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WYNN - #17 - Jake Owen - Down To The Honky Tonk - 2018

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Jake Owen - Down To The Honky Tonk - 2018

This is perfect for Jake Owen.  On the air I've quipped that this is the "greatest song ever written."  OK, clearly overstated. But it's spot on for the kind of song that sets us apart from every other kind of music.  Not many are willing to have this kind of levity and take shots at ourselves by stating in song that having enough, is simply normal and enough.  In country many times we take ourselves entirely to serious. In addition to our strong traditional lineup, we go through phases of super high intensity songs that are over sung, and over done. And the "coffee house angsty songs"  where artists attempt to wow us with some kind of deeper meaning from an open mic night.  A little bit of those go a long way.  Then there's simple songs like this that everyone loves, knows all the words too, and gladly sings along with at the bar.  Jake Owen to me is so versatile and does songs like this real well.  He also can do tough stuff too, and I respect that.  I have been a fan for years and I watched this song go top ten.  Is this "The greatest song ever written?"   Well, on a summer night on the patio or deck of your favorite bar with your friends and a nice breeze?  Well - yes.  Yes it is!

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