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WYNN - You Gotta Have Sausage!

SW small Logo  We are now well into June and grilling season is in high gear at our house and hopefully at yours too.  At our house we have a rule that I love.  If the grill is on, so is sausage.  Might as well, the grill is lit, and sausage is perfect on it.  If the beautiful Windy and I are having burgers, chicken, pork, corn, veggies or anything else sausage is on as well.

It's the perfect thing to do.  I goes on the top shelf, cooks evenly, perfectly and is delicious.  It goes well with all of the above and if there are leftovers, OK!  GREAT!

My friend Beef and I came up with this rule a number of years ago.  We call them "testers."  If the sausage is good,then so is everything else.  Plus, you can munch on a few brats, or Hot Italian links before the main meal.

There are also a couple of other rules.  Hot dogs make nice testers too, but you have to be over 12 to have a brat or sausage "tester."  (OK, it's not a REAL rule.)  But it should be, as we are OK with maybe a bite or two only from a hot dog, but sausage has to be valued and appreciated. Nothing grill related is as sad as a half eaten sausage left to wither away...

Click on this link (no pun intended) and up your sausage game.  I love the spicy ones, but there is a sausage for everyone!

Your Guide To Better Sausage!

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WYNN - Drive In Day - TODAY!

SW small Logo The past couple of years have been not as good as we would like for many reasons. And I would like to think that things will get better still as time goes on. Global events meant many changes for us and for many businesses.  But one biz that has seen a real resurgence has been the once almost forgotten Drive In Movie Theater.

At one time there were seemingly thousands across the nation, and they were great fun.  I spent a good deal of my high school and shortly there after at the drive ins!  They were the best place to take a date as I remember.  Also we would go in larger numbers at times, and sit outside of the car. Sometimes we would grill out in the back and put the speakers outside an catch the double feature on warm summer nights.  We would park all of our cool cars in the back take lawn chairs and a huge group of us would have great fun!

There are few things more American than a fun summer night at the Drive In!  And today is National Drive In Movie Day. There are still a bunch around this area, and here is a list of them so you can take your bunch to the drive in!!   (Click On The Link Below)  If you never have, do it!   AND you still get a double feature!

This is the car I used to drive to the Drive In!  Loved that car!   -  1974 Chevelle Malibu Classic!



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Singer/songwriter Hailey Whitters has released "Evertything She Ain't", a song about jealousy that happens when you see your crush with someone else. This is from her third studio album 'Raised'. 

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New Music From Nate Smith: Whiskey On You

Tonight's 'New Song Spotlight' is from Nate Smith called "Whiskey On You". Nate says the song is personal for him, that we've all been through breakups and releationships that have ended. This song is an anthem for "I'm going to be ok and I'm going to get through this and it's time to get back out there". 

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That's FAWN!

As I walked to my car today, I looked over and saw something in the bushes.  I now know who the culprit is that made it necessary to go for a second round of plants... and costing me a lot of doe :)

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Thomas Rhett just scored his 19th #1 single with "Slow Down Summer" and today he announced that his next single is a duet with Riley Green. This is the next single from his latest album Where We Started and it's called "Half Of Me" and was co-written by Thomas, Rhett Akins, William Bundy and Josh Thompson, and it's about putting away the to-do list and kicking back.

"Today is a really cool day," Thomas Rhett said in a press release. "I'm pretty blown away to be celebrating my 19th No. 1 with 'Slow Down Summer' and the release of my new single 'Half Of Me.' I wrote both of these songs with my dad, which is special to me, and several other truly incredible songwriters. I hope fans have as much fun singing along to 'Half Of Me' as we did writing it."


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WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

Box Office Results - Top Gun (156 Million)


New This Week - The Passenger / Watcher (NO major releases)


Top Gun Maverick - In four days in North American theaters, Top Gun Maverick brought in $156 million. And $248 million worldwide – for Tom Cruise, his biggest opening ever!  (Story)


Live Action - Pinochio Disney movie trailer hit the internet this week, in theaters September 8 (Tom Hanks)  


The Hunger Games - The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, hits theaters November 17th, 2023.  (Story)


Rita Moreno - She is going to be in Fast X as well – as Vin Diesels (Dom's) Grandmother  (Story)


This Weekend – Check out my - (Phil Vassar)  - Country Music Memory Lane (link)  

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One of the best songwriters in Nashville over the past number of years has been the incredible Phil Vassar.  But as much as he's given his deserved due on his writing, he's a pretty darn good recording artist, and certainly a stellar performer. Phil Vassar can do it all.

