Eric Matthews

staff tim homeBorn and raised in the Akron area, Eric knew from an early age he wanted to work in radio. After high school he went on to The University of Toledo and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Communications.

After graduating from The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, Eric joined Rubber City Radio Group in 2013 as a Sports Producer for 1590 WAKR. He added on air duties at WQMX in December 2018 and became the weekday overnight personality in December 2019.
Eric also taught Drivers Education to high school students across Northeast Ohio for 4 years. In his spare time he loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. He is also a huge Guardians, Cavs, and college football fan. A huge animal lover, Eric has 1 cat named Buttercup.


Tuesday, 06 December 2022 23:40

How about those Guardians?

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In the off chance you haven't heard yet, the Guardians made quite the signing Tuesday afternoon! We signed 1B Josh Bell to a 2-year $33 Million deal! I'm excited to see what he can bring to the team! All of a sudden I'm ready for March to roll around so they can get out to Phoenix for Spring Training! If I'm being honest, it's not just for the baseball. It's also because after the end…
Sunday, 04 December 2022 23:37

Another Tree of Lights done!

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Almost $81,000! Thank you so much from WQMX and NEOPAT for helping us raise all of that money for military families in the area! It's such a fun weekend for us too, hanging out in the lobby getting donations and watching as more strands on the tree outside get lit up. I enjoyed seeing families come by to see the reindeer Friday afternoon. I got to the station right as Santa and Mrs. Claus were…
Tuesday, 29 November 2022 22:57

I don't have to...And I love it!

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Now that my siblings and I are all North of 35 in age, we decided several years ago to quit buying Christmas presents for everyone. There are two exceptions: we will still buy things for the kids, or for each other IF we say EXACTLY what we want. It's so nice and a lot less stressful this time of year doing it this way. I have virtually no Christmas shopping to do. I don't spend…
Monday, 28 November 2022 22:48

I loved it!

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Over the holiday weekend, I went to see Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. I thought it was a great movie! First of all, it's a mystery AND a comedy in one! My two favorite movie genres :). Daniel Craig is back as Benoit Blanc to investigate the crimes. He and the rest of the cast including Kate Hudson, Janelle Monae, Edward Norton and others are great! Even Angela Lansbury and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar among others…
Sunday, 27 November 2022 23:12

A HUGE thank you for a helping hand!

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So after the two outrageous snow storms we had last year and getting stuck on my street almost right in front of my house, I was tired of doing the thing depicted in the picture above. I went out Friday afternoon and bought a snow blower! My mom went with me to see if we could fit it in her SUV to get it home...but nope!  So, we're at Home Depot at Chapel Hill and…
Tuesday, 22 November 2022 23:26

Remember how I said I was a MASTER procrastinator?

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It was two weeks ago that I talked about picking up the leaves in my yard. Well after passing over a few BEAUTIFUL 70 degree days to do it, I FINALLY picked up my leaves Tuesday afternoon! It was sunny and around 50 degrees. I wore my coat and was plenty warm. As I said, I just used my lawn mower to mulch them and then spread them around the flower beds in the backyard.…
Monday, 21 November 2022 23:21

Yeah, I dreamt that...

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This will probably make you think I weirder than you already do. I have STRANGE dreams sometimes, and they can be funny!!!  Once, I dreamed that I had a werewolf tied to a chair in my basement. Another time, I dreamed that I was at baseball fantasy camp with a teacher of mine from middle school, run by Don Mattingly in Australia. One day after camp was over, we were driving all over the place…
Sunday, 20 November 2022 23:16

Gotta love the short work weeks!

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Now don't get me wrong. I love what I do - it's my dream job! I work with and for awesome people. Even still, short holiday work weeks here and there are very nice. This week being Thanksgiving, it's a three day week and I'm looking forward to this weekend already! On Wednesday afternoon, I'll be with my Dad, my three siblings and their families. One lives in California, so he and his family don't…
Thursday, 17 November 2022 23:32

On a quest!

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I went with my mom on Thursday afternoon out to Medina for a specific reason. She wanted to get some wool socks made from Alpaca wool. So, we stopped by Majestic Meadows Alpaca Farm just North of Rte 18. She got a couple pairs and DANG!!!! Those socks are warm! If you are someone (like me on occasion) who's feet get cold no matter what, I suggest giving these a try. A good stocking stuffer…
Wednesday, 16 November 2022 23:14

Fiction to (kinda) become reality?

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It was announced a few days ago that the "A Christmas Story" house in Tremont was put up for sale. Now, it appears that several cast members from the movie are thinking of going in together and buying the property as a group! Yano Anaya who played Grover Dill, was in town for the premiere of the new sequel, and confirmed the cast is considering this move. Over 150,000 people visit every year. About 40,000…
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