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MOVIE REVIEW - A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

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I wish I could say this is perfect, but I can't.  But what I can say is that Tom Hanks is terrific in this darn good movie that puts PBS TV Icon Fred Rogers front and center.  And he deserves it. 

This is based on true events, but sadly it deals far too much about a middle aged reporter and his daddy issues from years ago that are relateble for sure, but in the end, tiresome and mundane.  As this reporter comes to do a national magazine article of Rogers, he experiences  Rogers' amazing kindness and conviction to helping people.   All of this eventually becomes the center of his healing, and that's fine.  There's just too much of his world, and not enough of Fred's.



But that does not make this a bad movie.  This is a good movie, and Hanks is remarkable, there just may not be enough of him.  True, we all know of Rogers' incredible compassion and dedication to helping his fellow man.  I just want to know where all that came from.  I wanted to know more of Rogers, way behind the scenes, and we don't get that.   But what we do get is his gift to our hurting reporter and his family, and we have to concede that this is the reporters story and not Rogers.

This is very good movie making and the script that was given to us is true and taken in the direction that they saw fit, and that's fine.  But I think we may all want to know more about a man that was unlike most others in about every way there is.

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