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Scott Wynn

Friday, 19 July 2024 01:18

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

Box Office Results - #1 - Despicable Me 4    44  - Million

#2 -  LongLegs    -   22  Million

#3 - Inside Out 2   -  21 Million

New This WeekTwisters 


Floppy - Fly Me To The Moon - HUGE Flop 10 Million – Budget was 100 Million


Donna Kelce - The mother of Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, has joined the cast of Hallmark’s Holiday Touchdown: A Chiefs Love Story.


NEW - A film adaptation of the TV series 24 is in early development,


FX's - Upcoming Alien series has a new title — Alien: Earth - It's a prequel to the 1979 film.


TV DROPS - This Week  -  Tulsa King

This Week - 2016  -  Stranger Things debuted on Netflix!


My -   Country Music Memory Lane   (link)


Also - 50 Most Important Country Songs 1980 –   Today #22   (Link)

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Monday, 22 July 2024 01:45

WYNN - Eat Of The Week

I love eggs and there are many ways to use them.  This is a great article that shows you how to use them in ways you may not have ever thought!  Thanks for reading and listening everyday!


Great Uses For A Box Of Eggs!

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Saturday, 20 July 2024 01:42

WYNN - My Weekly Recap

In case you missed any of my articles this week from, let's get you caught up!  Thanks for reading and listening everyday!

Eat Of The Week

50 Most Important Country Songs 1980-Today #22

Forgotten Jukebox JT-10

The Mega Star Series - Ricky Skaggs (New)

Wynn At The Movies And More!

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Sunday, 21 July 2024 01:18

WYNN - BROWNS - There Is Only One Path

The Browns begin their 2024 season as they report for training camp in Berea.  They feel, and many local and national media types are talking, this is the year to make a run at the whole thing.  Many feel the Superbowl window is open for this team, but that it may not be open long. The thought is, this needs to be the year.  

I hear all the yak about Watson and how good he has to be, healthy too.  This player, that player, this coach, the new offense, our defense and the list goes on.  There is no question the Browns roster is a good one.  It may be a bit overrated, but it's the best since 1999, and that means it's the best since the Kosar years, and we should be glad about that.  That's a long time ago.  That team was great, but just couldn't get over the hump.  Can this team?

I'll state it right here, right now, there IS one way they can make it happen. But ONLY one.  The Browns can make a run at it if they win their division outright, and have home playoff games en route.  That's it.  If they can win their division and play at home there is a chance.  Anything less will be another off season of "next year."

I'm not down on the Browns, I'm just looking at this organization and team honestly.  Can we honestly believe in our brown and orange hearts this team, with it's history and its talent level can be a wild card and go on the road in January and win 2 or maybe 3 games against teams better or at minimum teams on their level in who knows what kind of weather?  The NFL is single elimination of course, and being fair, I don't think they can.  And they're not alone.  It's hard to do.  And they have given us no indication they can win multiple big games that must be won on the road two or three weeks in a row. 

That's all that means. It's not saying we aren't good, we don't have a good coach, or that Watson is going to be bad.  It's a hard thing to do -  very hard  - and so far the very hard has been  -  unachievable during this current run.  I thought when we went to Pittsburgh in the playoffs a few years ago and won that was a great chance.  We then went to Kansas City and knocked Mahomes out of the game, and still couldn't win and should've.  If we would have won that very winnable road game, I had great faith in the AFC Championship game that year - I feel we would have won it.  But that shows you how hard it is to do.  And now this team is very different than that one in many regards.

The Chiefs did it last year course, but we're not the Chiefs.  Even a darn good team like Buffalo the past few years with a great QB playing very well haven't done it.  Baltimore, with a multiple MVP Winner at QB, hasn't gotten it done.  And the Texans last year blew us out badly on national TV in the playoffs with an incredible performance and a QB playing great was shown the door on the road the next week.  The Chiefs did it winning in Buffalo and Baltimore last year after winning at home in sub-zero weather.  I thought that was far more impressive than winning the Superbowl.  It's a gauntlet, and the Browns need to stay out of that.

