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Friday, 05 March 2021 01:57


Box Office – Tom And Jerry #1 -  14 million (Second biggest since slowdown) - Only Wonder Woman 1984 - took in more  (story)

This Weekend At Theaters - Boogie  - is out. (example list)


First Look – At Space Jam 2


Golden Globes - Nomadland and The Crown big winners  (Story) 



Golden Globe Ratings - Down 60% from last year.  This year only 6 million watched. (Story)


Paramount Plus - New Streaming is up and running  (Story) 



HBO MaxConsidering lowering prices   (Story) 

iCarly star  - Jennette McCurdy - Says she's quitting acting, and is "embarrased" by her Nickelodeon acting career.  She's 28!  (Story) 


Movie Review - Tom And Jerry 


This Week To Prime - Coming 2 America   (Preview)


Theaters and Disney Plus This Week - Raya And The Last Dragon - But Cinemarks WILL NOT be showing it -  (Story)


Netflix - Has unveiled a trailer for its new Nashville-based sitcom, Country Comfort. Katherine McPhee  (Preview)

This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane  (link)

My Other Articles This Week -  Song Of The Week  /  Movie Reviews  /  WynnQuotes  

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Friday, 05 March 2021 01:51

WYNN - Weekends With Wynn!!

The WEEKEND is here!  Live good, live right, and do it without breaking the bank!


Expected Weather 

Saturday  - Clouds / Sun 37

Sunday - Clouds / Sun 40

Daylight Saving Time begins Next Sunday, 2:00 AM

SPRING BEGINS - 14 Days  - March 20 at 537AM



Listen to my Song Of The Week(Scotty McCreery)

Read My Country Music Memory Lane This Week  -  (Billy Dean)


Wynn's Weekend Breakfast!

 Cold weekend, how about a very simple, but delicious Eggs Benedict?


Food And Drink

Wynn's Wine Of The Week - Diablo Creek (cab)  Quite good, and moderate price

Wynn's Cheese Of The Week  -  Honey Goat Cheese (Um, Yeah!)  (Aldi has a very inexpensive one)

Wynn's Weekend Menu  - Sausage and Peppers  /  Also make this sauce (incredible)

Hey We May Have To Make This Too  -  (OMG)

Saturday is -  Oreo Day  (In Case You've Ever Wondered)

Sunday is   -  Cereal Day  (How About This?)



In Theaters  -  This Theater has all the movies you can see to give you ideas   (Tinseltown)

HBO Max  - New this week.  Also Tom And Jerry - Did well last week  (Review)

Netflix - New this weekend  (list)

Prime - Coming To America 2 

New Disney Plus - March  (list)   Raya And The Last Dragon  (Cinemark NOT showing this) 



NASCAR -  In Vegas this weekend!  Local TV

The Tribe  - Saturday and Sunday  Local TV

The Blue Jackets - On the road in Dallas  Local TV

Cavs Play -Friday and Sunday  Local TV

PGA Tour  - In Florida at Bay Hill  Golf Channel and Local TV

Have a GREAT weekend!

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Jen asked me about a song she loved when she was in high school, Only The Wind.   I love that song, and the singer was Billy Dean.  Here's another guy who came around in the 1990's and had some real nice success. But more than that, he made some really good music.

Dean was a darn good singer with flat out good music, and I was a fan.  In fact, we were all fans, as a whole lot of his music was really hard not to like. He was also very likable and his songs were honest and picture painting.  I feel listeners really listened to the songs he recorded.  And you know, that's more rare than you might think. Fans hear songs all the time and love something about a certain song, but many times we miss something. We listened to Billy Dean songs, his words and melodies flowed easily across his musical canvass, and took you with them.  What a remarkable gift he gave us, songs that said something - every time.

Only The Wind - Fantastic Song!


Long before there was American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent and other TV showcase and reality shows we watch today, there was Star Search, (1983-1995 originally)  and it was way ahead of its time.  It looked for talented singers, bands and even comedians to be the next big thing. Sawyer Brown was a winner in 1984 from that show and they had a nice run in Country, and Billy Dean was noticed from his time on that show as well.  Hard not to, as he is 6 foot 6 and a real presence.  He was from the Tallahassee area of Florida and showed up on the charts in 1990.  He was a non-hat act and looked like a movie star as much as a singer.

What a GREAT First Big Hit!


