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Southern Pacific  - Any Way The Winds Blows  - 1989 -  (Album -County Line)

Southern Pacific was the first artist I featured in my Country Music Memory Lane Series here at 4 years ago.  These guys were amazing musicians as they were made up from former members of the rock bands Doobie Brothers, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Pablo Cruise.  They had a nice run of country hits for a few years and collaborated with Emmylou Harris and Tom Petty.  This was not their biggest hit, but it was a top ten.  Country was shifting more traditional when they showed up and the stars were coming on fast and furious.  These guys were great, but we may not have been ready for them quite yet.  Many times, timing is everything and they may have been ahead of their time.  But there is no denying they made a lot of great music in a very short time. The songs, and thier incredible harmonies are sensational.  This song was also in the Clint Eastwood movie, Pink Cadillac.  This was their last big hit and it's my favorite song from them, as it was just outside of my 50 Favorites From 40 Years Series. But it is close, maybe #51.  If you've never heard of them or this song, I urge you to take a listen to this gem of a song.  If you like the sound of say, the Doobie Brothers, the Eagles, Alabama, you'll love this. This one is terrific, worth a listen or two!

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