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WYNN - #5 Luke Combs - When It Rains It Pours - 2017

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Luke Combs - When It Rains It Pours -  2017

SW small Logo Hit songs don't get much bigger or better than this.  This was the catalyst for making Luke Combs the gigantic star he now is.  His first single, Hurricane is great and a big number one.  But many times what you do next is the big move.  What I am saying here takes nothing away from the greatness of his debut song, or the incredible line of terrific and creative number ones that continue still. But this is the song that every new country artist prays for every night when they go to sleep, but seldom get.  We have to remember in 2017, we didn't know Combs - he was a new artist.  But this song elevated Combs, as the sales of this song world wide are nothing short of staggering.  This is fun, relatable, makes you smile and a perfect match for who he is. This is extraordinarily visual and when you hear it for the first time you picture a dude like Combs singing it.  This of course was a #1 and sold millions upon millions and topped charts all over the place.  In short, in my 43 years behind the mic in country radio, this is one of the very best country songs I have ever played. It's really tough not to love this terrific song.

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