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WYNN - #27 - Don't Think I Don't Think About It - Darius Rucker - 2008

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Songs are important for assorted reasons, like this big number one song. Darius Rucker announced a Country Project and many of us were wondering where that came from.  There has been no shortage of non-country acts coming to Nashville for decades, making friends, enjoying the "scene" then deciding to make their "country" album.  A whole lot of the time it doesn't work, and sometimes fails horribly.  The single biggest mistake they all seem to make is this.  They think they can reinvent the format. That arrogant thought process generally is the kiss of death. We all knew Darius from the Hootie days and I think we all enjoyed a lot of their music.  But this was Darius solo. A South Carolina guy with some country roots in him, and of course his incredible voice we were all wondering what he would do.  So he recorded a country album, and it was country. This was the first single, and this is terrific.  From the title, to the arrangement, to the delivery, the subject matter, this was an upper deck home run.  Incredibly smart, savvy and just flat out good. He made instant believers of us all.  He's had a great country career starting with this amazing song, and that's great for all of us for every reason their is.  And it all started with a reuinvention of himself, but not trying to reinvent the format. We're lucky to have Darius Rucker.  This is one of the best country songs of this new century.

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