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How Did You Celebrate?

Saturday was National Dog Day, but lets face it, that is every day for us dog owners! Our dog, Ellie, was pampered as usual. A walk, belly rubs, fetch with her tennis ball... but, we did get her some doggy ice cream. An extra treat for being the goodest girl!

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Vince Gill - I Still Believe In You - 1992

SW small Logo How good is this song?  Vince Gill is one of the most talented, respected and sought after singers and musicians on earth. He's a gifted vocalist, fantastic songwriter, entertainer, and terrific guitar player.  This was in the middle of his amazing 90's run when he could do no wrong and this song is simply perfect.  Well written, beautifully sung and wonderfully produced.  I loved many of Gill's songs, but this is the one that cut through the most.  Gill was a very interesting artist in 90's country.  During a time when traditional was in, his music was traditional, although it had a very contemporary sound as well.  His image was slick, no hat, and no tight jeans or loud boots, but his dedication to the format and its traditions were front and center.  He dominated and hosted award shows and was the front man for country for many years.  This was one of his many #1 songs as he sold about 30 million albums in his career.  In a decade where we had Garth, Clint, George, Alan, Travis, Alabama, Reba, Shania, Brooks And Dunn and others there was this whole other side where Vince Gill stood alone as a very different, but much loved and totally accepted by all.  You can catch Vince Gill now still touring with the Eagles. - (They know too).  His exceptional vocal performance on this song is one of the best of any hit song country has ever had. 

Last Week #17

My Full Profile On Vince Gill

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Monday, 28 August 2023 02:13

First Time Foraging!

This past weekend was a lot of fun for me. I rode my quad every day, met up with Cherise at the Valley Motor City cars and coffee event, ate some pizza, and made it over to a friend's place for a llittle get-together with a fire Saturday night. I also did some work around the house cleaning my room, dealing with laundry, doing an oil change on our lawnmower (a total mess), and chainsawing part of a massive tree which fell on our path through the woods during the crazy storms last week. I really wanted to take my boat out to fish, but our Silverado that pulls it is down with a busted transmission line, so I'll return to that idea once it is fixed later this week. No biggie. 

All of this is pretty standard stuff for me to partake in on my days off, but there was something else rather unusual I was invited to do that I am glad to have done. My brother asked me if I wanted to go mushroom foraging, and I wasn't completely sold at first, but decided to entertain the idea anyways. We hopped on my old four-wheeler and hit the woods, and it only took about two minutes for us to discover the motherload. There was a full hillside of this edible mushroom that looks like cheese, so we noted the location to come back to for harvesting and continued looking. 

It quickly became apparent that there are so many different types of fugus native to this area, and I did my best to document every species we encountered via photographs. There were tiny mushrooms the size of my pinky all the way up to some absolute burgers the size of my head or bigger. There were all different shapes, growth stages, colors, and patterns on these mushrooms too, making it difficult to know for certain which were or were not of the same species. My favorite ones that we encountered looked just like the mushrooms from Mario, with the red tops spotted in white dots. 

I really enjoyed being outside in the woods walking around looking for stuff. It almost felt like a side-quest in an RPG video game! Had it not been for the ravenous mosquitos, I could have done it all day. At this point, I don't think there's more than 10 square inches anywhere on my body without a bug bite on it, but I still can't complain; I'm just thankful I haven't had any bad run-ins with poison ivy. 

After harvesting the edible fungus we found, we ended up with a couple pounds. My mother took on the task of washing them up and preparing them for freezing, as there were way too many to try to keep fresh otherwise. Personally, I enjoy eating mushrooms, but they must be on something like a steak or pizza. I have not worked up the courage to try these ones we found yet, but I will.  It was ultimately just fun for me to hang out with my brother, learn a little bit about nature, and explore the woods looking for mushrooms; I would certainly do it again! 

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Friday, 25 August 2023 19:35

See Ya Saturday!

It's the HARDY Send Me Backstage T-shirt and Ticket Stop...  

at Zombie Powersports and Countryside Campgrounds End Of Summer Bash at 2687 St. Route 43 in Mogadore...

Come scope out your campsite and all the amenities at Countryside Campgrounds...

Check out Zombie Motorsports ATV's, UTV's, Golf Carts, Go-Karts, Motorcycles and more... 

Zombie Motorsports is Akron's Local Massimo Dealer.

WQMX will be onsite from 1-2:30pm and draw the winner of the HARDY Tickets at 2:30 Sharp. 

Must Be Present to Win.  Show me your country concert tickets and get Send Me Backstage T-shirts, while they last... 




Zombie Johns August2

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Friday, 25 August 2023 18:02

Time for vacation!

This will be my view for the next week. I am taking next week off and going to my house in the Tennessee Smokies. I love it - it feels like home to me...a second home. I plan to stop by Dollywood, hit all of my favorite restaurants in the area (why cook?! I'm on vacation and the food there is delicious). Also plan to stop by the Aquarium of The Smokies, the Knoxville Zoo, Tennessee History Museum and more. I want to be sure to get some mini golf in as well - one of the best areas for a diverse selection of courses.

Have a wonderful week and a great Labor Day weekend! I'll talk to you in September!

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Friday, 25 August 2023 12:44

Tim McGraw on Good Morning America!

Tim McGraw release his new album Standing Room Only and he celebrated by performing live on Good Morning America. He sang the title track, "Hold On To It" and "Something Like That"! He also chatted about the new album and heading out on tour next year!


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Sunday, 03 September 2023 01:52

WYNN - Top 50 Favorites - August Recap

SW small Logo Here is my August recap of my 50 Favorites From 40 Years Countdown.  There were some GREAT songs this month.  I have also included all months since January in case you are just jumping on the countdown.

Grab some ear buds and some coffee and enjoy some GREAT songs!  -  Thanks for reading and listening every day.  Click through them all!

#17 - Down To The Honky Tonk - Jake Owen

#18 - Drive South - Suzy Bogguss

#19 - Too Cold At Home - Mark Chesnutt

#20 - A Night To Remember - Joe Diffie

#21 - It's Just A Matter Of Time - Randy Travis

From Months Past








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Monday, 04 September 2023 04:46

WYNN - Eat Of The Week

If you have these two things in the fridge, you have a meal!  I love both and I am totally IN!


Eggs And Tomato? This looks GREAT!

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Friday, 01 September 2023 01:38

WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More

Box Office Results - Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story   $17.3 million


#2  -  Barbie -   $17.1 million      #3  -  Blue Beetle, $12.8 million


#4 Oppenheimer -  $9 million


New This Week -  The Equalizer 3  (Final Chapter)  /  Bottoms  (Trailer Inappropriate) 


Soon - Fans of the James Bond movies hope to know by the end of the year who will play the next 007 (Story)   


Barbie  -  Is now the highest grossing movie of the year  


Meg Ryan - Has a new Rom-Com coming out with David Duchovney, What Happens Later - October


$$$$$$ - You spend around $17 on snacks when you go to the movies

ESPN - Is bringing college football to a theater near you. The network has teamed up with Cinemark for 75 games

2018 - A Star is Born, directed by and starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga hits theaters

This Weekend – Check out my Country Music Memory Lane  (link)

Also - My 50 Favorites Over 40+ Years This Week #17  (Link)


Plus - My Sunday Morning Song  (Link)

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