Joe Headley

Joe Headley

Monday, 22 April 2024 01:10

Happy Earth Day! 

Here are some fun facts about today's holiday, Earth Day! 

- Origins: Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, initiated by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin to raise awareness about environmental issues.

- Global Reach: What began as an American movement quickly turned into a global phenomenon. Earth Day is now celebrated in over 190 countries around the world.

- Massive Participation: The first Earth Day saw 20 million Americans, roughly 10% of the U.S. population at the time, participating in demonstrations across the country.

- Environmental Impact: The inaugural Earth Day led to the creation of significant U.S. environmental laws including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

- Earth Day Network: The organization founded by the original Earth Day organizers coordinates global events and activities to celebrate Earth Day each year.

- 2020 Milestone: The 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020 was marked by digital protests due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making it one of the largest online mass mobilizations in history.

- Annual Themes: Each Earth Day has a specific theme; for example, "Restore Our Earth" in 2021 focused on natural processes, green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. For 2024, it is, "Planet vs. Plastics." 

- Educational Impact: Earth Day is used as an opportunity to educate about environmental issues, with many schools and communities organizing learning events and activities.

- A Day of Action: Earth Day is often marked by tree planting, clean-up campaigns, and petitions for stronger environmental laws, demonstrating the proactive nature of the observance. 

- Symbol: The official Earth Day flag features a picture of the Earth taken from the Apollo 17 spacecraft, symbolizing peace and environmental stewardship.

Friday, 19 April 2024 00:46

Rollin' Down the Street...

He actually did it. I mean, I had to wipe my eyes when I saw the headline. Hardy's take on the Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre song "Gin and Juice" just dropped this past evening. 

Eric Matthews, nights on WQMX, wrote about this too sharing in my excitement. He was on the topic before the song dropped, so for your convenience here I am coming in to follow up with the song itself, below. Some of the non-country songs we've heard covered or adapted upon lately haven't exactly hit home with me, but I'm digging this one for certain! 

 Since the song is quite explicit, instead of the video itself, here's a link to it for you to listen to at your own discretion: 

Now, what do you think about this newest release from Hardy? 

We always love talking new music, and if you'd like to chat about this song or any others feel free to give a ring on the WQMX studio line at 330-370-2000. Our textline (sponsored by Toth Buck GMC), at the same number, is always open for you too! 

Thursday, 18 April 2024 03:49

My Top Ten: Board Games!

Gosh, it was tough to come up with a Top Ten list this week. I can't say why. I've got a cool one on deck, but I'd prefer to hold off just a little longer until it is consistently outdoor weather here in Northeast Ohio. We're still bouncing around in temperatures, and it's the rainy season.

So... when the weather is crummy and/or you're just not feeling like going out, what's more fun than playing a good board game? Board games make for a perfect family activity night, I think. From eight to eighty (and beyond), friends of all ages are brought together to socialize and bond through playing them. They provide hours-on-end of free, unplugged fun! That's hard to beat.

I like to get a little music going, maybe enjoy some drinks, and get into it. (If you've got a smart speaker around, just throw out a voice command for it to "Play 94.9 WQMX" for easy access to all the good vibes.) My favorite sort of games are highly involved strategy ones, as you'll discover below. I generally dislike the brainless, luck-based board games such as Chutes and Ladders. For this list, we're only talking about games with some sort of board and not just cards.

Put down your phone and pick up the dice. We're shooting for snake eyes: it's my top ten traditional board games!

10. Sorry

9. Connect 4

8. Scrabble

7. Battleship

6. Guess Who?

5. Mouse Trap

4. Life

3. Monopoly

2. Risk

1. Chess

Hey, till next time, thanks for checking this out!

Wednesday, 17 April 2024 02:33

Love to see it!

I'm a big fan of radio station memorabilia, especially when it comes to WQMX. (Go figure!) Old shirts, stickers, and logos are just the coolest things to me. They're remnants of a time past, and I often wonder if the station branded items I keep and the work I do under these call letters will weave into that history as well. To be that guy in those dated photos, to have driven that old WQMX promotions van, to have spun the hit songs of the era, and to have spoken on that same microphone as the local radio icons before me is what it's about. It's an honor to attempt to carry on the legacy, and I've got some huge shoes to grow into still. 

Before we get too far, I can't neglect to mention how cool the Send Me Backstage T-Shirts are in charting WQMX history. I want them all; past, present, and future. Be sure to stay posted for this year's new shirts. I'm really excited for the upcoming big reveal! 

Now, we're far from a young station, but there are some much older too. To put that another way, you won't find any 1970's WQMX Country gear. "Vintage" WQMX as we know it would probably best be a throwback to the 90's and early 2000's, and it was in those years we developed an identity. Our tagline is "Your Country! 94.9 WQMX," but that took some years to settle upon. Looking back, I've seen everything from "Kickin' Country" to "Your Station, Your Country!" 

