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WYNN - #16 - Vince Gill - I Still Believe In You - 1992

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Vince Gill - I Still Believe In You - 1992

SW small Logo How good is this song?  Vince Gill is one of the most talented, respected and sought after singers and musicians on earth. He's a gifted vocalist, fantastic songwriter, entertainer, and terrific guitar player.  This was in the middle of his amazing 90's run when he could do no wrong and this song is simply perfect.  Well written, beautifully sung and wonderfully produced.  I loved many of Gill's songs, but this is the one that cut through the most.  Gill was a very interesting artist in 90's country.  During a time when traditional was in, his music was traditional, although it had a very contemporary sound as well.  His image was slick, no hat, and no tight jeans or loud boots, but his dedication to the format and its traditions were front and center.  He dominated and hosted award shows and was the front man for country for many years.  This was one of his many #1 songs as he sold about 30 million albums in his career.  In a decade where we had Garth, Clint, George, Alan, Travis, Alabama, Reba, Shania, Brooks And Dunn and others there was this whole other side where Vince Gill stood alone as a very different, but much loved and totally accepted by all.  You can catch Vince Gill now still touring with the Eagles. - (They know too).  His exceptional vocal performance on this song is one of the best of any hit song country has ever had. 

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