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WYNN - And The Winner Is...

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For the past few weeks, I wrote a 4 part series on Desert Island Country Albums, featuring an album from each decade from the 1980's to today. Plus 4 Wild Cards.  The best albums you would want with you marooned on a desert island!

Here are all four parts if you missed them  -  (Part 1)  (Part 2)  (Part 3)  (Part 4)

So, there were 20 total albums by various stars from different decades.  They all are  -  and were GREAT!  But many of you have asked, what is the BEST one? I didn't really think about which one is best, but you all got me thinking, and I guess there has to be a "best."  That's where we are in the world.  What album is the best in the past 40 years of my country radio career?

To be honest, it was tough.  I had to ignore personal feelings about the songs and the artists.  Forget sales or radio play or singles. They all had a bunch of all of them.  What album start to finish best captured that particular era and the minds and hearts of fans and listeners from this list of 20?  The winner is what I remember to be the best in every regard.  I looked at it as honestly as I could.

And the Winner IS -  

The 1990's  (1997)  Tim McGraw - Everywhere

This is just flat out great stuff.  This is one of the very best albums, of any format, anywhere over the past 30 years.  Everywhere is an upper deck grand slam home run from the first song to the last. It was, and is the crown jewel of his incredible career.  There were great albums from him before this, and of course great albums after, but this is beyond sensational.  Again, this ten song album threw out 6 hits, 4 of them #1's.  Two of the hits spending 6 weeks at number one. This is a once in a lifetime kind of deal where an album is so good, and universally loved by fans. What a gem for music in general. Any artist  - recording any kind of music would love to record an album this good, focused, and on point.  Everything just lined up perfectly for this to be the classic it is. Multi-platinum, terrific. This album took a star and made him a mega star.

Singles  - It's Your Love #1 (6weeks)  /  Everywhere #1  /  Just To See You Smile #1 (6weeks) /  One Of These Days #2 /   Where The Green Grass Grows #1  / For A Little While #2

It's Your Love   - 6 Weeks Number One....


Title Song - A Work Of Art

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