You can get an estimate for when something was branded with WQMX based on this evolution. The latter slogan appears on our 2010 The Country Fest poster in our studio, for example. With that, I knew this WQMX sticker I came across in the wild the other day was nothing short of a classic. 

I was at the junk yard pulling parts for my Blazer when something bright caught my eye. A yellow Blazer just like mine sat deep in the yard, having seen much better days. The vehicle suffered front end damage from an accident but didn't seem too far from scrap regardless, based on the looks of it. It was all sorts of rusty, crusty, and musty. You could tell it was once a sweet little ride with some custom pinstriping on that vivid paint and some nice factory options to go with. There was hardly anything good left on that old Chevy, but I noticed something that put a big smile across my face. 

Somewhere along the line, the old owner slapped a WQMX sticker on the banana-colored SUV! It's still there, after all these years. The Blazer I found was a 2004 and the dated tagline reads "Akron's Own Country," so it has seemingly lived most of its life with that badge upon the side window. Let me just say... that's awesome. I eat that up. 

I love to see it. 

If you're rocking a WQMX sticker or magnet on your ride, thank you! 

Tuesday, 16 April 2024 01:27

Mowin' Man

As my lawn turned from grass to jungle, I knew I couldn't put off mowing much longer. I closed my eyes to it through the weekend, but with the beautiful weather we had to start off this work week on Monday, I broke down and got it done. 

I've been searching and searching for a cheap lawn tractor upon which I could cut the grass, but nothing has come up yet. I'm willing to put some work into it, too. I do have an old Simplicity Broadmoor, but the deck it came with is pretty well roached and it is more for recreational use. So, as it stands, we're pushing! 

I got the push mower for free from my mom and all it needed was the pull cord to be replaced. That was easy enough, and now it runs well. The blades could use sharpened and I'm sure it needs an oil change, but it does the job. 

It took me close to an hour to finish mowing, and by the end I was whooped. Jeans probably weren't the best choice.... It looks real good, however!

Now, what about you; are you still holding off on that first mow of the season? Things were getting a little excessive in our backyard, so I did what needed done. I'll tell you what, though, my drive to find a rider has skyrocketed. I certainly don't want to be huffing it with the push mower all summer. I'll be sure to introduce you to it in a blog if/when I pick up a tractor. 

By the way, WQMX is the perfect soundtrack for your outdoor chores. You can listen on your radio 94.9 FM, get us going on your smart devices, or stream online HERE. We even have an app available for your mobile device! Whether it's through a stereo, Bluetooth speaker, or even headphones- there's no bad way to listen to Your Country. With landscaping and whatever else you've got going on, let WQMX handle the music while you keep checking off those outdoor chores! 

Monday, 15 April 2024 02:32

Pleasant Sunday

I had a nice weekend and I hope you did too! Sunday was an especially good day. It started off with a pot of coffee and some awesome homemade breakfast. The weather was nice, so my fiancée and I decided to go on a walk through the park. 

I wanted to check out the Freedom Trail near the Tallmadge Circle, but Mackenzie wasn't feeling it, so we visited Goodyear Heights Metro Park instead. We took a path which ran around Alder Pond and huffed it about two miles. That, to me, was enough to merit some ice cream, so that was our next stop. 

There's a Handel's shop north of the park near the Acme. As soon as we pulled into the lot, we could tell it was popping. It was one of the first really-nice Sunday afternoons of the year thus far, so it checks out that there was a substantial line and a decent wait to go along with it. Let me tell you, though, my cone was worth the wait! I tore up some birthday cake, and Mackenzie ordered an Oreo/vanilla/cookie dough flavored she enjoyed too. 

After that fun, her and I headed down to briefly visit with my mom and to pick up the old motorcycle. It lives at her place during the winter, but with the warmer weather coming around- it's that time. I'm pumped to have it around now, and next up to get going at her place will be the boat. The El Camino is just about ready for some warm weather cruising, too. That's all a topic for another blog, though. 

The simple things in life make me happy, and this weekend was full of those experiences. We didn't spend a bunch of money or go somewhere exotic, yet I felt fulfilled just living in the moment. It was truly a pleasant Sunday! 

Friday, 12 April 2024 02:40

Not Everyone Gets A Trophy

It's a lesson we all learn at some point in our youth. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Maybe it's more one way than the other for some, but we all get a taste for both. As Syndrome says in The Incredibles, "When everyone's super, no one will be." 

That is to say, there's hardly a winner if nobody loses. If everyone gets a ribbon, an invitation, a trophy- well then that makes things a little less special all around. You get my point, I'm sure. 

