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WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox W-12

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Jose Cuervo - Shelly West - 1983 -  (Album West By West)

SW small Logo This is an interesting song in the fact that this has not completely been forgotten, but not many today know who this is or when this song was around. Shelly West is the daughter of the late Dottie West who herself had a truly amazing Country music career.  Shelly was paired up for a few years as a duet partner with David Frizell, and in the early 80's they had a few really big songs including, You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma, which was a major hit song.  Shelly went solo and this was a gigantic hit for the time.  In the early 80's we were not the format we are today as far as sales, concert sales or general popularity. But this song was a great big number one, and has lived on in bar and pop culture for years. This song is fun, quick, uptempo and timeless.  This is one of those songs that thanks to tequila, Cinco de Mayo and people's love of a good drinking song will more than likely live on for years to come.  This album was quite good as well the follow-up song, Flight 309 To Tennessee was a really nice song (#4), but this is the one that stuck.  For it's time, this was a major hit song.  Enjoy!

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