Scott Wynn

Scott Wynn

Monday, 28 September 2020 01:45

WYNN - TRIBE - This Is Fun!

I think we all had reservations about how this Tribe season would go, both from a baseball stand point and a life stand point too.  But even though the season is shortened, late season, and post season baseball is still incredible to watch.

Three times this week, the Tribe had walk off wins in meaningful games and the area is a abuzz about it.  Now today, we can all catch our breath and get ready for the post season that starts tomorrow.  This only happens with a MLB team in town.  The every-day-ness of it is the key. Even if it's only 60 games this year, I'm bummed we aren't playing today!  And man, do we need a nice distraction.  I find when I'm watching the Tribe these days, it's all I can think about, and I think we all need that.

I know there were a bunch of social media experts out there that were poo-pooing the whole Clevinger  (BTW he's hurt again)  trade thing, and there were calls to cut Zac Plesac (BTW he's pitching incredibly well) after his really bad decision making earlier in the year.  I really wish "fans"  would quit whining about the ownership, and management with the Tribe.  This franchise has proven to us all, that it can be done, and compete with anyone even the teams with the huge money.  Then the 8 game losing streak didn't look good, and Manager Terry Francona being out most of the year was a drag as well. And sports radio experts were writing us off.  Take off your blinders, and stop the go-to old and tired complaining about Cleveland "poor me routine"

This season as reminded me of a few things that are really good to remember.  One, baseball is the greatest game in the world.  Two, the Tribe may be the best run organization in all of MLB. They have no real money in a small market, and somehow, we have won more games than any other team in the American League since 2013.  We are in the playoffs again, we will have the Cy Young winner yet again (Shane Bieber) , and more than likely the MVP (Jose Ramirez).  And three, our lives, our passion, and our desire to have a good life, no matter what is in front of us, is more powerful than the things or people that try to weigh us down.

There is no doubt we all would rather be at these games than not, but right now - not possible.  And sure, MLB has it's problems off the field, and that ticks me and everyone off.  But when you're in a race to win the World Series, it all fades and we can sit back, and enjoy this amazing ride.

Go Tribe!

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Friday, 25 September 2020 01:34

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And Info

Wynn's Weekend Watch -  Downton Abbey  -   (#1 one year ago today at the movies)


Good News – Right now, there are 10 first run movies in US theaters.  (List)

Cinema Safe Great site for movie theater procedures (site)

Kane Brown – The latest to come to the Drive-Ins, Saturday (info)

Box Office - #1 Was  Tenet   #2 Was   The New Mutants

Disney - Black Widow and West Side Story both pushed back to next year     (Story)

West Side Story  2020


Black Widow  2020


WOW !!! Word is Tom Hardy is going to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond (story)


NO Sequel To Elf, because Will Farrell and John Favreau didn't and don't get along (story)


Family Guy and Bob's Burgers - Are both coming back to Fox for two more seasons by (story)


A Father of the Bride - Reunion is coming soon to Netflix. (story)

This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane (link)

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Thursday, 24 September 2020 04:31

WYNN - Country Music Memory Lane - Get Caught Up!

Here are the Memory Lane articles I've written so far on Thursdays for  If you've missed some, here's a great chance to get caught up and remember many great stars -  New article nest week! Thanks for reading!

Patty Loveless

Eddie Rabbitt

Suzy Bogguss


John Anderson


Holly Dunn

The Judds

Pam Tillis

Charlie Daniels


Restless Heart

Eddy Raven

Desert Rose Band

Southern Pacific

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020 01:58

WYNN - I'm Not Ready For Fall?

This will not be a negative post.  I don't write them here -  or on Social Media.  But now that fall is here, I can't say I'm ready for it. 

Understanding that there are some wonderful aspects to the 4th season, I do like the color, some of the weather is fine, and some of the traditions are great.  But what always makes me, and others, a little bit sad, is the fact that summer is over.  I don't really care for long weeks of 95 degrees, but I do like the fact that you know what you're gonna get when you walk outside. Warm.

