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WYNN - Thanksgiving - Much Thanks!

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SW small Logo As I sit here drinking coffee at my home in Cape Coral getting ready to celebrate another Thanksgiving, I am thinking of many from my past.  There is nothing wrong with a pool view and some music playing right now as preparations are getting underway in the kitchen.  I am thinking of how lucky I am on this Thanksgiving 2023. But even though Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday, I am thinking of how many different ways I have spent it.

My first Thanksgiving away from my hometown was a quiet one, I was alone and watching Detroit Lions on TV when a neighbor, Susie brought me a plate or two from her family's celebration.  I was very moved and thankful, and that meal sure tasted good, even if I are it alone.   As I moved around the country, I spent 23 Thanksgivings with other family's and I am thankful for every single one.  In Richmond one year a bunch of us young radio people in the same boat had a big feast as we were each others family that year. 

I spent it with some family's I hardly knew, some with new girlfriends then and their family's.  Some with my lifelong friend Tim in Florida, and another few with my life long friend Ray there too.  My life long friend Don, (Beef) has had me over for more holidays than I can count.  And for all of them, I am eternally thankful.  

I guess family can be big and ever expansive.  I am thankful today for my weekend here at my home with the beautiful Windy who makes holidays yummy and fun for me and us.  And to the other family's. Ray's, Tim's and Don's all who I consider family as well, even though our names are not the same.   I love all of them very much.

Wherever you are today or whose family you're with be thankful.  And if you are that hero inviting someone over who is far from their own immediate family - you are doing something more special than you may know.   Take it from me, a journeyman for many years, it means so much to get that invite and be thought of on a special day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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