His first big song off his debut 1990 album titled Young Man, was a great song called, Only Here For A Little While. There are a few songs I have played on the radio in 41 years of this format where the phone was ringing halfway through the first play asking what the song was, and who was singing it.  Josh Turner, Long Black Train, Clint Black, Better Man, Dwight Yoakam, Honkytonk Man, Blue from LeeAnn Rimes, Where've You Been, Kathy Mattea I'm sure there are more, but the list is short. But Billy Deans first big hit, was one of them.  It was a song that made you feel good and it satisfied every part of the country fan base with it's timeless versatility.  It went to #3, and I have no idea how it was not #1.  Dean was on his way.  Then the next single, Somewhere In My Broken Heart sealed the deal winning the ACM Song Of The Year 1992, and he won as well for best new male artist.

This Was A Very Big Hit!



Over the next decade or so, Dean would have great success, and record some really fantastic songs.  His second album, Billy Dean, really launched him into big success.  Four big songs off of it, including his signature song, Billy The Kid, You Don't Count The Cost, If There Hadn't Been You, and Jen's favorite, Only The Wind.  All top-five songs, all flat out good. He was touring with some great acts too, including The Judds and then Clint Black and he had a high gear career going.

This Was a GREAT Ramake Of A Classic Song! 


1993, the Fire In The Dark album was another hit, with a remake of the Dave Mason classic, We Just Disagree and three other big songs.  He was touring with the decades biggest stars now, including Alan Jackson which was a coveted slot in 1993.  For the next number of years Dean would continue to have hits, release albums and have success.  Some of it bigger than others, but there was always one absolute constant with him.  The music was always high quality.

2004 - This Was A Popular Song  


He recorded well into the 2000's with a very powerful song in 2004, Let Them Be Little which a whole lot of people really loved.  He recorded with greats like, Suzy Bogguss, Kenny Rogers, Alison Krause and others.  Was Billy Dean another one of these very talented acts that came along during the boom and maybe got a bit lost in the shuffle? Not sure, but what I am sure of is the quality of his music, because it was always first class.  In all about 20 hit songs and a ton of top 10's.

His Signature Song


Billy Dean, very underrated from a very big time in Country.  If you're not familiar with him, you should get to know him.  Great talent, and great music.

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Tuesday, 02 March 2021 01:50


Tom And Jerry  the movie -  did very well last weekend, becoming the second largest opening since the slowdown, behind only WW84.   It's in theaters and on HBO Max.

These two have been at it since 1940, and were the first big success for young animators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for MGM. They made about 160 of really funny shorts that have made generations laugh. They were the catapult that launched Hanna-Barbera to go on and make some of the most popular cartoons for generations and built an incredible animation empire.  But with that said, here Tom And Jerry are pretty funny guys, it's too bad the rest of this movie really is not.

I am not sure who this movie is made for.  Do very young people even know who Tom And Jerry are?  This a combination of live action and animation and that aspect is very good and looks great.  The older school animation looks teriffic, and it's married together very well with the actors.  After all these years Tom and Jerry still look the same, they haven't been reinvented, and that's good.  And they together are still funny.  Are they enemies, or friends? Sometimes both.

But the writing is not good, and the actors have little to work with. This is also too long, and I feel the plot is rudderless and I'm not sure who is supposed to relate to the story.  Should be noted, the actors are fine, the writing is not.  The best parts of this movie are Tom And Jerry's combativeness, and also there are moments you do feel very sad for Tom, as he always seems to screw things up in a big way and not really meaning to.


But this is the Tom And Jerry you remember.  This has NOT been quieted down for the new century.  Tom is still trying to play the piano, and Tom And Jerry are still going at each other with large mallets, electrocuting each other, slamming doors on each other, with extreme animated and unpunished violence.  Not here, but in their history they have smoked, and drank on screen, and there are some countries that have banned them for all of this.  But if you took all of it out, there would be no reason to make this movie, that's who they were, and that's who they still are.  

But being fair, maybe we just need some mindless stuff to laugh at these days, so I can cut this a break or two.  If you have HBO Max, it is available to you at no extra charge.  BTW Tom And Jerry HAVE WON 7 OSCARS!  All between 1940 and 1967.  And they have also been nominated 13 times.  No human actor has more than 4 wins, and only 1 human actor has more nominations.  (List)

Here Is ONE Of Their Oscar Wins!


Tom And Jerry -  Yes as an entire movie there are problems, but it's still Tom And Jerry.   

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Friday, 26 February 2021 04:39

WYNN - Weekends With Wynn!!

The WEEKEND is here, let's see what's going on and make your weekend the best it can be.

