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WYNN - THE BROWNS - Biggest Game In Years!

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The Browns play their first game in about 2 weeks.  For the sake of this article, let's assume the season starts on time and all is as well as can be during this whole situation. 

The Browns open in Baltimore against the Ravens who don't care for us much.  Their memories are long as they will not forget the beating we gave them last year in their yard.  And they will be in a foul mood, because their incredible season ended way too soon, as many thought they may win the Super Bowl.  I have no reason to think they will not throw us around the yard like Clive the Cook, slingin' hash on the grill at Rube's Diner!   So, I'm thinking' 0-1 to start, nothing new there. 

But four days later the Browns will play a Thursday night game, that is one of the most important games they will play in years!  The Bengals come to town for a night game.  The Browns will have to make a choice that night.  Will they rise up and get a big win, go 1-1, get in the race, and show the country there is progress here?  Or will they let an Ohio kid, Joe Burrow, a rookie QB come in here and have the night of his life and lead a team we usually beat twice a year to a big win? Sending the Browns 0-2, and getting the owner and the fans all fired up about firing people?

I have no idea who will win that game, but I know the Browns better no matter what.  With a loss, there will be blame, shame, and a QB controversy at minimum.  An 0-2 start will mean winning for a month nonstop to get up to mediocre, and that's the same old Browns.  And if they happen to pull off a week one miracle, they could go 2-0, and not have that massive let down they are famous for.  I love the Browns and I want them to be a winning franchise, but right now I have no reason to think they can win more than about 6 games.  Please prove me wrong.

Win an opener and beat the Ravens again and get this thing going in the right direction would be nice.  Stop making every game after game one a must win. That's what they do.  Not much really ever changes there. Let's hope we don't make a star out of another rookie QB.  Last year remember, Kyler Murray, Brandon Allen, and Duck Hodges?  Yeah, me too.  And none of them can do Joe Burrow's laundry.  Let's hope for new things this year, in the meantime, prepare for one the most important games in years for the Browns.

Duck Hodges.....WTH??

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