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When You Walk In The Room - Pam Tillis - 1994  (Album - Sweethearts Dance)

Pam Tillis was a real favorite of mine and many fans during her great run through the 1990's.  She always seemed to find very relatable songs that resonated with her fans.  Her incredibly passionate voice was her calling card, and her vulnerability was palpable.  Truth is, with her emotion, power and range, she could sing many others under the table.   Plus she just had that "cool" factor that's hard to describe.  Pam was able to sing songs on both ends of the spectrum very effectively.  Fun songs and very sad and deep songs too.  This was one that fell smack dab in the middle of those two.  This song has been recorded a ton of times since the incredible Jackie DeShannon wrote and recorded it in the mid 60's.  It was recorded in country the first in 1981 from an artist named Stephanie Winslow but did not get any traction.  Pam Tillis' version is the highest charting version of this song ever -  by one slot.  It went to #2 on the charts in 1994.  Great song, perfect artist and a great addition to the Forgotten Jukebox.

Pam Tills When You Walk In

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