Expected Weather 

Saturday  - About average cloudy 49

Sunday - Rain Possible 54

Hey, let's get the car washed -  (local car washes)

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 14, 2:00 AM

SPRING BEGINS - 21 Days  - March 20 at 537AM


There is a new Willie Nelson album out today (Friday), his 71st called  That's Life

Listen to my Song Of The Week(Miranda Lambert)

My Country Music Memory Lane This Week  -  (Lee Roy Parnell)  Great artist!

Wynn's Weekend Breakfast?

Click Here, and you'll be making the best French Toast ever!

Food And Drink

Wynn's Wine Of The Week - Mondavi Bourbon Barrel  Great Red for the price  - Sunday WAS (National Drink Wine Day)

Wynn's Weekend Menu  - Charcuterie board in place of a dinner.  AND Grilling - Steaks!  (Bobby Flay Way)

Thursday WAS National Chili Day - Good weekend for it.  Amazing Recipes Here

Saturday is Strawberry Day - Maybe a PIE!  (PIE Recipe)

Saturday is also Kahlua Day -Rev up that morning coffee  (Try These)


In Theaters  -  This Theater has all the movies you can see to give you ideas (Cinemark)

HBO Max  - Tom And Jerry out this weekend, HBO Max and in theaters

HBO Max - March is Monday - New Adds

Netflix -  I Care A lot with Rosamund Pike made a splash last week (Review)

Netflix - March is Monday - New Adds


NASCAR - Running at Homestead, Florida This Weekend  (complete schedule)

The Tribe Begins - Cactus League Play Sunday (Reds)  3:05 Local TV

The Blue Jackets - Play Saturday and Sunday  - Local TV

Cavs Play Saturday In Philly 7:00 -  Local TV

PGA Tour  - First WGC Event of the year, Florida -  Golf Channel and NBC  (info)   

Have a GREAT weekend!

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Wednesday, 03 March 2021 01:00

WYNN - Wynn Quotes - Home Is A Feeling

"Home Is A Feeling......."

Sometimes is takes a while to figure this out.  I remember when I moved into my first apartment many years ago at age 22.  It wasn't at all very nice, but it was mine - for the time being.  I was proud of it, but I knew it was temporary.  As I moved around the country for a number of years in radio, I rented apartments, condos, and houses. Some were very nice, some not as much.  They were all where I lived, but none of them was -  home.

In 1994 I bought my first house in Lakeland, Florida all by myself.  I loved that place and for the first time in my life, I felt like it was a "home."  Home is a feeling there is no doubt.  A house is one thing, but the sense that you are in the exact place you are supposed to be is a great feeling.  When I sold my Lakeland home in 2001, I was sad.  It was my home, and now it was someone else's.  When I sold my house here about a year ago, I was not sad at all. Not even a little bit.  True, I liked that house, as it was very nice, vintage, and very historic.  But I never felt in 19 years that it was my  -  home. It was simply my house. 

Home - Joe Diffie  -  Feels Good To Hear Him Sing This Classic


I have that "home" feeling again finally after all these years now with Windy in our home here.  We like being there, we take good care of it, and we both agree that you can live lots of places, but you are only home in one place.  And that's a great feeling.

Blake Shelton -  He Said Once That "Home" Saved His Career


Knowing you are in the right place  -  at the right time  - with the right people.  Home....

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Monday, 01 March 2021 01:07


The other day we looked up just how long it had been since Scotty McCreery was on American Idol.  Sarah Kay and I found out it was 2011, and we both where kind of taken back.  Wow, ten years since we met him.  Over the years he has had some nice songs and had some big hits, but he's better than ever right now.

He's done Bosom Buddies for us, and has been to Blossom a few times on various tours.  I remember years ago when Sue Wilson and I doing the morning show together, we were talking with his MOM at length backstage at Blossom. She said they were figuring out what college Scotty was going to, as they were preparing just in case this "Country Music thing didn't work out."  Well, it has so far.

Scotty has grown a ton as an artist.  At first, he was this kid with the big voice and I'm not sure he knew exactly what to do with it.  He sang songs that were of his age, and it worked, but now it's working better as the songs are now more grown up. He's done a nice job of bringing his audience with him.  Over time, like any other person, in any other line of work, he has gained on it and perfected his craft. Married now, You Time I understand was written about his wife and life. This is a flat great song that's well done and easy to listen to.

Grab a coffee and take a listen. This is a very nice song, and I think nice songs sound extra good right now.


