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I'll Try - Alan Jackson - 1996 - (Album - Greatest Hits)

SW small Logo I heard Alan Jackson interviewed on a countdown show when this song was a very popular number one.  He was in the middle of a long run of big hits with dozens of number one songs.  He was asked why he wasn't really into writing many "love songs".  He answered just the way you might think he would. He said something along the lines of, many were "fake" and "corny" and not based in reality and that wasn't him.  So, he decided to write this song which is an Alan Jackson "love song."  The reason this song was so big was it was so real, honest and adult.  Someone stating that he's going to do the best he can, and will try to do it forever.  He has faults, he's not perfect and "he'll try."  Man, how relatable is that?  That was Jackson's trademark. Songs we could all understand because it sounded like our lives.  He's right, so many "love songs" are some vision of love that is not based in any reality, but more like a movie, or a romance novel and that's fine, just not real.  Many feature flowery words that set expectations too high for anyone to live up to for a lifetime.  This song is perfectly written and sung by a fallible guy who lives in our real world.  Simply timeless -  fantastic.

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