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This would be so cool!

Not long ago, there was a bar full of patrons having a good time like any other day down in Key West. Nothing I'm sure had happened out of the ordinary that day to anyone until this...IN WALKS KENNY CHESNEY AND GIVES THEM AN IMPROMPTU PERFOMANCE!

Yes! This recently happened at an establishment down in the Florida Keys. Wouldn't that be the coolest thing to be out somewhere, just hanging out with friends or family and in walks a celebrity...who goes on to perform at said moment?! That has never happened to me and likely never will. I do wish you luck that it may happen to you one day, and maybe you could even get to meet the celebrity!

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Tonight on CBS the Superfan takes center stage...  Tonight is LL Cool J.

But coming up in the following weeks are artists like Shania Twain, Little Big Town and Kelsea Ballerini.

Where fans try to prove the are these artists biggest fans.  I am just throwing it out there WQMX Superfan??? Hmm...


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SW small Logo There is every chance you may have never heard of the late, Dan Seals.  Or it may have been a long time since you thought of him or his music.  His story was one of real success, but time and history has not been kind to him.  During his run, country was not as strong as it would eventually be and certainly nothing like today.  But in a radio world, he was very popular and had big charting success for a number of years. In those days, essentially the 1980's, we called artists like Dan Seals "radio stars."  Lots of airplay, but success in other avenues, not nearly as strong.  I played Seals music for years on great country stations across the nation

dan seals

It was not for any lack of talent at all.  Dan Seals was originally known as England Dan, and had good success with the soft rock duo, England Dan and John Ford Coley on the pop charts with a run of songs in the late 1970's.  You know some of those, I'd Really Love To See You Tonight, Nights Are Forever, Love Is The Answer, and there were more. He was also the younger brother of Jimmy Seals from the highly successful pop group, Seals and Crofts also of the 1970's with hits like Summer Breeze.  Dan was from a musical family and was exceedingly talented as a vocalist and musician. He disbanded from John Ford Coley in 1980.

This Was A Big Song - Everyone Knows This One


He went country and for about five years had no success on the charts.  Then in 1985, off his fifth country album came a duet with Marie Osmond,  Meet Me In Montana  that went number one and was highly decorated within the music industry.  Then 10 of his next 11 singles all went to number one over a period that went from 1985 to almost 1991.  He was always on the radio, as his songs were very popular and his pop country sound was a staple of country radio. That included Bop, a gigantic radio record from 1985 that today, would not even be recognized as remotely "country"  sounding.  Although the song remains a favorite from that era as it is a great dance song.  Five of his singles had success on the pop charts as well, with Bop going into the top 10.

Big Country Breakthrough


The charting success culminated with a song called Good Times in 1990 as a #1. The next single called Bordertown peaked at #49, and then it was over.  No song he ever released after that went higher than that.  Country had changed, moved on and he was left behind. Garth was here, Alan Jackson too, Clint Black, Brooks And Dunn, Travis Tritt and more. Seals and tons of other 80's artists were shown the door very quickly, he was not alone.  80's Pop Country was over  -  and over right now.  This movement began a few years earlier about 1986, but with the advent of the aforementioned new stars, plus giants like George Strait, Alabama, Randy Travis, Reba and Holly Dunn, traditional country was ruling the day.

This Was A Huge Hit At The Time  #1


But Dan Seals should be remembered for the music he gave us.  He was a very talented guy that had nine straight #1 songs, recorded over a dozen albums and released about 40 singles. He also helped define an era of country that was very different from what was immediately ahead.  The Urban Cowboy craze lingered far too long, and much of the mid 80's pop country was format-less and not very marketable. But it's what we knew so we stuck with it well past it's expiration date.  Seals was just doing what artists did then.  Recorded songs that the radio would play, but few would buy, and fewer would go to see live.

This Song Really Touches People  #1


He was caught in the middle of a looming musical revolution that was coming from many avenues of the business who would eventually, and finally be brave enough to redirect the entire format.   At last placing the emphasis on our fans and giving them what they craved.   When the focus was placed on our fans first and pop fans and charts second -  it all changed.

Always Loved This Song


Dan Seals and dozens of others were simply ushered out not out of any malice, the entire genre just seismically shifted.  But Seals, regardless of the sales, concert attendance, or anything else was a very talented guy in every regard.  He deserves to be remembered for being very chart successful during a different time giving us some great music to enjoy still, even if it's on our phones or in our homes.

Another #1


Dan Seals died in 2009 of cancer - he was 61 years old.

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Fair Season!

Fairs are so much fun, and I can't wait to go to Stark County's again this year. Growing up living there, I fondly remember going with my Dad and pumping myself with as much sugar as I could, from the irreplicable sweet lemonade to that sticky but oh-so-good cotten candy.  My all-time favorite fair food, hands down, is an elephant ear. A little cinnamon and some powdered sugar makes them heavenly. Funnel cakes are good, but not as good; don't come at me. 

It's the 174th annual one this year, and outside of the food there's some really cool stuff planned. Truck and tractor pulls are so crazy and always impressive to me. They're Friday and Saturday at 7pm. The amount of effort and money put into these rigs for that sole purpose, I can't help but respect. I've seen some serious EATERS with astronomical torque, and sounding like thunder. Alongside this, there's demolition derbies on Sunday and Monday, and those are what I look forward to the most.  

Of course, there will be some amusement rides, carnival games, and all that fun for the kiddos. Personally, I love the one that just spins super fast with everyone looking at each other like a carousel. If that's there, you know I'm on it! There's also farm animals for show, and even horse racing Wednesday and Thursday. 

