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WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

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Box Office Results - The Batman -  ( 37 million)


New This Week - The Lost City


The Oscars – Are this week (Sunday Night)   (Story) 


Salena – Was in theaters 25 years ago this week!


Nicolas Cage - Has taken every single movie role he could the past few years to pay off his debts – he blew a 150 MILLION dollar fortune  (Story)


Tom Hanks – Photobombed a wedding photo in Pittsburgh this week and posed for pics with the bride – huge hit!  (Story)


CODA and Succession - Won the top prizes at Sunday's Writers Guild Awards and Saturday's Producers Guild Awards  (Story)


SATC – Gets a second season  (Story)


This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane (link)

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