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WYNN - #25 - This Kiss - Faith Hill - 1998

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Faith Hill recorded a ton of big hit songs over the course of many years.  At first, Faith was pure country, but as time went on, she became more pop country and eventually morphed into more than just a country star, but became a pop culture icon musically and in other avenues.  She sold millions of albums, sang and performed in about every venue and setting there is.  And it's all a result of this little song that became a gigantic hit from a very successful album. This song is interesting as well as important, as it was released well into Faith's run. But this reinvented her into something far more than simply a country singer.  It's one of the best examples ever of the right song, ending up exactly where it should have as it was highly synonymous with her life at that exact moment celebrating her new marriage to Tim McGraw.  We were cheering her on and believed every single word of this song, and it showed in its chart performance. This is one of those songs that changes careers, and introduces an artist to a whole new realm of fans.  Many of her fans loved her song, Breathe, and may call it their Faith favorite, and I do too. But this monster song made that song and many others possible. Number one country, and top five adult contemporary and this was a hit on charts around the world. The album sold millions and changed everything for her, as it made her a Mega Star.   Quite frankly, it's a career record.

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