Wednesday, 22 November 2023 01:12

Oh, how I missed you!

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Prior to today, it's been about a month since I have had the joy of riding my old quad. I took the Honda to a friend who knows his stuff for some miscellaneous repairs and maintenance. We got a new axle, put some work into the motor, and fixed my brakes among other things. The bike is a lot happier now, and also a ton less sketchy. All that was holding my rear hubs on were cotter pins, for example. So yeah, she needed some TLC and that's what she got! 

After taking the ATV home, it was ripping time. I tore it up out there running the quad hard. Nothing broke and it all felt so good! It's an absolute thrill drifting around on some leaves in the woods right now, but I'm still getting used to how it rides. 

All in all, I am so happy with the work that was done and want to give a shoutout to Bill for making it happen. Now that my quad is together, I can put up signs for snow plowing and hopefully make some money this winter. Also, I'm now able to redirect my focus to this big buggy go kart project I've been tinkering with. I'll have to see where I'm sitting at financially after the holidays to know how much I can pour into it, but as it stands, I'm thoroughly stoked with my powersports status! It's all coming together. 

It's a long weekend for us here at the station, so I'll be back with more blogs for you come next week. Thanks for tuning in to WQMX and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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