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Daily Scoop for the Week of October 17th

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Tell Us Something Good Tuesday October 18th, 2016 is…Pharmacy Technician Day, No Beard Day, Palo Alto, California 94301 Chocolate Cupcake Day

MLB Playoffs: Tribe at 4:08 pm today-then Dodgers / Cubs Dodgerstonightafter the Tribe Game.

Seems NO one is really watchingSunday night football anymore. Lowest ratings ever

70 % of parents say the world is unkind to their kids

On the Price is Right. ALL THREE contestants spun the 1 dollar on the Giant prize wheel yesterday!!

Randy Travis uses the Country Music Hall of Fame induction to sing publicly for the first time since a 2013 stroke

Garth Brooks new album Gunslinger is going to be released - The album is set to drop onNovember 25th.

About half of all men shave their legs in some fashion new report says. About 25%of women LIKE shaved legs on a man.

University of Florida announced it will be offering 24/7 counseling to students traumatized by Halloween costumes this year.

The most in depth study ever, patties are Americas favorite over links by a 2-1 margin!

The Smithsonian has launched a Kickstatrer compaign to restore Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard Of Oz from 1939. They say it will cost 300K! My question is: who has been wearing them?

Monday October 17th

It’s Boss's Day (or National Boss's Day), Wear Something Gaudy Day, A Tom Brady rookie card just sold for 24K, National Pasta Day

Alan Jackson is 58 today-  This Week –Raise Your Minimum Wage Game $$$

Central Champs Tribe –Game 3 tonight – In Toronto

The USA has banned the Galaxy Note 7 burning phone on all flights

Taylor Swift delivered the 1 millon dollars to 4 charities this weekend, for Lousisana flood victims.

Colin Keapernick finally got on the field to play this season - he and the 49ers got blown out 45-16 by Buffalo

Fast Food sales are way down this year, and the CEO's are blaming the election. People are nervous about the ecomomy – no matter who wins.

Alex Trebek is catching some flack after calling one of his contestants “a loser” during one of those stupid interviews on TV during Jeopardy. It was a woman, and many are not happy.

Allison Krause one of the all time Grammy Award winners, will release her SOLO first album in 17 years!!

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