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WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More !

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Box Office Results -  The Nun 2  -  (33 Million)


#2 Equalizer 3 -   13 Million


#3 Greek Wedding -  10 Million


New This Week - A Haunting In Venice / The Inventor


Taylor Swifts  - Era's Movie release date of October 13 has changed the release date of FIVE Hollywood actual movie releases including The Exorcist and Meg Ryan's new rom/com


T-Swifty - Cinemark will offer Swifties the chance to rent out an entire theater for a private show. 40 people guaranteed seats, cost $800 -- or just about the price of one ticket for the live show 


After September 29th - Netflix will no longer rent DVDs by mail -- and will be winding down that part of its business altogether 


Marvel's - Visual effects workers have unanimously voted to unionize, giving the studio yet another potential strike to worry about 


George and Amal Clooney - Are selling their famed Lake Como villa in Northern Italy for a whopping $107 million.


Seems – The Tonight Show isn't a very good place to work.  Jimmy Fallon is rumored to be incredibly difficult – legal action is possible!


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