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WYNN - CMML - The Mega Star Series - Vince Gill

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Vince Gill is our next Mega Star, and his story is one of incredible success all across the board.  Vince Gill is about the most versatile artist we have ever had, and he continues to have great success in the music world.  Mega Star is not too big of a phrase for Gill.  His talent, voice, and his incredibly magnetic persona were priceless to us. I have PROUDLY played all his songs on great country stations all over the country.

Fun Old Song 1984 - His Debut Country Song  #40


Gill's journey to big-time success was a long one, but once he got there, he dominated.  He was with the pop-rock-country band Pure Prairie League in the late 70's who had a couple of pop hits, and sang the lead on their hit song, Let Me Love You Tonight.   His vocals were incredible and so was his guitar playing.  So much so, he was invited by rock guitar legend Mark Knopfler to join Dire Straits, but Gill declined.  Big gamble as DS was a big deal in those days.  He went on to play with greats like Rodney Crowell and Ricky Skaggs before getting his own deal and starting a solo career which got off to a very slow start.

A Reinvented Gill 1990 - His Real Breakthrough Hit - #2


I was at WRMZ in Columbus, Ohio doing the morning show when his first single came out, Victim Of Life's Circumstances. (An Old Delbert McClinton Song)   I loved it as it was a rockabilly type of song with some really slick guitar work from him, but his success was moderate at best.  That was 1984.   Through the rest of the 80's Gill was on the charts but to mostly very average success where he was not alone in that regard. Country itself was struggling and trying mightily to find a new way and had not settled on a definite new direction.  But when Randy Travis and the class of 1986 gave us absolute guidance to traditional country ending the pop stuff, it opened doors for others to follow.  The savvy ones that were listening and watching closely saw the new writing on the wall, and Gill was one of them.  The course was set, that was where we were going.

Liza Jane - Big Song - Real Concert Favorite


For Gill, even though he was quietly on the charts for a few years, 1989 was his breakthrough year with the incredible album, When I Call Your Name and the rest is history.  The title song was a massive hit with a very traditional arrangement that immediately won fans over.  The class of 1989 was the next step for country, and Gill got on board.  For the next ten years or so, Gill had a great run of terrific traditional sounding songs.  He dominated the country award shows like no other and the Grammy's as well.  He sold millions of albums, had a bunch of number one and top ten songs and gave us a "hat-less" point man  -  in the Hat Act Era that virtually every fan loved. 

One Of My Favorite Gill Songs   - His First #1


Gill's incredible vocals were simply the best in Nashville over this stretch. His songs, arrangements, albums, plus his warm, inviting, approachable demeanor and look made him a gigantic star.  The next five very successful albums each selling millions solidified him as a legit musical star in and out of country.  Gill brought us a lot of new fans with his emotive ballads especially, that pulled no punches and were exceedingly powerful and poignant.  His 1996 album, High Lonesome Sound to me is an incredible work of musical art, as I feel it's one of the best country albums ever.  It's also in my top ten favorite albums ever recorded regardless of genre.

Another #1 - Absolutely A Powerful - Haunting  -  Incredible Country Song 


Vince Gill simply became a legend. He is the all-time leader in CMA Award wins, including 5 consecutive Male Vocalist Of The Year awards, only person to do that.  He also hosted that show on TV for 12 years, ten solo (most ever). (He handed me my CMA Award before the telecast in 1997).   He has won 21 Grammy's so far which is the most ever for a country artist. Gill sold close to 30 million albums, and recorded with about every major artist in country and other genres with total respect and success. He married superstar Amy Grant, and became an incredible ambassador for country music by immersing himself deeply in Nashville.  Gill is by every account a superstar himself.  Gill is a scratch golfer too.  Interesting guy.

On The Charts - His Biggest Song - 3 Week #1


In 2017 Gill was invited to join the legendary rock group The Eagles and has been with them since and is a perfect fit.  I saw them in 2018 and his vocals are spot on and contribute to their continued and remarkable success, as it is still insanely pure.  His guitar work is also legendary on his own material and with the Eagles. When many of Gills age have diminished skills, he doesn't seem to have that problem.  He still sounds great, and so do the Eagles.  Vince Gill is one of the most respected and sought after singers and musicians there is, and has been for 40 years.

My Favorite Gill Song  - What A Song


We were so lucky to have Vince Gill.  With stars like Garth, George, Alan, Clint, Shania, Brooks And Dunn, Travis Tritt, Faith, Alabama, Randy Travis, Reba and others being so prevalent at that moment, Gill was right there with them and really helped make the 1990's the best in our history. Vince Gill wasn't in their shadows, in fact in some facets, he out shined many of them with the entirety of his accolades.  A decade filled with hat acts, loud button down starched shirts, big belt buckles, and the line dancing and club craze, Vince Gill was just different enough for everyone to like -  whether you wore a hat or not.  The true genius of Gills music was letting that incredible voice always be the star of every song and allow the music simply ride along with it.  That ability is the envy of anyone who dares to sing a song.

This Album Is So Good - Load It In Today


FOOTNOTE - These Gill albums are mandatory owning  -  When I Call Your Name  / Pocket Full Of Gold  /  I Still Believe In You / When Love Finds You  /  High Lonesome Sound

One Of The Most Requested Songs Of My Radio Career - Keith Whitley Tribute  (W/ Patty Loveless And Ricky Skaggs)


I would still pay good money to see Mega Star, Vince Gill.  He was most certainly The Quiet Giant of his his era!

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