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BASEBALL - Change Is Undefeated!

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The Tribe has reported to Spring Training and that means Opening Day and baseall season is not that far off.  You may have heard that MLB is thinking about expanding and drastically changing its post season formula in 2022.  (BTW 2 years off - yeah, I know)

This is a very radical change that you can Google because you need an hour, and an advanced degree from MIT to fully understand it.  But that isn't to say it's a bad thing.  Because it's probably not.  Baseball is THE game with the largest amount of traditionalists.  And that's OK.  They don't want any change. But that is a failure to fully look around and to acknowledge everything is changing in the world, not just in baseball.  And it starts with people.  People are different than they used to be. 

We want different things now. New approaches, and many want their sports to mirror their entertainment lives.  BTW, sports overall, is not "sport" anymore, it is entertainment now, by a long shot.  The new format would include, far more teams, more and shorter series, first round byes for some, and possibly a reality style TV show and format where some teams could pick their next opponents. This does sound entertaining, with more drama, and more personal off field buzz, and far more TV coverage.  This is appealing for many fans. It would match many aspects about many peoples busy lives, and would get people talking about baseball in the office and on social media, and that is absolutley what MLB needs.

Many were unhappy about the current 1 game playoff with more wild cards instituted a few years ago, but that has been more than great, giving the late regular season far more meaning.  This new format would also benefit medium to small market teams too and that is essential to baseballs future.  Truth is, MLB has changed post season formulas many times.  Heck, all World Series games used to be played in the daytime till 1971!  They have morphed from just two league champions, to two league divisions, to three league divisions, wild card teams, to even the playoffs themselves. 

Change is unstoppable and undefeated, and this will happen. And in time the new will become the old and everything will be fine.  The good news is, we may be watching the World Series from the Thanksgiving Table and I'm good with that!

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