Fall is the chameleon season. There's the fantastic fall, 65, wonderful golf, colorful leaves, pumpkin flavors, sunny Thanksgivings, wonderfully crisp mornings and evenings.  Then there's the 38 and flurries, with blustery winds, slush, Halloween in the snow, and dark skies, with shorter days.  That is still fall, and there are every imaginable kinds of day in between each. 

Now don't get me wrong, I don't go into some huge depression over this.  I get it, seasons change. And the fact that we have four seasons here is a good lesson, and metaphoric for our lives in general. There are things to be learned from them.  During your life, heck during your week, you will have many different kind of days, and stretches.  And you must live through fall, to survive the winter, to welcome the spring, and to love the summer.  The seasons, and fall in particular, remind us that that life has an admission price.

Maybe in the longest of runs, I may not dislike fall as much as I may profess.  And maybe I hold fall responsible for the end of summer.  But I do know that in order to welcome the next summer that seems so far away, we first must usher in the fall, which has now knocked at our doors.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020 01:13

WYNN - Country Music - "That Ain't Country!"

"That ain't Country..."   I have been in Country Radio for over 40 years and I have heard that sentiment virtually my whole career.  Many years ago I felt the need to defend the music that was not in line with the current flow, but now I simply welcome that conversation.  I feel it may be the best discussion we have, and it is one of the main strengths of our beloved format. And it will never stop.

Many fans are new to country all the time, and country to them is where they jumped on.  Others were raised on country, and some are just discovering us. All will have a different take on what country is.  This is very, very healthy. But as many fans are new, this discussion is not. Heck, people said this of Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash and others.  Now we view them as country as it gets.  The list of stars that were called "not country"  by some over the decades reads like a who's who.

Many Felt Kenny Rogers  #1 - Was Not "Really Country"   That worked out OK


Country music has so many styles, it's enviable. There are modern country stars, like Dan and Shay, Rascal Flatts, Sam Hunt, and those of that ilk.  There are the traditionalist too like, Luke Combs, Jon Pardi, Luke Bryan and others. Then there are the ones in between like, Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban, Jake Owen and others there too.  They all bring something new to the table, and in most cases, they mix a bit of it all together, while still having the undertone of their own roots.  This is very good as well.  Many times new artists have a tough time getting fans acceptance because of their newness, but after a while, they do.

Florida Georgia Line - # 1 - Is Still Dogged By Some As "Not Country"  -  Millions Sold


Country is kind of a throwback now to the pop-rock charts of the past, where you would hear a ton of diverse sounds on the same radio station.  Example, Helen Reddy, then Earth, Wind, and Fire would be played after Elton John, and before Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Roberta Flack. We didn't mind that then, and we really don't mind it now in Country.  I feel that's when we are at our best. When we have a nice mix of many styles, something for all.  And we are lucky, because if the song that's playing is not a favorite style of yours now, chances are the next song or two will be. And country fans are loyal, they love their country, even if there is some they disagree with, and that is great for Country too.  The music represents their lives and lifestyle and it's a big part of their day.

Ronnie Milsap  - #1  - Was Not "Traditional Country,"  Think he had about 40 #1 songs  (This Was The 27th Number One For Him)


Right how, we are entering a very diverse period and it's exciting. Luke Combs, Maren Morris, Luke Bryan, Kelsea Ballerini, Old Dominion, Jon Pardi, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Carly Pearce, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert are all different, and all bring something to the table. The re-emergence of Tim McGraw, the durability of George Strait, and the endurance of Garth give us a real nice base.  And don't forget, time will tell with Gabby Barrett, Ingrid Andress, and artists like Jordan Davis, and Riley Green and many, many others.

Gabby Barrett - #1 - This Is Less Than "Traditional Country,"  but it has 65 million YouTube views!


But as great as all this is, the one thing you can't do with Country fans is try to lie to them. I've seen this a hundred times.  If you want to be pop star, go be a pop star, and don't use us as a place to fall.  I always respected Taylor Swift for exactly that. She was country and then said she was leaving, and did. Bold and great move for her. She didn't try to hang on to us as a safety net.  I've seen tons of careers go up in smoke for trying to fool us.  It doesn't work, as tolerant as we are with the diversity of styles and sounds, we don't like to be used, and it's not tolerated.  And I thank Taylor for bringing many new fans to us.  The one thing we always have to be careful of though, is alienating the core.  There have been times in years past we veered so far away, that the core fans felt abandoned.  We can't let that happen again.

