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Pet of the Week

WQMX Country Pet Rescue, brought to you by Wilson Plumbing and Heating: features adoptable pets looking for their forever home from Pay it Forward for Pets!

Georjette wants to chat about pit bulls! (Manny and Katie, Georjette's dog's are pictured below!)

Manny and Katie

Let’s Talk Pit Bulls! Did you know there is no such breed as a Pit Bull? It’s
Pit bull is a generic term that refers to “bully breeds” that include Bull Terriers like Spuds
McKenzie who was well-known in Bud Light beer commercials, the American
Staffordshire Terrier like Petey from the Little Rascals, and the American Bull Terrier.
The difference between the two latter is physical characteristics. The American
Staffordshire Terrier has a muscular boxy appearance, while the American Bull Terrier is
a bit taller and sports a streamline physique. The insertion of the word “Pit” can be used
with any breed that has been trained to be aggressive with another dog in a pit.
Imagine Fluffy, the standard Poodle, being labeled this way.
Pit Bull hysteria is fueled by a misunderstanding of the breed, rather than fact. These
Terriers have gained, through no fault of their own, the same bad reputation garnered of
German Shepherds and Rottweilers before them. As with humanity, early life
experiences and harsh handling can lead to negative behaviors. Terriers residing in
shelters, and available for adoption, are deemed "household" dogs. A household dog is
one that lives within the home and has extensive social contact with family members
and friends.
In contrast, a "resident dog" is a dog that is kept chained, or restrained, outside of the
home. One can imagine the frustrating life of a dog that must exist in this lonely
manner. Dogs are pack animals. No different from humans, they need their pack for a
healthy, fulfilling, and well-adjusted life as their pack represents a family. As humans,
we become their pack.
My husband and I have most often adopted Beagles/Hounds. We’ve had 5! Recently
we lost our 17-year-old and decided to adopt a Terrier. Though I have worked with
these breeds for 23 years, this is our first experience living with a so-called “Pittie.” We
deviated from adopting our norm because of the gross numbers of this breed residing in
the shelters. The experience has been unbelievable!
I hadn’t spent any time with Katie prior to adoption as fitting through my dog door was
the only criteria. I chose her based on her size. She was cute, and deserving, but they
all are so I took her home. We remain in awe of her desire to be a family member in our
pack and feel so blessed by her existence in our world. Her present role has been
comforting our existing Beagle as he mourns the loss of his 17-year-old sister. Want to
adopt a “Pittie?” I can help you make your choice.
Interested in adoption? Call 234-706-5501.



Pay It Forward For Pets (PIFFP) is a 501c3 animal welfare nonprofit organization operating out of the west Akron area. The organization manages 6 programs designed to improve the lives of rescued dogs and cats – and people too! Our programs include:

Senior Pets For Senior Citizens – funding the adoption of senior pets for senior citizens

Canine Behavioral Assessment – in preparation for adoption, utilization of a behavioral trainer assessing the needs of stressed dogs to avoid the danger of euthanasia in shelters

Pet Photography – enlisting the talents of a university student to professionally photograph pets in their best image to expedite adoption

No Buddy Left Behind – funding and managing the complex logistics to bring a pet back to the United States that served as a family member to a soldier while overseas.

Humane Curriculum – teaching humane education, compassion and promoting adoption of rescued pets to youth in a classroom environment and at public forums

Pets For Vets – funding the adoption of pets for veterans that have served

Critical Care Assistance – providing funding for critical care of a beloved pet and spay/neuter assistance. Income qualifier require

Call this number: 330.760.0763

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