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One Of Those Things - Pam Tillis - 1991 - (Album - Put Yourself In My Place)

SW small Logo Pam Tillis is one of those singers I can listen to anytime, anywhere.  She is a passionate vocalist that always throws herself deep into the song. This has a very interesting story. When she began her recording career in the mid 80's she had no success. This song was recorded by her in 1985 and released with zero chart success.  Then years later with a new recording deal in a new decade, 1991. She rerecorded it and put it on this album which is technically her second album.  This song is done so powerfully and with such emotion it really hit home with many, including me.  This love and lose song captures the sheer helplessness that can be felt once a great love is lost, and Tillis nails this heartbreaker.  I loved many of her big songs throughout the 1990's where she had real success, but this is the one that really stuck with me.  Great song, exceedingly passionate performance and a big hit, #4 on the charts for her and the rest is history.  Pam Tillis is one of my top choices to sing a power ballad in any era or format.  If you've never heard this song, buckle up, it's powerful.

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