The main focus should be preparing for the "unpreparable."  It's about developing championship pedigree, and that's not an easy thing to do. That means players emerging as those who will not let us lose.  All truly great teams have those kind of players.  Just look at past championship teams.  They've had those, we need those.   There's a big difference between being really good and great.  We throw around "great" way too much locally and nationally.  

There is only one path, it's there in front of them, they need to take it.


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Thursday, 18 July 2024 01:39

WYNN - Mega Star Series - Ricky Skaggs

I have been writing these articles for 4 years now, and I am disappointed it has taken me this long to feature Mega Star, Ricky Skaggs.  He's been mentioned in some of my pieces, but that's not good enough. Skaggs and I debuted on country radio about the exact same time. He was the sheer definition of a traditional country artist.  The respect I have for him is immense, and I'll tell you why.  Because his story is far beyond just songs on the chart.

Ricky Skaggs is a big-time favorite of many very traditional country fans.  But to others reading this depending on your age, he may be one of the biggest country stars you may have never heard of.  If you really love country music, keep reading.  But no matter what camp you are in as of this writing, make no mistake, Ricky Skaggs was one of the biggest and most important stars we had for many reasons.  But sadly, time is not overly kind to many in our format.  He's had a couple different musical careers, but here we will focus on his important run on the country charts.

Breakout Hit For Him  #1


In a time where Urban Cowboy, and Pop Country were the dominant trends, Skaggs was a total traditionalist on the radio.  With his roots, his sound, and when Ricky Skaggs was on the radio he cut through like a sharp knife.  Traditional country fans that had been left behind with the pop trend, loved Ricky Skaggs.  It was real country.  From his song choices, to his traditional and vulnerable voice, and the arrangements, he was a modern original at the time, but a throwback too in the long run.  Read the comments on the videos to see the love fans have for him.

Big Hit - Real Skaggs Favorite  #1


He was and is still a superior musician, as his pedigree is beyond reproach. He plays a ton of stringed instruments, and all of them exceptionally well.  He played with the late Keith Whitley as a teenager and played in a few bands, including being a prominent member of Emmylou Harris' Hot Band during her incredible run.  He started playing music at age of 5, and was a prodigy from the start. His roots were in Bluegrass, but he also played alongside Vince Gill, and Bruce Hornsby.

Loved This One  #1


In 1980, Skaggs began his solo country career on the charts ran through the 1980's with incredible success.  Skaggs was part of the very early 1980's troupe that dared to be different and change back the direction of country music.  He along with George Strait, Earl Thomas Conley, Reba, Alabama, the Judds, John Anderson, Hank Jr  and others were the start of a change that would take a decade to steer country in a new direction.  The music Skaggs was recording at the time was very brave and some insiders credit him with "Saving Country Music" at that very moment. 

Gigantic Hit  #1


Whether that's true or not is of course subjective, but what I will say is that he stood proudly on a rock in the river that many didn't and wouldn't.  Overall, we were far too poppy and the hard cold truth of it was this.  We had few traditionalists, much of the music was not recorded for country fans, we were not selling a lot of pop country albums, we didn't have concerts in front of 25,000 and we weren't even looking for a new identity as a whole that we needed to be.  What Skaggs did in concert with select others was hold firm to rooted country music and I am forever thankful for that.  What these artists did then, was set the stage for a continued modification of country in 1986 with Randy Travis, Keith Whitley, Holly Dunn, Patty Loveless, Dwight Yoakam and others.  Then onto the huge explosion in 1989 with Garth, Alan, Clint, Travis and more, and the rest is history -  The 1990's.  Even though Skaggs was not a 90's artist, he certainly helped us get there.

