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Daily Scoop Week of 8-28-17

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Daily Scoop for Friday Sept 1

  • Kicking off Labor Day weekend

  • Friday IS - Bring Your Manners To Work Day

  • Random Acts of Kindness Day

  • Big Birthday – Dr. Phil 68

  • Here comes Labor Day, the third most popular holiday for grilling out, behind only July 4th and Memorial Day. (The most popular foods for grilling are burgers, steak, hot dogs and chicken –in that order)

  • Most of us chow down on about 1,800 calories at a typical barbecue, while a typical meal at home would be about 500 to 700 calories

  • Hot dog season begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day.

  • Browns – Won 25-0 last night over the Bears. The Browns finish the preseason 4-0!“

  • Mr Watt: has now raised 12 millon dollars - (and he is NOT a Quarterback)

  • The Houston Astros return home today for the first time since Hurricane Harvey hit. They play at home this weekend. No game tonight, double header tomorrow

  • Ohio State Won too - 49-21 over and at Indiana

  • The Tribe – (76-56) Double header Tigers Day/Night - (7 in a row!!)

  • Top Pop – Justin Bieber became the first male musician to have 100 million Twitter followers!

  • J.J. Watt: The Hurricane Harvey relief effort headed by the Houston Texans quarterback has passed the $10 million mark.

  • Hurricane Harvery Relief efforts continue:

  • Miranda and her animal group have not rescued over 200 animals in the aftermath of Harvey

  • Blake Shelton will co-host the Nashville portion of a big  telethon planned  for Houston flood relief on September 12th. Nashville native Reese Witherspoon will join him on the fundraiser, which will air on all three major networks. TV host Michael Strahan, who is from Houston, will anchor the New York portion, while Jamie Foxx will hold it down from Los Angeles. Details and performance line-up are still being worked out. (TMZ)

  • Wednesday August 30th--pay day for many and tomorrow is the last day of August! GASP!

    It’s also  National Beach Day  Toasted Marshmallow Day

    Cassadee Pope turns  29  and Cameron Diaz 45

    New survey shows you by Wednesday, you need a nap--yup, Wednesday is the day you are most likely to fall asleep at work!

    Here's another reason to be a fan of Target --they are  rolling out their a new wine, $5. It's called California Root Brand!

    Rumors are that Keith Urban will be a judge on the reboot of American Idol -

    Luke Combs donated 10K to Hurricane victims this week, he lives in North Carolina and knows all about hurricanes

    George Strait Is working on plans to help out Hurricane Harvey victims. He says the Plan will include “the entire country music community”

    JJ Watt has raised 4 million dollars for Harvey relief. (Plays for Houston Texans)

    An Anheuser-Busch brewery in Georgia stopped canning beer this week - shipping drinking water to areas hit hard by Hurricane Harvey.

    NO one seem to know why but two women dressed as nuns, try to rob a bank in Pennsylvania....BUT the left empty handed.

    If you've been wondering where she's been, MMA Star Rhonda Rousey is married! She got married in Hawaii this week!

    Millennials tend not to ring the doorbell when they show up at a friend’s house. Instead, they send a text when they’re standing outside the door. They think doorbells are for strangers and a text signifies that it’s a friend.

    Today is Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

    In Woodbridge, New Jersey, a couple enjoyed a meal at a place called Bar Louie and also enjoyed chatting with their waitress Brianna Siegel.

    After their meal was over, they paid their $20 bill – and then handed Brianna an envelope, telling her to not open it until she got home.

    Fun Headline today: “4 cups of coffee a day, lowers risk of death”

    It is also Less Salt Day use herbs Day

    Taylor Swift’s new video is trending big time--If you've seen it - there are 13 hidden messages in her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video.

    Because of Harvey, they NWS will be adding new colors to it's on radar maps..Purple has been for 15” of rain. Now a new color is needed. Here is a list of corporations doing good things for Hurricane Victims:

    • PepsiCo - The soda company, which has a significant presence in Texas, has donated $1 million to the American Red Cross for relief efforts and says it will provide supplies, including purified drinking water, to areas impacted by the storm.
      Walmart - The retail giant has said it will give cash and product donations of $1 million or more to several relief groups helping people along the Texas Gulf Coast.
      Amazon - The online retailer will match donations made to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief fund on up to $1 million.
    • Chris Young took to Facebook on Sunday to announce a Gofundme account that will go directly to benefit the Red Cross in it’s efforts to help everyone in Texas that has been affected by this hurricane. To kick the Gofundme account off, Chris has already pledged $100,000, but adds that every little bit helps. If you would like to help, simply go to Gofundme dot com slash Harvey Relief, or just click HERE

    Joel Osteen - The televangelist is facing a backlash for not opening up his Houston mega-church to hurricane victims.

    The Game of Thrones Season 7 finale set a ratings record - 16.5 million viewers on Sunday

    The new I phone will be debuted September 12. Time to get in line ...

    Researchers found that people who ate their biggest meal of the day at breakfast were more likely to have a lower Body Mass Index or BMI than those who ate their biggest meal at lunch or dinner. (Delish)

    Amazon bought Whole Foods Market, and prices for some items have been slashed by 43%. And if you’re a Prime member - for even more savings.

    Good for you brain, and memory. Even more than we have thought!

    Wonder Woman is the highest grossing movie of the summer, 405 Million here in the USA!

    40% of Millennials in the U.S. say that living within walking distance of their parents is either “extremely or very important” to them, according to new research.


    As you’ve probably heard, Amazon bought Whole Foods Market, and prices for some items have already been slashed by up to 43%. And if you’re a Prime member you’ll be eligible for even more savings. (Bloomberg)

    Extra virgin olive oil is really good for the brain. The oil helps the brain preserve memory and learning ability and even protects against Alzheimer's Disease.


    Turns out your mom was right about eating a good breakfast … Researchers found that people who ate their biggest meal of the day at breakfast were more likely to have a lower Body Mass Index or BMI than those who ate their biggest meal at lunch or dinner.

    Today is Monday August 28th

    Big News is Hurricane Harvey: If you to help or text HARVEY TO 90999

    Shania Twain turns 52 / LeeAnn Rimes 34 / Jake Owen 35

    Reseach says --You start hating their jobs at the age of 35.

    Men may be faster and stronger, but when it comes to endurance, the ladies have it. A new study found that men may be stronger and faster out of the gate when it comes to physical exercise, but they tire out a whole lot faster than women. Maybe that’s why women are able to handle childbirth!

    If you need to curb your online spending, you may just need to put down the phone and tablet. A new study has found that you are more likely to make impulsive purchases if you are using touch screen devices.

    Floyd Mayweather: He beat UFC star Conor McGregor in the 10th round in Saturday's big money fight to end his career with a perfect 50-0 record. The payout: 300 million Mac – 100 million

    Ryan Gosling will host the Season 43 premiere of Saturday Night Live onSeptember 30th. Jay-Z will be the musical guest.

    If you've been watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians for 10 years now, and E! is airing a marathon of every episode ever- starting TODAY!

    In social media news: Teens don't like Facebook as much as they used to. Down about 4 % (they are using other apps like Snapchat and Instagram)

    This is amazing--The USS Indianapolis has been found in the Pacific Ocean - 72 years after it was torpedoed and sunk in WWII!

    It seems obvious BUT-If you eat out a lot, servers say the WORST thing you can do it ? Snap your fingers at them

    Quote of the Day: Use your words to start a conversation - and not end one

    Nearly Impossible Question: About 13 percent of pet owners let someone else do this for their Pet. ANSWER–Choose their name!

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