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WYNN - COUNTRY MUSIC MEMORY LANE - The Vocalists: Supreme (Part 2)

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SW small Logo In Country there are different kinds of singers and styles. In this series we will revisit some of the best pure singers we've had in my over 40 years behind the morning show country music microphone.  This is PART 2 of this series.

There is no order, and the omission of one of your favorites today does not mean they are not "as good"  as someone else.  They may be in the next installment.  We are not taking career stats into account either, these are simply incredible singers that would sound good singing anything, anywhere, any time.  In each installment I will have a mix of men, women and eras.  Also in many cases I include my full profile I've written on them.  

Review Of Part 1 (ICYMI)

They are  -  The Vocalists: Supreme  (Part 2)

Suzy Bogguss  -  (My Full Profile On Suzy Bogguss)

She is one of the best pure singers I have ever heard - anywhere in my lifetime.  You may have heard that she is blessed with a thing called "Perfect Pitch"  (it's a real thing) and she is.  Her breathtaking voice burst on the scene in the 1990's with good success.  Where exactly she fit within the format always seemed to be up for debate. But what was never up for debate for one second was her beyond amazing voice.  Suzy Bogguss knows exactly where the notes are and finds them absolute the first time and holds them strong. The featured song is simply beautiful and shows the ease she can sing a heartfelt song. She is so good, it makes everyone think they can do it, and sadly we cannot.  When Suzy sings, it reminds us all of just how beautiful the human voice can be. One listen is all it takes. We were blessed to have the truly remarkable Suzy Bogguss.

Simply Mesmerizing - Sensational


Darius Rucker

When Darius Rucker went country years ago, we all wondered how this came to be.  It seemed to be a long way from his Blowfish days as we knew him.  But he is a South Carolinian with country roots.  He also debuted country with a song that had the "countriest" title of any song were playing on WQMX at that moment and it went number one.  Rucker is one of those singers who can sing with anyone and stand out. Of course his voice is highly recognizable, but his style is flawless as well.  He now in this new era possesses the gift of an amazingly versatile voice and he looks and sounds so smooth and effortless. But he also has the gift of uniqueness, as you without any question whatsoever know with your eyes closed that is Darius Rucker singing.  We are still very lucky to have him.

Incredible Debut Song And Performance


Holly Dunn - (My Full Profile On Holly Dunn)

The late but great Holly Suzette Dunn had a relatively short run on the charts, but the time she did she was an impact player.  She is my absolute first choice to sing a hurtin' song, and we will feature one of hers here.  She is always going to be known for Daddy's Hands as it was a very big, important and highly influential song. But her spectacular emotive voice is always going to be front and center in my memory.  At times she could bring listeners to tears when she was immersed in a song. Her calling card was her immeasurable and unmatched vulnerability that we could all feel. She was versatile as well, but her real wheelhouse were the sad ones.  As oxymoronical as this may sound it's true  -  it was a pleasure to hear her sing a sad song.  You feel it and live it with her, she made sure of it.  I teared up when she died in 2016.  Stunning talent.

This Is Traditional Country Perfection


Vince Gill - (My Full Profile On Vince Gill)

He is one of the greatest vocalists in any format, any era, or in any style ever.  He has sung and still sings with about everyone. Even the Eagles hired him to go on tour with them and sing the tough ones.  Vince Gill was very interesting during 1990's country.  His voice didn't sound country per say, but his songs did, and fans know great when they hear it.  Gill always picked songs that suited him and brought them to life like no one ever really has in country.  He was very different -  and not -  all at the same time.  What Vince Gill was, was great - period.  He was the best pure male vocalist of the 90's and I'm not sure anyone would argue.  He was and is simply incredible.  This is flat out musical silk.  If you really want to know why the 90's were so great, listen and watch Vince Gill.

Are You Kidding Me?  How Great Is This?

Wynn small pic


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