The First Skaggs Song I Played  #1


Truth be told, Skaggs should be revered for what he did then.  And thankfully he's in the Country Music Hall Of Fame, the Bluegrass Hall Of Fame, the Musicians Hall Of Fame, and a member of the Grand Ol Opry.  He has 12 #1 songs, won 8 CMA's and 8 ACM's, and has sold millions of albums from country to bluegrass.  Plus the amount of Grammy's he's won is staggering (15).  He's recorded and performed with about every respected singer and musician there is on earth, from every format there is, of which he is one of them.

His Final #1


Since the mid 1990's he's performed bluegrass and is the most respected member of that music community.  In short, we owe Ricky Skaggs a lot.  He was pivotal in helping to guide country to a far better path.  He a Mega Star in every regard. 

A brave artist in a time bravery was needed.  A country music giant, Mega Star - Ricky Skaggs.

Read My Article - 1981 - For more on Ricky Skaggs

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Wednesday, 17 July 2024 01:31

WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox JT-10

Josh Thompson - Way Out Here  - 2010 - (Album - Josh Thompson)

For a song that only peaked at #15 this made a big impact on people, and listeners loved this song.  When JT came out there was a lot of hype for him.  A few of his singles were played on WQMX and our listeners were really into him.  Beer On The Table did quite well for US, but only went to about 17 on the national chart. He did a great show at Put-In-Bay for us in front of a huge crowd, and he came to the pool party and hung with us and fans.  But no one is guaranteed a long run, and his was short.  But this song was a big deal for us on WQMX. This song speaks directly to many listening to this.  It also has a really poweruful video with it, as you will see.  It's good to remember this song, that at the time became a life anthem for many of our listeners and others around the country.   Should be noted, this was a GOLD Single.

Last Weeks Selection

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The importance of many songs has different angles, and no song may have more angles into this list than this song.  George Jones had been recording hit songs since the 1950's.  But when he recorded this song, it reinvented him and set him on a path that gave him new popularity through the 1980's, when many thought he was through for countless reasons.  This brilliant country song was written by Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman and no other artist could have brought this more to life than Jones.  This is a song you have to earn the right to sing, it required someone with some age, some sage, and a ton of hard knocks of their own. It had been many years since Jones had a #1, but this sure was.  Many feel this is one of the greatest country songs of all time, and they're right.  It has been given every honor a song can by about every musical body there is.  But this was not an easy trek as the first few times Jones recorded this, it didn't go well. Jones hated the song, and was sure it was too sad to be a hit. Well, it turned out to be the biggest hit of his incredible career.  When Jones died in 2013, this song came back on the charts at #23, with all the new airplay.  This song made him a legend (again) to many new country artists and fans of the era, who maybe had not been overly familiar with him, as many thought he was passed his prime.  This song is still loved as much as it was then.  This is simply a masterpiece of country music.  It is stone cold country.

Last Week #23


Alan Jackson sings it at Jones' funeral  - This Is Perfect!

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Monday, 15 July 2024 01:11

WYNN - Eat Of The Week!

We can all use some new grilling tips from time to time. And this is a really cool article that gives you some really good ones!

These Are GREAT Grilling Tips From Chefs!

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Friday, 12 July 2024 01:09

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

Box Office Results - #1 - Despicable Me 4 - 77 Million

#2 - Inside Out 2 - 30 Million

#3 - A Quiet Place - 22 Million

New This Week -   Longlegs /  Fly Me To The Moon 


Hallmark - Is teaming up with the Kansas City Chiefs for a Holiday love story movie


Gladiator 2 - The upcoming sequel stars Pedro Pascal and Denzel Washinton


New Ideas? - A sequel to The Devil Wears Prada is in the works. No word if Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway or Emily Blunt are in or not


Ben Affleck and Matt Damon - Are reuniting on screen for the Netflix thriller RIP


My  -   Country Music Memory Lane (link)


Also - 50 Most Important Country Songs 1980 – Today #23 (Link)

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