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New flicks out this week! 

Shaft (Preview)

Here comes another Shaft movie, and this one is bound to be a big hit with hardcore fans.  The original Shaft from the early 1970's was very different than the movies made since, but that's OK.   Things reinvent themselves, and this has into a "buddy" action series. Now we have three generations to deal with.



Samuel L. Jackson, and the original Shaft, Richard Roundtree lead a fun cast.


Men In Black: International  (Preview)

Being honest, I may be the wrong guy to ask about anything MIB. This is a continuation and/or reboot of the originals of course. It has been re-casted and made over, and that's fine too.  I am just not so sure there was enough material for sequels to the original (which I liked), and I am not sure there is enough new to support this.



Seems like the same gags, and jokes again, but I hope I am wrong. But as of this writing, I'm not buying it.


Late Night  (Preview)

Emma Thompson stars as a late night talk show host, who is seemingly out of ideas and is being cancelled.  So they try to breathe new life into the show by hiring a new, young writer played by Mindy Kaling.  This is a comedy, and my gut tells me all ends up well in this story, and knowing that today is OK. 


This could be really fun if done right


The Dead Don't Die (Preview)

This has a great cast and looks really funny, in this dark comedy and parody on the whole Zombie thing. Bill Murray leads this and being honest I am looking forward to seeing this.



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