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Why Dodge it when you can Ram it! 

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Chris Stapleton's Ram 2500 HD "Traveler." Photo Credit: Stellantis Chris Stapleton's Ram 2500 HD "Traveler." Photo Credit: Stellantis

It's no secret I love trucks. I'll stop and stare and throw a thumbs up towards a sweet one out on the road any time, and I'm committed to finding a decent little 4x4 for my next daily. I was born and raised on Chevrolet; my love for them runs deep. I don't have any tattoos, but the bowtie is at the top of my list if I ever did. 

Anyways, with as much as I love Chevy trucks, I recently learned about Chris Stapleton's factory custom Ram 2500 HD, and I just love it. I claimed in a recent blog, "I could count on my fingers how many four-door vehicles I would be enthused about driving, and nowhere on that list is a truck." Welp, I was dead wrong and likely a little dramatic. This one right here is certainly an exception. 

The truck is dubbed the "Traveler" and has retro-inspired design elements especially influenced by the 1979 Dodge Ram Palomino. From the iconic Ram's Head hood ornament to the chromed-out front end to the pinstripes to the wheels and tires, this truck screams late 70's/early 80's vibes. That's definitely my favorite era of Dodge trucks, though I like most of them prior to Ram Trucks becoming its own brand in 2009. Ram went from the name of the model to the name of the make, essentially. They are now under the Stellantis brand's umbrella alongside the rest of the Chrystler family, Fiat, and many other automakers. 

As much as I'd love to, I couldn't afford the gas it takes to drive a truck like this; let alone the monthly payments! Even if you could, you can't get this particular one. It's a special one-of-kind pickup, custom made to Stapleton's wishes inside and out. The headrests, for example, feature a plaid that is the same as he wore on the cover of his first album. The truck was built back in 2022 to promote his new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. Like Toby Ketih and Ford, Chris Stapleton and Ram have developed a strong relationship through the years to their mutual benefit. 

Now that we're on the topic, I'm very much interested in discovering which brands our favorite country music stars have in their driveways. I'll have to do some extensive research beforehand, but keep a lookout for a future blog on the topic. As always, thank you for reading! 


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