Well done Scotty, well done. GREAT song!

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Friday, 26 February 2021 01:43

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And Info!

Box Office In Theaters  – The Croods: A New Age - $1.7 Million  (50 Million Total)


Golden Globes - Sunday Night 7pm (Story)


Biggest Movie – During the PandemicTenet (58 Million -  USA)  Streaming now


Movie Review -  I Care A Lot  (Netflix)


Seems So – Movie goers are far more comfortable with going to the movies now, than just two months ago  (Story) 


New This Week - In theaters and HBO Max -  Tom And Jerry  



ALL New HBO MAX For March   -  (Link)



Next Week To Prime - Coming To America 2  


Full List Of March Prime Releases -  (Link)

Netflix - Has unveiled a trailer for its new Nashville-based sitcom, Country Comfort. Katharine McPhee stars  


List Of March Netflix Releases -  (Link)


No More Borat Movies - Sasha Baron Cohen says too dangerous  (Story)

This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane  (link) 


My Other Articles From This Week! -  Song Of The Week  /  Support Local Car Washes  / Movie Review

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021 01:03


Netflix has become the new way for virtually all of us to absorb new movies, and this week it's I Care A Lot with the incredible Rosamund Pike.

I don't really know what kind of movie this is.  Is this a drama? A very dark comedy?  Or just a very cruel movie that may give terrible people really bad ideas as a business in real life?  This movie will make you mad.  This movie also has a focus problem, as it loses its primary focus and story line and switches directions to the point of silliness.  With that said, it does create a character in the lead that you hate so deeply, it's hard to watch at times, but you also can't turn away.  That is the genius of Pike.  She is terrific here.

Pike plays Marla, a woman that runs this insanely despicable business of essentially kidnapping rich, elderly people from their homes through a network of on-the-take and equally God awful professionals like doctors, nursing home people, etc.  They "legally" kidnap seniors and get them "sentenced" to nursing homes where they are drugged and held against their will forever - legally. ? Then she makes it happen to be court appointed as their legal guardian.  She then sells all their assets  -  and gets personally rich off their money and thier life's work, and she does it all in a very giddy fashion. This story line is interesting, though utterly reprehensible, and thoroughly disgusting.

Movie Trailer Can Be Watched On YouTube

She then "kidnaps" the wrong woman, who is totally healthy and totally loaded with incredible riches.  But who is this woman? And why are so many people looking for her, and for her immediate release?  Marla has certainly made the mistake she never thought she'd make. And why are seemingly very, very bad people after Marla now?

Then the movie falls off a cliff.  The focus changes dramatically and becomes something it wasn't.  It falls into total silliness as easily as Marla gets the elderly committed and fleeced.  Now our main character sort of becomes  Wonder Woman-like, a highly skilled stunt woman, a weapons expert, a tactical commando, and about every other silly thing she can become in her quest to elude the people now after her.  It's like a different character.

It's almost like two different movies, and that's the fatal flaw.  There are compelling moments here, but its shift is too much to overcome. As it shifts, it becomes very predictable, as in the first half, it is not.  Also her "enemies" (who are very bad people) are the most inept bunch of mobsters you'll ever see. And in real life this entity would be anything but.  But here, we are supposed to think they are about as bright and ruthless as the 3 Stooges.

This is not a wasted night on the couch, but this certainly could have been a whole lot better.  Great lead character, and a perfect Pike performace, but the writers ruined it after the first hour.  Compelling moments and an original story that eventually goes wrong.  There will be those who love this, and some where this will hit way too close to home, especially if you have an elderly person in your life having a tough time.

I Care A Lot - Adequate

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Tuesday, 23 February 2021 01:40

WYNN - Support Local Car Washes

It's that week, the temps are up a bit and we look at our cars and go, sheesh!  I don't know about you, but my car had about 25 pounds of road gunk on it and I couldn't wait to get it taken care of.  So I went out over the weekend, to Ultimate Car Wash in Streetsboro, not far from the house and got it washed. I love being in the Clean Car Club!

So this week, please support your local car wash place as they have been waiting to see you all winter!   You'll have a clean car and you'll support local people working at local businesses. 

And keep in mind, you'll be in your warm car, but they will be out in the cold, so please tip them well. Also, check into monthly plans at your favorite car wash, you can save a ton of money and always have a clean car! And while you're there, maybe a gift certificate for someone.

Local Car Washes Have A Friend In Me!   They are a hard working bunch!


Click For Local Car Washes!

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