So, why am I bringing this energy? Apparently, there are some fans upset with the ACM Awards nominations which dropped earlier this week. Comments poured in online about some alleged snubs of notorious artists. Names like Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean were thrown into the conversation as missing under the Entertainer of the Year category. 

I don't agree. 

Now, I'm not saying these aren't some of the greatest acts of our era here and now, but they're not all exactly blazing trails. Maybe five years ago.... It begs the questions: are we entering a new era of country music, led by the likes of Luke Combs, Lainey Wilson, Chris Stapleton, Morgan Wallen, and even Jelly Roll? That's not to mention the up-and-comers. 

Come to think of it, Morgan Wallen is a prime example of what I mean here in comparison to someone like Miranda Lambert. They both carry years of success on the charts, yet only one seems fresh these days. Why that is, I can't exactly say. It just seems, in terms of their music careers, Morgan is sprinting whilst Miranda is powerwalking. I think his sound has evolved more, minimally. 

The only change I would make to the nominations, if I had to, would be swapping out Kane Brown for Luke Bryan. That's a discrepancy I can get behind. I mean, if they played at the same time on two separate stages at a festival you were attending, which show would you see? Yeah. 

Respectfully, these critics need to quit yapping! The ACM Awards are just one of many different annual ceremonies to celebrate country's hottest artists and their accomplishments. Not everyone gets a trophy every single time, and that's quite all right. I doubt Jason Aldean is losing sleep over it. 

Will you be watching the show? The ACM Awards stream live May 16th on Prime. Also, how do you feel about the nominees, and who do you have taking home the EOTY award? It could be fun to chart out predictions for all the winners and go up against friends to see who calls the most right, sort of like a tournament bracket. 

Thanks for listening to 94.9 WQMX!

Thursday, 11 April 2024 02:16

My Top Ten: Arcade Games

I wasn't around during the heyday for arcades in the 80's, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a quality machine. From side scrollers to ball rollers, there's countless hours of fun to be had playing arcade games, and despite the incredible advances in home gaming, somehow the classics still hold up. 

The fun an arcade game delivers may have something to do with the fact that you're playing in front of public eyes and proving yourself against whoever has laid down a high score standing in front of that machine before you. Maybe you'll score some tickets, but the main objective should be the notoriety that comes with marking your initials in the top five. The respect and admiration of your peers is worth more than anything behind that prize counter. 

The joy these machines bring arcade-goers of all ages might also have something to do with the physicality of them, too. For example, it's a whole different experience queuing a metal pinball beneath a glass top than it would be to play digitally on a PC. The hum of the air-hocky table, the beeps and boops from the joystick machines, and the neon glow from the screens make for an atmosphere unlike any other. A cheap fountain drink and a slice of 'za complete the vibe for me. That's my idea of a fun Friday night. 

So, check deep beneath the cushions and break open that piggy bank. We need all the quarters we can come up with; it's my top ten arcade games! 

10. Ms. Pac Man

9. Claw Machine

8. Crazy Taxi

7. Skee ball

6. Galaga

5. Basketball Shot

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

3. Pinball 

2. Off Road Challenge

1. Dig Dug

Wednesday, 10 April 2024 02:10

ACM Nominations

The ACM Awards are coming up May 16th in Frisco, Texas, and WQMX has paired with National Design Mart to send a lucky listener plus one to the show! It's an ACM Flyaway all through this week on Your Country 94.9 WQMX; for complete information on this contest, click here

With that, the Academy of Country Music just announced the list of this year's nominees. For what's probably the first time since Bell Bottom Country's release, Lainey Wilson isn't the leading female.   Instead, huge props go out to Megan Moroney, who is in the running for awards in six categories! These include Female Artist and New Female Artist of the year. 

Luke Combs leads overall with a total of eight nominations in major categories such as best Entertainer, Male Artist, Album, and Single. Morgan Wallen should also be pleased with six nominations coming his way, tying Megan Moroney for second-most. Lainey Wilson, Cody Johnson, and Chris Stapleton are next with five nominations apiece. 

Cheers and congratulations!

Now, these nominations are cool and all, but we'll have to wait until the May 16th show to know who's taking home the big W's. You can stream it live with Amazon Prime Video. It should be a cool ceremony, and WQMX is thrilled to send somebody there to see it live in person... maybe it will be you! 

