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WYNN - BROWNS - It's Not A Team Thing

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You have heard the news today of Deshaun Watson being out for the season, and I'm sure it made you feel some way.  Mad, sad, disappointed, angry, apathetic, or numb.  Seems they are calling it an additional shoulder injury in the same shoulder.  He's out, and now we move on. I'm sure the team is down about this, hard not to be. But this is not a team injury, this is an organizational injury, and it's head shaking.

First off, it's football, injuries happen and a guy can't play in the NFL if he's compromised.  So you can't blame a guy for getting hurt.  All teams deal with injuries.  Second, it's the QB so it's really a big deal.  And third, it's to a guy the entire kingdom was given to and now he can't perform.  This situation right here is the biggest difference between the Browns and really successful teams. As a team on the field, we match up with anyone. But off the field, it's a very different story.

I have said it since my first article, gutting the QB room was a huge error.  Making your backup QB a kid who has never taken a NFL snap was lunacy in this situation.  Now he's your guy.  Then bringing in a journeyman QB to start a few games and get away with it was extremely lucky. Now he is benched and he kid is back in. This franchise is thinking about a Superbowl run and was banking on not needing a solid backup QB.  Incredibly naive for any team, and now the team is wounded by total ineptness in the office.

On the record, I am not a Josh Dobbs fanatic, but it's hard to argue with his incredible success after we basically gave him away in favor of a kid with no experience.  At one time he was here with Jacoby Brissett who played 11 games here last year and was serviceable.  We let him walk, then tried to get him back only to be laughed at by Washington, who joins the ranks of teams not anxious to do us any favors after guaranteeing Watson 235 million.  Dobbs is doing what we needed him to do just in case here.  Dobbs is replacing Kirk Cousins whose out for the season and the Vikings are making a playoff push.

The trade deadline has passed, plus we have nothing of any value to trade for another year and teams are simply giddy and laughing at our misfortune and lack front office smarts after we broke the bank on Watson. Today in a press conference our GM said that this situation is an "incredible opportunity" to show what kind of team we are.  He also said they were "comfortable" with the QB room and they have faith in the players in there.  If that was anywhere near true that you're fine with Walker and DTR, you should have saved 230 million on Watson.  And he would not comment - to you -  on their ridiculous off season moves leaving this team with absolutely NO safety net just in case.  I'm sure they had a few bucks to pay a decent backup, AND those guys were actually in our building, but chose otherwise.  They did the same thing to the running back room, but were lucky Kareem Hunt had no job at the time. 

So now you have this darn good team with very big dreams, playing well, now with no real QB to lead.  This, today is a mess.  And the absolute worst part is, without any question  -  they accept no accountability  - to you  - the paying fan, and to those watching every week.  

Good organizations do things differently.  Wish DTR and Walker the best.  What lies ahead for them is a rough road to be sure.  But they will get their chance to shine.


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