Wednesday, 08 May 2024 18:02

What I did on my first full day back home

There are a couple things I DIDN'T get to that I need to do. First, I need to pay my bills - those are due next week! Second is go to the grocery store. I haven't had time to do that just yet. Third, I need to completely finish unpacking and get some extra laundry done - hopefully tonight after work...fingers crossed on that one.

BUT, one thing I DID get done today before I came into work was getting the grass cut! It was such a beautiful day to do it, and it needed it BADLY! Since I was gone for over a week and it was warm, my yard was starting to look like a forest again! It was really long! I had to raise the blades in order to do a decent job. It isn't perfect, but it looks SO MUCH BETTER now than it did this morning.

I hope I can motivate myself to tackle the rest of the list tomorrow!

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The importance of a song can come from many angles, and sometimes in addition to being great, timing is everything.  This gem from John Anderson is one of those songs. This incredibly catchy, fun, and in the end relatable song was just what we needed at this moment.  During the early years of the 80's we were trying to find what direction was next.  We didn't sell a lot of albums then, or concert tickets and we didn't get a lot of attention.  We were too pop for country fans, and too country for pop fans. We were in a no-mans land of sorts. But this song was a gigantic hit that went #1 and won the CMA Single Of The Year.  This was one of those songs that everyone on earth seemed to know.  Fans way outside of country knew this song, and I always wondered about that. They knew it, sang it and loved it?  Or were they making fun at that time?  No matter, this song got us a whole lot of attention at a time we needed it.  This along with Sylvia's, Nobody  (#34 on this list)  were big, high profile songs we really needed in then.  John Anderson had been recording big records for years before this, and is one of the most influential country artists we've had since 1980.  This is from a terrific album, Wild And Blue, which fans loved.  Finally, at long last, Floridian John Anderson is getting into the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Beyond well deserved!  I also included him in my The Influencers Series Part 1.   He deserves every good thing he gets, he was a very important artist for us.

Last Week #31

My Full Profile On John Anderson

The Influencers (Part 1)

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Monday, 20 May 2024 01:19

WYNN - Eat Of The Week

Hey, don't be afraid to make pizza at home.  Things are different than the Chef BoyArDee mixes in the box.  Frozen doesn't cut it either sometimes.

(Pro Tip - if you have a Blackstone - Oh yeah!!)

Make A Thin Crust Pizza At Home That Tastes GOOD!

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Wednesday, 08 May 2024 11:22

Dierks Bentley on GMA!

ICYMI... Dierks Bentley stopped by Good Morning America to perform "American Girl" from Petty Country:  A Country Music Celebration Of Tom Petty which will be released on June 21st!

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Wednesday, 08 May 2024 01:11

Time for a Switch-up!

I'm leaning in to the summertime vibes at this point in the year, and that means it was time to erase the flowers I had drawn on our WQMX studio whiteboard. As a replacement, I wanted to go with something that represented spending time outside in the sun, and it needed to be easy to draw. 

One of my favorite warm-weather activities is fishing, and obviously many of our songs carry that sentiment too. 

So... what do you think of my little doodle? Though simple, this is definitely one of my favorites. It reminds me of those long days out on the lake with nowhere to be and nothing weighing on me. It's that type of afternoon where the sun's just right, a little breeze is cooling down the air, and whether or not you get some bites doesn't even really matter. It's just you, bait, tackle, and a pole at your favorite honey-hole. It's peaceful, casting and reeling till the golden sunset over the deep blue water fades away. 


Okay, maybe it's just some squiggly lines crudely drawn in dry-erase, but all that's what it reminds me of! 

As always, thanks for listening to WQMX. Catch ya out there fishin' 


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Tuesday, 07 May 2024 18:09

Back from Vacation

I'm Back! I got home yesterday evening from my vacation, and it's time to get back to work.

I went out to Southern California (San Diego) to visit family. It was so nice to just get away for a week. The weather was awesome - sunny and temps in the low to mid 70s. Only one day stayed cloudy, and one day in the low 60s was pretty chilly.

We did a lot of fun things! Plus, while I was at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library/Museum, I experienced my first Southern California earthquake! It was a pretty minor 4.1 that lasted only a couple seconds. But in the other 5 times I've been to California in my life, that has never happened that was pretty cool!

If you are looking for a beautiful place to visit that you may have never been before - might I suggest San Diego? There is so much to see and do for the whole family!

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Tuesday, 07 May 2024 11:09

Luke Bryan on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

ICYMI, Luke Bryan stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about American Idol and falling on stage: 

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Monday, 06 May 2024 11:05

Win at Work with WQMX!

We have lots of chances for you to win at work and when you listen all day long to WQMX!

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Thursday, 16 May 2024 01:36

WYNN - CMML - Lorrie Morgan (Revisit)

Lorrie Morgan is on town this week for a show and I thought it would be a great time to look back at her great career. Local roots here too!

Lorrie Morgan (Revisit)

Yesterdays Forgotten Jukebox Selection

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Wednesday, 15 May 2024 01:32

WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox - L-89

Five Minutes  - Lorrie Morgan - 1989 - (Album - Leave The Light On)

SW small Logo With Lorrie Morgan in town Friday for a concert, thought we would look back at this really great song. During her run, Morgan was very versatile and this shows just how much so.  This was early on and really showed some chops and teeth. Later on there were big ballads like Something In Red, but this is the Lorrie Morgan that I really liked. A bit of sass, a bit of attitude with a very big voice.  It also is straight forward and honest but not scolding or alienating to anyone.  That was the signature of the music of this era, it was honest without being angry or revengeful.  Morgans career run in my view was way too short, as I loved her voice and many of her song choices.  But again, not all that come to Nashville are promised a 20 year run, and this is another case that proves positive.  But this is a GREAT song and a big hit.

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