Here's the list of nominations for the 2024 ACM Awards in Texas: 


  • Kane Brown
  • Luke Combs
  • Jelly Roll
  • Cody Johnson
  • Chris Stapleton
  • Morgan Wallen
  • Lainey Wilson


  • Kelsea Ballerini
  • Ashley McBryde
  • Megan Moroney
  • Kacey Musgraves
  • Lainey Wilson


  • Luke Combs
  • Jelly Roll
  • Cody Johnson
  • Chris Stapleton
  • Morgan Wallen


  • Brooks & Dunn 
  • Brothers Osborne 
  • Dan and Shay 
  • Maddie and Tae 
  • The War And Treaty


  • Flatland Cavalry
  • Lady A 
  • Little Big Town 
  • Old Dominion 
  • Zac Brown Band


  • Kassi Ashton
  • Ashley Cooke
  • Hannah Ellis
  • Kylie Morgan 
  • Megan Moroney 


  • Ernest  
  • Kameron Marlowe
  • Dylan Scott 
  • Conner Smith
  • Nate Smith 


  • Neon Union
  • Restless Road
  • Tigirlily Gold

 ALBUM OF THE YEAR [Awarded to Artist(s)/Producer(s)/Record Company–Label(s)]

  • Gettin’ Old - Luke Combs
  • Higher - Chris Stapleton
  • Leather - Cody Johnson
  • One Thing at a Time - Morgan Wallen
  • Rolling Up the Welcome Mat (For Good) - Kelsea Ballerini

SINGLE OF THE YEAR [Awarded to Artist(s)/Producer(s)/Record Company–Label(s)]

  • "Burn It Down" - Parker McCollum
  • "Fast Car" - Luke Combs
  • "Last Night" - Morgan Wallen
  • "Need a Favor" - Jelly Roll
  • "Next Thing You Know" - Jordan Davis

SONG OF THE YEAR [Awarded to Songwriter(s)/Publisher(s)/Artist(s)]

  • "Fast Car" - Luke Combs 
  • "Heart Like a Truck" - Lainey Wilson
  • "Next Thing You Know" - Jordan Davis
  • "The Painter" - Cody Johnson
  • "Tennessee Orange" - Megan Moroney

MUSIC EVENT OF THE YEAR [Awarded to Artist(s)/Producer(s)/Record Company–Label(s)]

  • "Can’t Break Up Now" - Old Dominion and Megan Moroney
  • "Different ‘Round Here" - Riley Green and Luke Combs
  • "I Remember Everything" - Zach Bryan and Kacey Musgraves
  • "Man Made a Bar" - Morgan Wallen and Eric Church
  • "Save Me" - Jelly Roll with Lainey Wilson

VISUAL MEDIA OF THE YEAR [Awarded to Producer(s)/Director(s)/Artist(s)]

  • "Burn It Down" - Parker McCollum
  • "Human" - Cody Johnson
  • "In Your Love" - Tyler Childers
  • "Next Thing You Know" - Jordan Davis
  • "Tennessee Orange" - Megan Moroney


  • Jessie Jo Dillon 
  • Ashley Gorley
  • Hillary Lindsey
  • Chase McGill
  • Josh Thompson  


  • Zach Bryan
  • Ernest
  • Hardy
  • Chris Stapleton
  • Morgan Wallen
Tuesday, 09 April 2024 01:57

Like Riding a Bike

There's a lot I could touch on for this blog. Morgan Wallen is in the news with felony charges... but I don't have much commentary to add on to that. In case you missed it, here's a link to what we know as of now on that developing story. Morgan Wallen Arrested on Felony Charges (

 Of course, there was the total Eclipse here in Northeast Ohio. Boy, was that cool to see! I didn't get any good pictures, but I viewed it with my close friends/family and that's what is important to me. I'll fondly remember the day for years to come. 

The main topic of this blog, though, is the motorcycle. I took the old Honda out for a spin before our little get-together in the afternoon, and it was a joy. It was my first ride of the season. That bike fired right up as if it had been sitting overnight, and not for months like it actually has. I didn't check the oil, didn't measure the tire pressure, and didn't even look to see if there was any gas in the tank. It sputtered awake, I threw on a helmet, and off I went.

Let me tell you, it was quite literally just like riding a bike. Driving a manual car has helped to make shifting gears instinctual, and it all felt good. It was just how I left off. The sun was shining, traffic wasn't too bad, and the motorcycle runs great. I couldn't ask for more, really. 

It's about to be a good year for me out in the bike, and I couldn't be more excited. I plan to regularly take it here to the station for the overnights, and I'd love to maybe do a little road trip for the first time. Southern Ohio has been calling my name. 

So... I want to take another opportunity here to remind you to please look out for motorcycles. I can't emphasize it enough. Many accidents happen early in the season, so now is an especially good time to stay vigilant as a driver or motorcyclist alike. I sure don't want to end up as another statistic. 

I appreciate you reading this blog, and thank you for listening to 94.9 WQMX. Enjoy this beautiful change in weather with the windows rolled down and Your Country cranked up! 

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