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Winter - Is This A New Thing?

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Waking up to winter weather is not high on many people's list as a terrific time, but that's the way it is this morning.  Some junk has, and is falling and rush hour will now be rush-two-hours. And there could be some schools closed.  It's a drag. But, it's nothing new around here.

Help me out here, is it me, or has winter become this thing that many are stunned happens every year?  No one on earth likes driving in this mess, or shoveling, or anything else you need to to do with it.  But it's nothing new.  Social media lights up with flabbergasted followers posting simulated shock, complete with dramatic pictures over a few inches of snow and the troubles it can bring, especially to the left outside patio furniture. Plus the outrage that a side street wasn't priority one  - as the first flake flew. 

Might Be Slick Out There This Morning!


Maybe it's the TV coverage, or maybe expectations are too high.  True, weather forecasting can be difficult, and yes there are better tools than ever.  Snow removal equipment is at an all-time best, along with innovative ways to dispel the drifts of snow.  But in the end, they are just people, and the Earth charge.  Our phones can give us good information and many feel it is the gospel, but it's still a man made machine, relaying info from, man.

Is it that we feel that everything should be perfect today?  We all want things right, tidy, correct, accurate and flawless.  And in some things that is achieveable, like ...laundry.  Not winter weather.  Snow falls, rain, sleet, and the roads get messed up, and many walk around in dizzy disbelief, or post such on Twitter, or Facebook.  I feel and have always felt that when winter comes, everyone involved is doing the best they can, and we have to digest the fact that for the few months the weather sucks.  We have to accept the fact that life will be a bit more difficult for a while before yeilding to milder skies and brighter sun.  And when you've had enough, hit Florida for a few days!

It's Husky Weather!!

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I've been getting up at 2:30 AM for 40 years and driving into a radio station many mornings before the crews have been out, or right in the middle of the storm and usually before the morning low.  Making it clear I don't like one thing about winter, I do like being here on the air, with my showmates, in the morning when you need good info, a calming presence or a good laugh to get you through it.

One of the best parts of my job, in one of the worst times of the year.

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