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WYNN - #15 - Darius Rucker - Don't Think I Don't Think About It - 2008

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Darius Rucker - Don't Think I Don't Think About It  - 2008

SW small Logo Darius Rucker is the first artist to have a second song on my list. He was also featured here with Wagon 
Wheel #47.  He is featured as well in my Vocalist Supreme Series  (Part 2 featured below)  that ran a few months ago.  This was his introduction to the country charts in 2008, and I remember the first time I played this song on WQMX.  We were all kind of eyebrow-raised that he went country after such a great run with Hootie And The Blowfish.  But after the first play of this song, I was hooked, by the hook.  I love songs like this.  Songs that have something to say, that's said in a straightforward way, is adult, is not overdone, and not drawn out longer than it should be. This is a tremendous country song that is delivered by a supreme vocalist.  All these years later it still sounds great and is still as powerful as it was upon the first listen.  Rucker is one of these artists that make it all look so easy.  When I hear him sing, it's like he was born to sing the song he's singing.  I can't imagine anyone else singing this song.  With this written song, its arrangement and delivery, this is about as country as it gets.  This song was a #1 and is a gem.  We are lucky to have Darius Rucker.

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