  Soap!"

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Tuesday, 26 January 2021 19:00

Parker McCollum Sings 'Pretty Heart'

Parker McCollum made his national TV debut this morning on the TODAY Show performing his hit single "Pretty Heart"... 

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Michelle asked about a group I hadn't thought about in a long time, The Forester Sisters.  I played all their songs on the radio over the 6 years or so they had.  Yes, they were four actual sisters from Lookout Mountain, Georgia. And even though they had some real nice success, like the old saying goes, timing is everything.  Outside of the music, they were the only womens "group" in country.

First Hit Song  -  Listeners Loved It!


First off, I love sibling harmony.  There is something about 4 part harmony blending together when everyone involved has the same DNA, and theirs was terrific. It was slick, tight and just flat out great!  They, and a group that came later, Mulberry Lane (4 sisters too from Omaha, Nebraska with power harmonies) had about the best I have ever heard.  ( Mulberry Lane - Worth a listen if you like harmonies). The Foresters broke in the summer of 1985 and had a run till about 1991. In that time they had 15 songs in the top 10, and 5 number ones.  They also earned a ton of award nominations and won a couple of Grammy's. 

First Number One - And A Great Song! 


Their first big hit, (That's What You Do) When You're In Love, was a nice harmonious song that was catchy, very fresh, and listeners loved it.  In the mid 80's, we were still playing the Oak Ridge Boys and the Statler Brothers as current artists, but there was no 4 part harmony women equivalent until them.  But they soon zoomed past both of those male acts with big number ones like, I Fell In Love Again Last Night, Just In Case, and Mama's Never Seen Those Eyes, all off their debut album, with the last three going number one. They hit the concert trail with some big stars like Alabama and they were on their way.

Just In Case - Very Big Song


Over the next few years they had some great songs, including Sincerely, (If you love harmonies listen below) You Again, and a nice duet with the Bellamy Brothers, Too Much Is Not Enough, that went number one.  Sincerely won another Grammy and things were on track.  But the truth is, as talented as they were, and as good as the success was, Country was changing so drastically during their run they, as much as any act were affected by the new direction, and none of it was in their control.

Sincerely - Perfect Group For This Remake - Grammy Winner  - A McGuire Sisters Staple


We were pivoting traditional shortly after thier arrival, and fans were asking a lot more from their newer stars for the first time ever. Videos were now a country thing, fans were moved by newer acts that had a different outward and fashion style than previous eras.  Stage shows were no longer "stand and play,"  and the joke telling on stage shtick was out.  Conway Twitty, Kenny Rogers and George Jones were being replaced by Alan Jackson, George Strait, Garth, Clint and others with a younger sound and stage shows full of fire. The Hat Acts were here, it was a new day.

Duet With The Bellamy Brothers  #1


Fans were getting younger, Urban Cowboy had faded, as the days of a rudderless format of sort of pop, sort of country crossover songs were over.  Song styles were changing too, with new and more daring subject matters. The new young traditionalists were here, male, female and new groups, and it seemed to strike a big blow to the 4 part harmony acts.

The Forester Sisters went on and recorded long after their initial run and had some success including a very big song called, Men, which got them another Grammy nomination, and it was a very popular song.  They have been compared to The Judds, and The Whites of the same era, and even to The Mandrell Sisters of the late 70's and early 80's.  I feel they even had a feel similar to the Andrew Sisters of WWII fame, or the McGuire Sisters that followed them.  I loved hearing them sing together and during the 1980's as they and The Judds really carried the torch for women's groups on the country charts.

This Too Was a #1


I personally liked their sound very much, and I thought they were really good for country.  Much of their music was written by big Nashville songwriters of the era, and touring with Alabama, George Jones and Ricky Skaggs at the time was huge, as they were among the giants of the mid decade, so clearly the Foresters caught the attention of everyone.  But as they were coming in, country was changing so fast there going to be some casualties.  4 part vocal groups were among them.  And I would argue that until Little Big Town, they have had a rough time ever since.

Men - This Was A Very Popular Song!


But there was a time the Forester Sisters were on top.  They were supremely talented and really easy to listen to.  And I also think they were important, as they had success and gave us good music, grace and class and helped transition country to a new plateau during a time that was changing so fast it was hard to keep up with. And even though their music was of a different time, and sound, it is no less great.

I was proud to play their music.  A YouTube search would be a nice afternoon.

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Monday, 25 January 2021 23:43

Meet My Dogs

I have two puppers.  My Boy "Blue" is above.  He is a real lazy boy because he is an old man...

He enjoys short walks, pettin's and has never met a meal he doesn't like to eat.

This is Moola. 


She is a little sweetheart that likes to be the center of attention, but scares easily.  

She likes chase, fetch and keeping watch.  She usually is hunkered down beside her brother Blue until she sees a squirrel or anything that moves.

They are both rescues and our house would be real empty without them underfoot...

