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The MVR - MVP!

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A few days ago, Windy and I took a short road trip over to Youngstown to see a Big Band Show (more tomorrow).  But she, as a native of The Yo, said we should eat first at a local place called the MVR


I Love This Sign On The Window!

mvr window

The amazing MVR has been there since 1927, or the year Charles Lindburgh flew across the Atlantic for perspective.  That's a long time ago, expecially in Youngstown which of course has gone through so many changes over the decades. And somewhow the MVR is still there.  Incredible Italian based menu that is nothing short of sensational.  I gotta be honest, I have to eat anyplace, in any city, that has been in business for 92 years.  You don't hang around that long and not be great.  And It was!

BTW - The Peppers and Warm Olive Oil - with bread before the amazing meal?  Unbeliveable!!!

If you are ever in The Yo, at the Covelli Center, or some kind of show, eat at the MVR.  You won't regret it.

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