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WYNN - #31 - Blake Shelton – God's Country - 2019

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Blake Shelton – God's Country -  2019

SW small Logo Liking this is one of the easiest things on the planet to do.  First, this written song (Hardy and others) is simply fantastic. I think it's one of the best country songs and singles of this new century.  But a country anthem this intense has to find its way to the right artist.  Blake Shelton was absolutely the right guy, as this song has to be done by an artist with some miles on them to make it special.  For some reason some songs do that, as you have to earn the right to sing them.  This gutty, driving and determined performance and arrangement of this gritty, hard knocks sermon of a song is just terrific. This song even sounds like it's working hard for you. Even though this is presented in a fashion a bit out of the norm from many other country songs, the subject matter and message is pure, direct and spot on country. I feel this is one of Shelton's best songs ever, if not THE best.  At the time Shelton had seemingly fallen in love with softer, slower love ballads, and it was great to hear him break out with this incredibly powerful song.  Right song, right artist, right time. It was a big number one, was multi-platinum, and a multi-award winner.  One of my real favs over the past few years, I love playing this song on the radio, I hope we do for many years to come. 

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