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WYNN - #19 Mark Chesnutt – Too Cold At Home - 1990

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#19 - Mark Chesnutt – Too Cold At Home - 1990

SW small Logo Mark Chesnutt hit the air with this gem and launched a very successful 1990's career that included a ton of big songs and eight number ones, this hit #3.  One thing that's always synonymous with country is the great hook. And this hook -  hooked me the first time I heard it.  Country was in the early stages of the New Traditionalists movement and Chesnutt was right on time.  Many times, it's being in the right place at the right time.  He is a Honky-Tonk legend with a super traditional sound.  This love and lose song is totally biting for sure, but possesses that bit of "centered-ness" that keeps it not as negative as the words may read on the CD jacket.  Truth is young artists, no matter what trend country was  - or is in - need that song that cuts through and gets you noticed.   And this was that song.  Chesnutt is completely believable here and this is arranged simply and perfectly for him so he is the star of this song.  Truth be told with all of the really great songs and artists of the 1990's this is one of my very favorite country songs of that decade or any other.  I love songs that define our format.  You better like your country - "country"  because this is not a crossover song by any means.  This belongs to us and us alone -  Very well done,  GREAT record!  This song is legendary.

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