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WYNN - Can Godzilla And Kong Save Hollywood?

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Who ever thought these two would be very important characters in today's real life world?  Funny how two movie legends that have spent decades destroying things suddenly have a new charge.  Now we are relying on Godzilla and Kong to help us put an entire industry back together. Big jobs requires big.....well, monsters. Seriously, Hollywood is betting a lot on them this week- and this month.

 In Theaters And On HBO Max - TODAY!


In case you are living under a rock, you know that today the new Godzilla VS. Kong opens today in theaters, and is a major reason many theaters chains and Drive-Ins are re-opening this weekend.  These two are icons. Godzilla will be starring in his 37th movie himself, (he's always type-cast) after debuting in 1954.  The original was a big movie making breakthrough at the time, and it also made a very loud statement within the story, against Nuclear testing and weapons.  Godzilla's genesis was a product of man's Nuclear quest and test in the original film, and he was portrayed as a victim, as much as a terror.

Original Godzilla Movie - Starring Raymond Burr - A Big Star At The Time!


Kong is a bit older, born on screen in 1933, and there have been 13 Kong flicks.  The original looks so technicaly silly by today's standards, but was honestly very scary to people in the 30's, as that type of movie had never been seen before. This was a major movie making achievement at the time, compare it to Jurrasic Park as far as film making was concerned.  Talking movies were only 6 years old at the time.  Kong was a sympathetic character in the original because of man's greed, and still is today.  So between them, 50 flicks.

King Kong - 1933 - A Classic!


James Bond has only been in 26. And in case you're wondering, Sherlock Holmes holds the all time record, appearing in 254 movies!  I think Godzilla is second.

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