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The Gentleman

This has a big cast and has the look on the surface of The Kingsman series from a couple years ago. This would appear to have John Wick-like violence, and the decency of everyone wearing a suit and tie while doing so.  Toss in a heavy dose of parody and a killer boomer soundtrack and you may have a mild hit here.



It's late January, movie purgatory.  We'll see.



The Turning

A young woman takes a nanny job for a couple of whacked-out, possessed, horrible kids and her life goes down the drain.  But we have to ask this question.  Why not just quit, go home and let some other poor sap nanny deal with this mess?   Seems easy enough.  When things don't really add up, it irks me.



Silliness, but then again many of these kind of movies are.  Could be a decent showing though, these always find an audience.

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