Luke Combs - #1 -  For Many Defines Traditional Country Today


I also think the patience goes out the window when country artists align and record with "cool" artists from other formats. It can, and has worked a few times (below and Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson), but by and large it does not, as it is very temporary and flavor or the month, and fans see right through it.  And fans again, can feel taken advantage of by them.  BTW - WE are now the "cool" style of music, and we need to remember that, when we often are looking for validation from outside formats.  Old thinking.

This Apples and Oranges Duet Really Worked - #1 - Most In The Long Run, Really Don't


But I celebrate the different styles of country, and I think you do too.  I'm like you, I don't like some stuff that tries to push too far out too quickly, and many times those experiments take care of themselves and fail on the launching pad.  But the open mindset of our format is a strength.  It keeps us fresh and relevant, and on top of the mind and on top of our game. 

Jon Pardi - #1 -  Very Country


So the next time you hear, "That ain't country,"  know that it probably is, and it's one of the discussions that makes us great and different, and healthy.

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"Let your dreams be your guide...

When I hear people talk about their goals, I always wonder if those goals are guided by their dreams.  When you are asked by many in your life what your goals are, we all have a tendency to say things like, climb the ladder of success, make good money, live here, visit here or there, things like that.  And all of that is great.  But is it dream guided?

I firmly feel that if you dream big, you can live big. If your dreams are small, or have none, you'll leave cards on the table at games end. And "big" here doesn't mean rich, it means well, and happy.  Making good money is great, or getting promoted is great, but are you living your dream making it?  We all spend a huge percentage of our lives working at a job and we should all enjoy what we do.  Same for what house you live in, or the people in your life. Live the life you imagine. Although at times, it takes time for those dreams to come true.

That's the difference between dreams and goals. Dreams are forever and permanent. Goals are temporary and ever changing.  If you can dream it, you can live it, and pick off goals along the way. I feel, if we make our goals a part of our dreams, than everything will work out the way we dreamed. 

Just make sure the goals you achieve, are surrounded with the promise of a dream come true.

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Friday, 18 September 2020 01:42

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And Info!

Wynn's Weekend Watch - It  - and  - It Chapter 2 ( It 2 -  was number one at the movies one year ago today!)


New This Week (In Theaters, Streaming) - Antebellum

Cinema Safe Great site for movie theater procedures (Site)


Disney Plus - Will have a new SheHulk Series and Titiana Maslany will star in it (story)


This Will Help - There’s an app - Bingeclock crunched the numbers on 52 of the most popular shows, (how long it takes to binge watch) great shows  (site)

Kane Brown – (And Friends) The latest to come to the Drive-Ins September 26  (Info)

Box Office - The Madalorian 2 is out this week on Disney Plus 


Mulan – Is a bomb, here, and in China (Story)

Netflix Buzz - Cuties causing the provider a ton of negative backlash  (Story)

Love This - The Christmas Chronicles 2 starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn is coming to Netflix on November 25th.  (Original Preview) 


This Weekend – This Weekend - Check out my Country Music Memory Lane  (link)

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Thursday, 17 September 2020 01:01

WYNN - Country Music Memory Lane - Patty Loveless

LeeAnn asked me about her favorite from years ago, Patty Loveless.  You weren't alone there, Patty Loveless was a lot of fans favorite, and the respect she got from within the music world was huge too.

Emmceed Her A Few Times

patty 1

Patty Loveless was a big star who had a great run.  Her second trip to Nashville was the big one.  She went there as a very young artist in the 1970's, and went back home. Then came back years later and really helped change things in Country.  She was highly influential to many new female artists especially and helped bring in a more traditional sound to Nashville.  Her voice was distinct, always a plus, and her song selection was just as interesting.  I always felt that was one of her real strengths, picking the right songs, and making them completely hers.  I believed every word I ever heard Patty Loveless sing.

