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WYNN - Country Music - Want To Get Noticed? Three Minutes Or Less

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Over the course of many decades I have been asked why some artists go a long way in country and why some never make it.  After all, they get record deals and all have talent.  That is fact. 

There are so many reasons and it's hard to fathom the amount. But to me, one of them that's fun to look at is, how did we get introduced to them in the first place? Your first impression of a new artist most of the time, is the very first song you hear from them.  How important is that?  I think it is crucial.  You want a first song that makes the fan want to hear more. 

That's why I have endorsed for many years the 3 minutes or less formula.  I feel the first song that we learn about you from should be that length and should be of a sound or subject matter that makes listeners want to know you better.  So I'm gonna make a list of some of those songs. Understanding that there have been many that have done it differently and had great success.   We also really seem to remember an artist's first song far longer than many that follow, as we remember how that song made us feel discovering a new sound or singer.

For the last number of years the 3 minutes or less formula hasn't been the practice like it once was. Songs in general are longer for many reasons.  More time for the video, more time on the radio, and frankly, ego. Many songs could end long before they do and would be far better songs.  Lots of songs tend to wear out their welcome.  Also, people's listening habits have changed too and are far more likely to get bored with a song.

This is fun and interesting.  Man, does this formula have good some success.

George Strait  -  Unwound  - (1981)  (2:24)  Fun very country song that got him on the radio at last and went to #6.  He went on to have 60 plus #1 songs.

Garth Brooks  -  Much Too Young - (1989)  (2:56)  Peaked at #8, but I think we could all agree this got him noticed long before he sold over 150 million albums in the years ahead.  My favorite Garth song still.

Kenny Chesney  -  Fall In Love - (1995)  (2:30) Peaked at #6. This is the first song pretty much anyone heard from him, nice and tidy. Of course has gone on to sell about 30 million albums - and counting.

Jake Owen  - Yee Haw - (2006) (2:44)  Peaked at #16, but the subject matter and the feel of this song got him on the radio. He has been a consistant hit maker ever since and still is. Album sales still counting.

Tim McGraw  - Indian Outlaw  - (1994)  (2:55) peaked at #15. But was very popular at the time. Pretty much the first song we all heard from him.  Very unique song that was short and got him on the radio at last. Has sold 75 million albums world wide.

Alan Jackson  - Blue Blooded Woman - (1989)  (2:10)  Peaked at #45 but got him on the radio. You may not know about this song, but it led to Here In The Real World, the song changed his life #3.  35 #1's and 75 million albums sold.

Mary Chapin Carpenter  - How Do (1989)   (2:07)  Peaked at #19. But got her noticed and she went on to sell about 14 million albums and help change country music in the 1990's.

Clint Black  - Better Man - (1989)   (3:00)  Went #1, and 3 of his first 4 singles were less than 3 minutes and they all went #1.  (Killin' Time) and (Walkin' Away).  Began the Class of 1989 and a gigantic hit maker selling 20 million.

Randy Travis  - On The Other Hand  - (1985)  (3:00) First time released peaked at #67.  Then re-released and went #1. The song (1982)  (3:00) got him noticed between releases and it was #6.  (Diggin Up Bones) #1, this third hit was also less than 3 mins. Then he sold about 30 million albums.

Reba McEntire  -  Up To Heaven  - (1980)   (2:46)  Peaked at #8.  This was the first song pretty much anyone heard from her, and the rest is history.  Also, her first  #1 (Can't Even Get The Blues) was (2:21).  She sold 41 million albums.

Faith Hill  - Wild One  -  (1993) -  (2:38)  Peaked at #1.  She became a superstar and sold over 40 million albums and was one of the most loved singers of the 1990's.

Martina McBride  - My Baby Loves Me  - (1993) - (2:37) Peaked at #2.  This was the first song pretty much anyone heard from her. Big song, one of her best.  Went on to sell about 18 million albums.

Brooks And Dunn  - Brand New Man  - (1991) - (2:53) Went #1.  They became one of the best country acts ever, selling over 30 million albums and winning 200 awards.

Travis Tritt  -  Country Club  -  (1989) - (3:00) Peaked at #9.  But Tritt went on to amazing success and still tours today.  Has sold 30 million albums.

LeAnn Rimes  - Blue  - (1996) - (2:46)  Peaked at #8.  But I'm not sure any song created the stir this did, fans loved it. She went to sell about 37 million albums world wide.

Dwight Yoakam  -  Honky Tonk Man - (1986)  (2:45) Peaked at #3.  He sold over 30 million albums and his second big song, (Guitars, Cadillac's) also (3:00) 

Of course there are more and like I said there are others that did it differently. But it is food for thought as the success of these superstars is undeniable.

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