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Godzilla, Rocketman and Ma are here!


Godzilla: King Of The Monsters  (Preview)

No single character has appeared in more movies in history than Godzilla, and he's back again fighting off tons of monsters here.  This appears to be loosely inspired from an old movie called Monster Zero from many years ago where a three headed monster comes to earth to cause a bunch of problems and Godzilla is summoned to save the day.  But here Godzilla will take on all comers!


His cinematic staying power is incredible as they have been making Godzilla movies since the early 1950's.  Here, our hero battles a number of monsters to keep order and balance in the world, and my guess is that he will be victorious.  It's his world!


Rocketman  (Preview)

The Elton John bio-pic has been promoted to death and had tons of screenings, and there is word there is room to be concerned over its quality.  I am a big Elton fan and I would like to see them get this right.


Many more music based movies coming in 2019.


Ma (Preview)

This looks creepy and I can't decide if this is going to be really good or really bad.  Octavia Spencer stars in a very different role for her, as she wreaks terror over a small town's kids.  This does look a bit creepy, I'm looking forward to seeing it.



We will see.


Aladdin  (Review) 

The list of live action Disney movies continues to grow, and this is the latest installment. This caused a ton of buzz, and it delivers quite well.  And to answer your first question, Will Smith is good in the role that Robin Williams made iconic. For Smith, it's a thankless job, as Williams performance may have been the best of his career as he was made for the character. 



This is fun, looks great, moves along nicely and may be a bit too long, but who cares?  It's Aladdin, it's Disney and it's just fine. Well done.




John Wick 3  (Review)

This is one of the most successful franchises that came out of nowhere, and has found an audience.  This is totally an acquired taste as these movies are rampant with tons of violence and long action sequences that are spectacular, but not for everyone.  Our favorite, aging retired hit-man is back at it again. 

This is everything you would hope it would be.  HIGHLY entertaining -  but CLEARLY not for everyone.  Halle Berry joins the already great cast too.  Highly violent, but fun at the same time.  This is maybe the best one yet, rivaling the first film.  And the success was so great opening weekend, JW4 was announced fo 2021.  This is loaded with long and extremely well done action sequences that are very imaginative.  This franchise continues to find new ways to do the same thing, and that is a skill in itself. 


This is rich with parody of course, and is almost a cartoon of itself, but for many, me included, these are so absurd they are highly entertaining.  Seeing this, it is paramount you have seen the first two. Keanu Reeves found a diamond in the rough, and has turned out to be a huge hit.

I enjoyed every frame of this.   BUT  - Leave Nana at home. 

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