There was a lot of buzz about her in the mid to late 1980's and it appeared big things were coming.  But they took awhile.  Her first album had no real commercial success. But the second album, If My Heart Had Windows (1988) did.  I loved the title song, as it was refreshing, and it was moderately successful. But in that song and album you could hear big things were probably not far off.  The next album changed everything.

First Big Song - And It Showed What Was Coming


Honky Tonk Angel is a fantastic album and it put Patty in the spotlight.  Chains, and Timber I'm Falling In Love were both #1. And there were two more big songs off that album too.  All the buzz was starting to come true and just a couple years later, Patty Loveless was the preeminent woman on the Country charts.  She went on to record a ton of hits, and sang with about every influential and important performer in Nashville. 

Great Song And A Big Number One


Big songs too like, Don't Toss Us Away, You Can Feel Bad, I'm That Kind Of Girl, Jealous Bone, Blame It On Elvis, and others.  She was a real hit maker during her run, always on the charts, and there was never a flop.  She was on top of her game. 

 Huge Song!  A Real Fan Favorite


One thing I always remember about Patty Loveless was the respect she got from her peers.  I remember hearing interviews with other stars raving about hearing her sing.  She was country through and through. I feel Patty Loveless through her music invited other women to pursue their dreams. Her songs were authentic, and believable. She sang songs that resonated with people, men and women, and you felt lilke she lived every line she sang. 

People LOVE This Song...


She recorded successful albums through the 1990's, where she dominated.  She won Grammy's, multiple CMA's, ACM's, American Music Awards, and joined the Grand Ol Opry.  She did it all, and did it all well.  I think Loveless deserves a whole lot more credit than history may give her sometimes.  She really helped change a lot of things during her run. She was a traditionalist, and was still accepted by non-traditionalists too.  She wasn't flashy, or outrageous, or fake.  She was just good.  Flat out good. Her music did the talking for her. And everyone was a fan of hers.

Well into her career she had major throat surgery which she recovered from, and it did change her voice some.  She had a nine week silence period, no talking, whispering or singing. But she then had some of her biggest songs including, Blame It On Your Heart, and How Can I Help You Say Goodbye, both HUGE hits, and both fan favorites without any question.

One Of My Favorite Loveless Songs


I was a fan. Patty Loveless was a great singer and I am thankful that I played all of her songs in my career. We needed her then, and being honest, we need Patty Loveless types now.  She just helped make country better for a long time.

Great singer, great artist, great respect. Patty Loveless.

Patty Loveless Website

Other Recent Memory Lane Articles

Eddie Rabbitt


Suzy Bogguss

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For a few months I've written articles entitled Country Music Memory Lane on Thursdays.  In each one I feature a Country star from years ago.  I wanted to do this for a few reasons.  One -It's fun to look back on what I remember from my seat behind the mic in 41 years so far in Country Radio.  And Two, I think it helps fans find out how we got here, to the best 35 plus year run in Country Music history. At least it is from the numbers side, sales, concert tickets, overall exposure and Country Radio popularity.

All of this didn't happen overnight, it took time.  And for those of you born into the Country boom, maybe you can discover some artists you didn't know and expand your playlists on your phone.  And for those who were there, it's fun to look back and think of songs and stars you haven't thought about in years!

This week, we will chronicle some of the great guys from my Memory Lane articles.  There will be many more, but here are the ones we've talked about so far. We honor their incredible contribution to Country Music.  Thanks for checking these out!

My goal too, is to remember the intangibles that they brought to the format that is outside the music as I remember it, because I think every star does.

And as always, thanks for listening!

Eddie Rabbitt

John Anderson

Eddy Raven

Charlie Daniels

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Friday, 11 September 2020 01:02

WYNN - Weekend Eats!

With the weekend here, and maybe some grilling on your mind, and mine too, I thought I'd share this fun website. The owner, is really fun to watch on her cooking videos, and she makes some really great stuff.

This is a fun site that we reference often, as she has never steered us wrong on a great grill tip!


Hey Grill Hey!

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