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Daily Scoop for Week of 2/2/2015

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Today, Friday Feb 6th and Bubble Gum DayGirl Scout Cookie Day

And National Chopstix Day. 

The Cavs won again last night it is 12 in a row!! The Tribe begins the trip to Arizona today, as the Tribe will open spring training in a few more days!

The Grammys are Sunday

Malaysia has banned showings of50 Shades of Greyafter the country’s Film Censorship Board ruled that it was "more pornography than a movie." Said it's not “natural”

Oh dear: It appears that Brian Williams and his attempted apology has made things worse. Being eaten alive on the internet, and in public opinion.The hashtag#BrianWilliamsMisremembershas gone viral.

More trouble for Tiger Woods pulled out of this weeks PGA event with a sore back. Last week he missed the cut and played the worst 2 rounds of his career!

Sales of whiskey with women skyrocketing, and is replacing vodka as the booze of choice! (New study too – Whiskey can help fight cold symptoms)

Some believe it is social media..cell cameras and the close up selfie that has spawned a huge spike in plastic surgeries, some major some minor. Gotta look good!

Another hack--Anthem Healthcare –Hacked yesterday! Big problems for people in 12 states

Ashley Graham –is all the rage this week, as she is the “plus sized” model in this years SI Swimsuit edition, due outMonday

At the movies this weekend –Jupiter Ascending / Seventh Son / Spongebob Squarepants

Thursday is Weatherperson's Day, National Frozen Yogurt Day, BTW - World Nutella Day,  Sara Evans is 44. Cavs – Tonight - Clippers in town - Going for 12 straight

Inane – The Grammys - Are this weekend! Sunday!

Superbowl follow-up: During the Superbowl, The Budweiser Clydesdales were a big hit. And They welcomed a new baby that same day. The baby horse is named Arizona in honor of the Superbowl City.

Just Sayin' – The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is out on Monday. More guys view that every year than the Superbowl. The Cover was debuted last night on The Tonight Show.

NBC anchor Brian Williams apologized last night on the news. Saying a decade old claim he was on a helicopter in Iraq that took fire and was hit in 2003, was a total lie. Says he “misremembered.”

Staples is buying Office Depot for $6 billion in cash.

A Penn State study found that women who love hot sauce actually love hot sauce. Men, may be faking it. Many men just pretend to like the hot stuff so they will seem more manly.

Animal lovers would rather spend Valentines Day with their dog than their partners!

Taylors 1989 album #1 ten weeks in a row. The only others to do that are Whitney Houston, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Monkees, and The Kingston Trio,

More stress when you are pregnant, leads to children having allergy problems new study shows. Seems to be an in balance in gut bacteria

Using Facebook – Too much can make you jealous and depressed new research says.

Monday February 2nd scoop. It's Groundhog Day and yes he saw his shadow--more winter! It is also  National Crepe Day and who knew? World Play Your Ukulele Day! (Sue has started her lessons) 

American Sniper broke another record. The war drama earned $31.8 million betweenFriday and Sunday, giving it the best Super Bowl weekend of all-time.

A new study has found that binge-watching TV shows could be a sign of depression and loneliness. “Those who feel negative emotions such as loneliness and depression may binge watch TV series to stay away from their negative feelings,” the researchers wrote.

Research shows some of the stereotypes regarding birth order are actually true. For example, younger siblings are the funniest in the family – and they also believe this to be true themselves. They’re funny and they know it.  On the other hand, olde r siblings are more successful and organized. You know, the “responsible” ones.

Forget the Freshman 15 ... It's the workplace where you'll pack on the pounds. According to a 2014 Harris poll, 39 percent of workers nationwide said they gained weight at their current job. 

Good news beer lovers,  a compound found in beer might be able to protect the brain from a bunch of disorders. Hops, the ingredient that gives beer its bitter flavor, contains a very special antioxidant that’s been previously shown to strengthen the heart and fight cancer. 

SUPER BOWL: Patriots 28, Seahawks, 24 New England's 4th Super Bowl win since 2001. 


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