Carlene  - Started His Run Of Hits


Truth be told, not all country artists are songwriters.  There have always been those who are, that goes back to Hank Williams Sr., who wrote a treasure chest of big songs.  But in fact, not so many years ago, there was a definite divide between those who wrote the songs and who sang them in Nashville. That has changed much over the years, and I would say today more performers are writing their own songs than ever before.  Double edged sword, as there is big money in writing songs if they hit. If they don't, you may have wished you recorded songs from an accomplished writer if possible.

Phil Vassar's songwriting is incredible, as many have been fortunate to record his songs that have become hits.  I am a big believer in the Nashville songwriting community.  Of course there are great writers who are also performers, but the writers have a great track record decades long of incredible written songs.

His First Number One Hit - Solo  - His 


Vassar has done both.  I always loved his solo career and his projects.  He hit at the end of country's biggest decade, the 1990's as a solo artist.  With so many stars and big songs it was tough to get noticed.  But I always thought his voice was different enough to cut through and his showmanship on stage was enviable.  He was a rarity in Nashville, he was a piano playing artist with a flair for the dramatic on stage.  There have not been many of them, Ronnie Milsap  Jerry Lee Lewis from a different era comes to mind in country. The incredible piano players like Floyd Cramer, (ask your Nana) and of course Billy Joel and Elton John from rock. I have worked with Vassar a few times, and each time his live show has been terrific.  He did a charity show at Tangier a number of years ago for us here at WQMX, and listeners still talk about how great that show was.

Great Song


His first solo hit was a great little song called Carlene in 1999 and became a top five hit.  The album was self titled and a few more songs came off that album, including Just Another Day In Paradise, which went number one. Over the next seven years or so, he was a consistent hit maker.  The American Child album and song that followed was a very big success, and the albums that followed also charted well, with songs generally in the top ten.

Solo Signature Song


But where Vassar really lives is in songwriting. He has written big song songs for many front line stars including Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Collin Raye and JoDee Messina.  He is spoken in the same breath as any of the big Nashville songwriters of any era. Every era has those composers in Nashville that have great success for a good while, like Bob McDill, Paul Overstreet and others. For his run, Vassar was the most prolific writer going. His list is impressive.

Big Number One!


Some Of Phil Vassar's written songs and artists - all went number one.

For A Little While - Tim McGraw

My Next Thirty Years  - Tom McGraw

I'm Alright - Jo Dee Messina

Baby Bye, Bye  - Jo Dee Messina

Little Red Rodeo -  Collin Raye

Right On The Money  - Alan Jackson

Postmarked Birmingham  - Blackhawk

Those were in addition to his own hits and releases over the years. Nashville needs guys like Phil Vassar. In fact, I love great songwriters as many times they supply important songs to artists with material that is far better.  Alan Jackson is, and was a prolific songwriter, and even HE recorded some of Vassar's songs. 

Phil Vassar will be at Neon Nights at Clay's Park later this summer and he is not to be missed. He is a great addition to a wonderful ticket that includes headliners Alabama and Hank Jr.

Phil Vassar. One incredibly talented individual, and we were  -  and are  -   lucky to have him.

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WYNN - Eat Of The Week

SW small Logo I get it, sometimes it's not always easy to plan and prepare meals that everyone likes every day. Especially if you have kids as they when very young can be finicky with food.

But most people, now matter who you are like pasta.  So here's a great read mom and dad.

Hey Mom, Here's Some Help!

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Jordan Davis has released his next single "What My World Spins Around", an up-tempo song with heartfelt lyrics co-written by Jordan, Matt Dragstrem, and Ryan Hurd.

“This song is a reflection of me writing what I know from the place I am in my life, and letting that drive the music,” shares Jordan in a press release. “It’s already been a fun one to play live and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

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