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WYNN - #29 - Lainey Wilson - Heart Like A Truck - 2022

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Lainey Wilson - Heart Like A Truck -  2022

SW small Logo So far this is the newest song on my list, as it just peeked at #1 a few months ago. Lainey Wilson to me has the right idea  -  right now.   I am sincerely hoping this is the road she continues to drive on because it's the right road and one listeners will love for years to come as she is defining a new path for others to follow.  This song is so well written and crafted it's really hard not to love. This is a tale of perseverance, and the belief no matter how hard one's love life has been  -  there is hope.  We've all been knocked around in that arena and this song gives a heartfelt voice to it, but with a sturdy backbone.  This is an anthem for the wounded hearted and that in itself is absolutely original.  This is slick, this is inventive, and this is a real hit song.  Wilson's great image too should applauded. Her new bell bottom, and flat brim hat wearing style is a real breath of fresh air, new, authentic and different.  Many times that's the real challenge in any music format, finding that not seen before niche.  This song climbs the list very fast for its uniqueness and incredible mixture of contemporary and traditional country, with countless wonderful musical nuances woven through it, voiced by a women with a very unique style all her own that cuts through.  Right idea, right mix, right image, right on time.

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