On Wednesday there's also Home Free, the premier a capella country group made up of five voices and zero instruments. Check out their version of "Man of Constant Sorrow" to get a feel for them. They sound real good! Thursday is the legendary rock group Styx, and I'd bet you're already familiar so I'll skip their description. Both shows start at 8pm with gates at 6:30pm. 

Get all the info at and whether it's this or another one, make sure to get on out and have some wholesome fun this fair season! 

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Today is National Cat Day

Since today is National Cat Day, I thought I would share this adorable picture of my cat Buttercup that I took earlier today. I want to draw your attention to how he is snuggled under the blanket asleep. HE did that, not me! I just put the blanket down for him on the couch and went to the grocery store. I came home and found him like this - sound asleep. I put groceries away, snapped this picture and left the house again and he never moved...I checked.

It would be awesome if it was bring your cat (or dog) to work day...although he doesn't travel well - but it's the thought! If you have a cat(s) in your household, HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY!

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Gibson x Miranda Lambert

Gibson Custom Shop announced a partnership with Miranda Lambert, with the new Gibson Miranda Lambert Bluebird, her first-ever signature guitar. The rare Gibson acoustic guitar is made in the USA, hand-crafted in the storied Gibson Acoustic factory in Bozeman, Montana by Gibson’s expert acoustic luthiers. The new Miranda Lambert Bluebird from Gibson Custom Shop is now available worldwide at authorized Gibson dealers, and on

”I have been playing Gibson acoustic guitars for so long now, so to be able to partner with such an iconic brand to create my own version of the classic Hummingbird is a dream come true,” shared Miranda in a press release. “I hope this encourages musicians everywhere – especially young girls – to pick up a Bluebird and chase the same dream that guitars have made come true for me.”

"At Gibson, we're always seeking ways to lift up the voices of artists who have shaped the sound of genres, and Miranda is a trailblazing artist that represents the best that country music has to offer” says Codey Allen, Director, Cultural Influence-North America at Gibson Brands. “Her immense talent, authenticity, and dedication to the craft of songwriting, as well as her unwavering commitment to encourage more girls and women to play guitar are what inspired us to create the Miranda Lambert Bluebird Acoustic guitar."

Photo Credit: GibsonMiranda Lambert Bluebird / Photo Credit: Gibson

A variation of the iconic Gibson Hummingbird, the Miranda Lambert Bluebird is as distinctive as its namesake, and features a square shoulder mahogany body with a Sitka spruce top, a striking Bluebonnet nitrocellulose lacquer finish celebrating the official flower of Lambert’s home state of Texas, and a custom Bluebird pickguard inspired by her chart-topping song of the same name. The L.R. Baggs VTC electronics make this exceptional guitar stage and studio ready from the moment you take it out of the included hardshell case.

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Next From Jordan Davis: Tucson Too Late

I absolutely loved "Next Thing You Know" from Jordan Davis, his latest #1 single, and I am super excited that "Tucson Too Late" is his next single that he is sending to radio! When he was in town at Blossom for Dierks Bentley's tour he told the crowd this was going to be his follow up at country radio and everyone in that crowd was on board singing every word! 

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WYNN - Forgotten Jukebox T-18

Tell Me I Was Dreaming – Travis Tritt - 1995  - (Album - Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof)

 SW small Logo With his recent visit here, figured it was a good time to feature a good old Travis Tritt song. I feel his style and sound was the predecessor to Chris Stapleton in many ways with his bluesy voice and very original look and material.  He was part of a huge class along with Garth, Alan, and Clint that really shoved country into a much higher gear. Listeners for many years have gravitated to his powerful ballads.  Fans loved, Anymore, Can I Trust You With My Heart, and others, but this was a very underappreciated Tritt song.  It has a very powerful message and is delivered in a strong and completely dedicated southern rock style that has that wonderful signature that all great songs have.  I can only hear Travis Tritt singing it.  This song was polarizing at the time as some people loved this, and for others it was a bit over the top in its arrangement, but I loved it for its daring and raw feel.  And even though Tritt may have loved his rockin' songs the best, the strong ballads are the ones that stuck around and continue to stick around many years after his terrific run on the charts.

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#19 - Mark Chesnutt – Too Cold At Home - 1990

SW small Logo Mark Chesnutt hit the air with this gem and launched a very successful 1990's career that included a ton of big songs and eight number ones, this hit #3.  One thing that's always synonymous with country is the great hook. And this hook -  hooked me the first time I heard it.  Country was in the early stages of the New Traditionalists movement and Chesnutt was right on time.  Many times, it's being in the right place at the right time.  He is a Honky-Tonk legend with a super traditional sound.  This love and lose song is totally biting for sure, but possesses that bit of "centered-ness" that keeps it not as negative as the words may read on the CD jacket.  Truth is young artists, no matter what trend country was  - or is in - need that song that cuts through and gets you noticed.   And this was that song.  Chesnutt is completely believable here and this is arranged simply and perfectly for him so he is the star of this song.  Truth be told with all of the really great songs and artists of the 1990's this is one of my very favorite country songs of that decade or any other.  I love songs that define our format.  You better like your country - "country"  because this is not a crossover song by any means.  This belongs to us and us alone -  Very well done,  GREAT record!  This song is legendary.

Last Week #20

My Full Profile On Mark Chesnutt

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WYNN - Eat Of The Week

Love trying new food combos?   Try some of these!

Let's EAT!

Hey, Try These To Spice Things Up

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