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Monday, 25 January 2021 20:45

Ingrid Andress Performs 'Lady Like'

Ingrid Andress was the musical guest earlier today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and performed her latest single "Lady Like"... 

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Wednesday, 27 January 2021 01:57


Okay, I'm not an amazing cook, but I know a few things and can hold my own. Living alone a great deal of my adult life made it mandatory I learn to cook.  I also learned a ton from a couple of actual Chef's in my life from early jobs I had.,  One, I worked at a place called The Pewter Mug as a 17 year old and learned a ton from Chef Jimmy, later in the hotel-biz from Chef Kitchen.  (yes, that was his name).

But I learned a trick over the weekend, that I never knew.  Tried it and it works! Give this a go! 

Trick To Browning Ground Meat!

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Monday, 25 January 2021 01:47

WYNN - Hank Aaron - Defining Great!

I'm sure you heard that baseball great Henry Aaron died late last week at 86. What a life he led in every regard.



When Cardinal great Bob Gibson died a few months ago, I wrote about him and I contend he may be the greatest "overall player" to play in the Major Leagues, and I stand by that.  (link To That Story)  But without ANY question Hank Aaron is greatest hitter to ever play and may always be so.  This is not a "good old days"  post, or "back in the day" post. That argument is lazy, close minded, dismissive and rude.  Aaron is as relevant today as any day, in fact maybe more so.  We are so bombarded by ESPN and other networks on what is great. To THEM all really good contemporary players are "great" or "huge" or the other words to glorify today's modern athlete.  In some cases they are spot on correct. But not near as many as they are trying to convince you so you'll watch, as they perch up way too many.

Hank Aaron was great, and that's not subjective.  45 years after retiring (4 years before ESPN) his numbers are still insane.  Just Google about any batting or hitting stat and you'll see him at the top or near the top of about any list. And keep in mind the Modern Era of  Baseball is well over 100 years old.  As unreal as this is, take away ALL of his 755 home runs, and he still over 3,000 hits!  Simply incredible. He won every award there is to win, he won a World Series, and in the end taught us all what sportsmanship is all about. He competed in an era where the league was smaller and far more competitive, the ball parks were bigger, the pitching mound was taller the pitching pool was far more fierce and aggressive. Those statements are not opinion, they are facts.  It is possible if Aaron would have played in today's era, he may have hit 1,000 home runs with the larger league, diluted pitching, first class accommodations and team resources, smaller stadiums, incredibly small strike zones, the pitchers fear of pitching inside and umpires reluctance to let them do so, plus MLB's love affair with the home run.

Aaron also faced in incredible amount of terrible behavior from fans and just people in many cities during the teeth of the Civil Rights Movement.  He got death threats when he was chasing down Babe Ruth's Home Run Record that he eventually did pass. And when a highly questionable Barry Bonds a generation or two later passed his all time mark, Aaron remained Aaron.  I feel most baseball fans still hold Aaron's record as the real record.

Aaron too was a different kind of guy. On the night he broke Ruth's record on National TV, he did it and simply ran the bases like it was a home run in any part of his career. He was class, grace, and outwardly humble, you see Aaron knew he was great because of what he could do  - and did on the field, The math backs him up. Most of today's "greats"  try to convince us of their greatness by their antics and branding. Yes, it's a new day and has been for a long, long time as the game evolves endlessly and that's a good thing for fans.  But I have a real good idea, go out and get your name on the same page as Aaron in the record books in anything and you can qualify as great.  It's really that easy.  No wait, that's how hard it really is. Because they don't.

Breaking Ruth's Record


Honestly, there are some really good players in today's MLB, there is no doubt about that. We all have our favorites and there are some that with the right career direction could be all time greats.  Example, I feel Derek Jeter was great, and the best post season player in history.  Yes, I saw Aaron play near the end of his career. I saw him break the home run record of TV too. If I was choosing all time team, he would be on it. My outfield would be him, Willie Mays, and Ken Griffey Jr.  Not because they were my favorites, but because their numbers are simply staggering.

Great has been diluted down so much over the years that it has became a word used in everyday conversation, when in fact "good" or "very good"  would probably suffice.  And one of the reasons is, people like Henry Aaron.  His ability was so incredible at his chosen field, it's impossible to duplicate. He and others have from various era's and sports have put the bar so high, it's almost impossible reach, even with every single advantage (legal and not) the current MLB and other pro leagues players have.

And just because Henry Aaron has passed away doesn't mean he defined great, but he continues -  to define -  great!  In every avenue there is.

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Thursday, 21 January 2021 21:22

Isn't that right Mr. Poopy Pants?

I don't know if his comedic timing would be as good as Leslie Nielsen's...

Could you see Liam Neeson as the next Frank Drebin?  He says he is done with action.

I mean how many times can a family member be Taken?  Click Here for more details.

I think they will re-cast the original Nordberg, don't you think?

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